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  1. Have you tried installing the Nif Plugin for your version of 3DS Max? You can export directly as a .nif file if you do, which should prevent corruption. A quick search on the Skyrim Nexus should bring it up - it has support for multiple games, not just Skyrim.
  2. Most Skyrim SE mods will work. The following types of mods are the ones you need to look out for. - SKSE based mods; Some of these mods have VR versions as an optional file. - Animation mods; FNIS works in VR but it's tricky to get it to work. - UI mods; Generally unsafe, unless specifically for VR. - Utility mods - ENB (VR ENB has less features than regular SE ENB) - Perk mods/overhauls. They need to be specifically made for VR, I think. Everything else (weapons, armour, quests, npcs, locations, cities, mesh/texture replacers, etc.) should work fine, provided they don't have anything in the above.
  3. My guy... When are we going to see a Sword pack for Fallout 4?
  4. I like the redesign. It will take some time to adjust, but I think it will be great in the long run. One issue I've noticed is I can't change the number of items per page and the number of comments per page in the account preferences page. It seems to be affecting the old design as well. Also, I think changing the background image to something more vibrant and high-res will make it look much more appealing. The current one is too murky, compared to say, the original Skyrim Nexus' bright and contrasted background image. One other thing: avatars on a user's profile page are displayed at half the resolution as they are in the old profile pages.
  5. Have you tried opening the .esp in the original CK?
  6. Didn't know of the Infinite Heaven mod... might re-download MGSV to try it out. :D
  7. I like Survival Mode, but there are some things that I loathe about it. Namely, saving and console command restrictions. It doesn't appear that these things can be fixed. Instead, would it be possible to transfer elements of survival mode to the other difficulties? For example, being able to play on normal difficulty with player needs (hunger, thirst, fatigue) and encumbrance (weighted chems, weighted ammo), but without the rest? I'd find Fallout 4 much more enjoyable to play with working autosaves and unrestricted console commands. I had a quick look at the game settings and globals for survival mode stuff, but couldn't find what I was looking for. Can this be done from within the HC_Manager quest or its scripts?
  8. Very impressive demo! Very polished, and it also runs quite well on my PC. Graphics options in real-time is also pretty great. :)
  9. In response to post #43806255. #43806265, #43806350 are all replies on the same post. g6h8-ne8h-u3xn-9g8m-g38u The one in the tweet didn't work - the one in here did.
  10. I've been contemplating whether or not to buy a Steam controller. The choice is not made easy considering that I am in Australia, and the most immediate way I can obtain one is through eBay for about $120. Now, normally I use keyboard and mouse controls - I don't play Skyrim or Fallout 4 with my Xbox controller because of how clunky the aiming is, but I do like the smoothness of the character movement. The Steam Controller, from what I gather, appears to allow for somewhat better aiming while retaining the benefits of a controller. So I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with the Steam Controller in Skyrim and Fallout 4, and if they could tell me how well it functions. Is it playable? Comfortable, even? It it easy to set up? Anything to help influence my decision would be appreciated. :)
  11. This. But to compare the two, I like the setting of Fallout 3 more, but New Vegas is the better game in pretty much every other aspect.
  12. I would have suggested Divinity Original Sin, as it has "couch co-op", but it only allows for two players. The upcoming sequel supports up to four player, however.
  13. Hi there. I came across your username in the 'console mods theft' thread and wanted to give you kudos for your spoiler. Yep, I clicked. Oh boy, did I click and click. And I won the :thumbsup: Yeah me. Thanks for giving me a great laugh, I really needed it.
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      Heh heh, you're welcome. :)
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