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  1. Hello Ghogiel I'm planning to create a Star Wars mod for Skyrim, that would be based on first scene from New Hope, so I want to ask your permission to convert some of your Fallout models from "Ghogiels Star Wars Armor" mod to Skyrim and use it in my mod. Of course giving you credits as the original autor. Please answer me. Can I use your models? Yes or no?
  2. Hello Ghogiel! Since you are credited in it, I take the liberty to inform you that I've released a tutorial about Textures Animations. Thank you for being a source of inspiration! Same version for FO3 and FNV. Pix.
  3. No they haven't denied that. The UN said the 3 UN schools where weapons were found were abandoned sometime prior due to too high a risk of Israelie bombing. They also said Israel have bombed 133 schools since the start of the current conflict.
  4. Indeed. No point continuing.
  5. Israel had no intention of being civil. If they did then they would have been willing to deal with Arafat and Fatah. Who eventually came around to accepting the 242 resolution. Since negotiations of any border chnage and withdrawing from occupied lands doesn't seem to work with Israel, they basically haven't moved an inch on 242 for the past 3 decades even when it was viable. It's all but meaningless to negotiate with them. Hence Hamas. The impression I get from Palestinians I know, is post Arafat there isn't any point with negotiations. Talking doesn't work. Basically they were fed up with being occupied by Israel. "They bring these troubles down on themselves" is a bit naive and ignorant of the history of the situation. But if it makes you feel better if all a sudden a bunch of islamic fundies took over the impotent Palestinian government over night and started shooting rockets because they hate jews. Go for it.
  6. Non Secular. Nationalist. Think they are gods choosen people. Hard Propaganda. Youth indoctrination. Expansionist. Sure hope that doesn't resemble western states. And democracy doesn't say much. Even China has elections ffs. And in particular the idea of democracy in the US is as ironic as it is in China.
  7. No one here should be that misinformed to be talking about rockets recently launched by Hamas as a start to the conflict. It's just been on various cease fires for the past 60 odd years. It's the same Arab-Israeli war. People see what is happening now as disconnected to British mandate, zionist terror bombings and Israels state expansionism and subjugation of Palestinians over the last century. Additionally Hamas doesn't want peace. It wants Israel to f*** off. Israel never wanted peace either and has been in a state of war and aggressive action against all Arabs in the area, least of all palestinians. Displacing then penning Palestinians and then annexing lands and continually fighting a war for the last 60 odd years doesn't get one peace either.
  8. It's like people actually think that what the daily mail writes is actually happening. Most of the issues and other nonsense that purportetedly goes on is blown so out of proportion it's ludacris. Let's all vote UKIP :<
  9. Why should anyone worry about your opinion when you have given it over to a 3rd party?
  10. Referendum yes, election no. It basically works the oposite in an election. No, it's exactly the same in an election, if you don't vote then they're not going to bother with you. Voting for someone else to make descisions for you does not resemble a referendum. In one case you speak for yourself, the other you have given away your voice and opinion, thus making your opinion moot after the fact.
  11. Referendum yes, election no. It basically works the oposite in an election.
  12. If attacks on civilian targets is considered terrorism... ending the war in the pacific by way of nuking 2 cities full of civilians for one.
  13. Hey I was wondering what ever happened to your wereshark mod you were working on, I've seen all the amazing progress on it only to find it sorta just fell off the face of the earth. If you have a download somewhere for it that would be great!
  14. Depends on the game, complexity of the scene, complexity of the shader, what kind of LOD technology you have available, how the engine handles instancing and batching, and last but not least how much overdraw is going on and how much that slows down the per frame render time. Hard to say numbers.. 1-2k tris can be acceptable on fps games even on last gen consoles like the 360. Assuming the platform is PC and you are making some LODs 3ktris probably won't hurt all that much. One level I worked on in CE2 had like 10k trees on the map plus weather affects. And reworking the LODs for the trees cut per frame rendertime to a third. Of course the level designers on that map were the devil and needed to be slapped for their gluttonous use of these assets in the first place... wide open vistas in snowy mountains with pine forests everywhere.. like more than one forest. Best thing to do is make a test, hopefully if you have access to other diag tools in the engine besides fps counters or actually finding the bottlenecks are hard, keep dumping trees down and observe the per frame render time and how much that increases. Might be best to run the test on something less than a 780 titan to gauge performance on :tongue:
  15. then why won't a controller work on PC version? many things will change within the first year like all MMOs and I'm betting on the game getting changes because i want a PVP server. Why are you asking why wont a controller work on the PC version? You should be asking why won't they target keyboard and mouse input on the console version...
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