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  1. Wow! And Morroblivion as well! Crashes are normal in Morroblivion because it causes such a heavy load. You could try using Oblivion Reloaded v10, that seems to help in some cases. I don't know of any particular issues with that one spell. Have you installed OBME as well? I see you have the Morroblivion magic module UCWUS as well as Midda's Magic and a number of other magic mods. I would start looking there. It is most likely a conflict.
  2. This log is indeed not helpful. It sounds like your game is overloaded. You do realise that the game has real time checks? That is, if it does not manage to do everything it is supposed to do within a set interval of real time, it will crash. So if you have too many scripts running that demand heavy processing and your CPU does not manage to do everything in time, it will crash the game. This type of crash often happens if you are using too many high resolution textures or high poly meshes, or too detailed LOD. In particular since this happens outdoors, LOD becomes important. But equally it could be too many scripts that run often, for example generating things on the fly or adding things to everyone's inventory, or making NPCs do stuff dynamically - anything that runs practically all the time. None of those mods will be at fault as such, but if you have too many of them, you will overload the game.
  3. Silverlock is a frozen version, now woefully outdated.
  4. You would update OBSE by downloading it from Nexus here: https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/37952
  5. I'll look into it, thanks! But actually the middle button is very rarely needed. I bought myself a trackball to use specifically in those situations when there's no other way to do things (such as in some cases of modding Oblivion). It is not a big deal otherwise.
  6. That's about as long as I've been confined to touchpads... Mice are divided into touchpads and Evil Pain Bringers... I do occasionally use a trackball that is built into a particularly nice keyboard. But... no middle button...
  7. I didn't know that! Thanks! This is very helpful. (I have a foot pedal that does CTRL. )
  8. I live in the universe of people who've had RSI and cannot use mouse with buttons. We have to stick to touchpads and they don't feature a middle click. We also cannot have a mouse separate from the keyboard because moving your hand around the desk is too much movement. So we need mice built into keyboards such as said touchpads. Quite a few of my friends are also swearing by Mac mice for any OS, and those mice have a total of ONE button. Wow. Because who could possibly need more. EDIT: I admit, that when I said "most modern mice" I was limiting myself to those mice that I could use... Sorry, that was indeed an incorrect statement.
  9. Most modern mice have no middle button and there's no way in Windows to emulate one.
  10. Sorry, I read over it too quickly. Of course the restriction does not apply to mod-added assets.
  11. You do realise that porting models from Skyrim to Oblivion is not allowed by Bethesda, right?
  12. I don't. I count every click. As an RSI survivor, you learn to be mindful of your mousing.
  13. This is above my head. I never made any new armour or weapons, only made some small modifications to existing ones. You need advice from someone who knows more about making armour. Have you seen this tutorial: https://cs.uesp.net/wiki/Portal:Modeling
  14. I don't know what you are doing exactly. Personally I would use Nifskope and paste only the NiTriShape blocks to visually replace the mesh of the Mithril shield with the FG shield and manipulate the FG shape to overlay the Mithril shape as best as I could manage. I would then delete the corresponding NiTriShape blocks of the Mithril shield and not modify anything else.
  15. There is a big difference between static objects and items that can be handled. A shield needs collision, physics and attachment to the skeleton so that it would appear in the right place and move with the NPC. I think an easier approach would be perhaps to take one of the standard shields and replace the mesh with the one you want. Or even just the texture, which is a lot easier. I think the Mithril shield has a very similar shape. Such a swap would preserve all the physics and attachment points and only change the look of the shield.
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