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  1. I suggest taking a break from the internet. Clearly whatever grifters you subscribe to have given you a serious case of brainworms.
  2. Personally I always thought the built-in "good guy" solution is done well enough (taking Maurice's offering of a sapling back instead of the sap) but I imagine that the mod you envision would be fairly simple to put together. I don't have Skyrim installed at the moment, otherwise I'd take a look at this for you, but I'm sure someone else could come along and give it a shot (most likely with better skill than me!)
  3. 2FA is great for security (or at least, better than not having it) but yeah, I agree. It puts a huge burden on the user to make sure their own records are safeguarded and backed up as much as possible. Granted, we all should ideally be doing that anyway, but it's still a huge pain in the butt and can be very burdensome for folks.
  4. Debating can be useful when applied properly. The one exception is when it comes to issues such as human rights, since the ones who stand against those things are always arguing in bad faith 100% of the time. But as showler said, this forum has never really been a true debate forum as it is. It's usually just pointless and, hopefully, lighthearted bickering. :laugh:
  5. From a mod maker - thank you, and I hope you enjoy exploring!
  6. Welcome! Have a fishy stick! Generally the community is pretty nice to get along with, I hope you'll enjoy it here.
  7. This is the correct answer. What about spiders? They are people too. Bottom line, its their game, you're not playing their instance. If they dont want it, They are free to decide. Oh, what an ~absolutely brilliant~ gambit with comparing the struggles of real people to animals. I'm sure that will win you a lot of friends.
  8. Even if Nexus were US-based, which it's not, the first amendment does not apply to private companies. Besides, the first amendment only exists to protect your speech from punishment by the government. You should probably study up on this if you continue trying to invoke it in the future. :happy:
  9. Nephiah

    hey all

    Welcome! Have a fishy stick and enjoy your time here!
  10. Welcome to the forums! Have a fishy stick! With regard to your example, I haven't played Starfield yet, but this procedure looks very similar to how it's done in Fallout 4. You must create a new blank file (any type will work, such as a new text file) and rename it to StarfieldCustom.ini. The contents of that file need to contain the following: This file must be placed in your "Documents\My Games\Starfield" folder for it to work. What the file actually does is that it allows files from mods that you install to override the default files found in the .ba2 archives within the game folder, so that you can actually see and interact with whatever changes the mod adds in-game. I hope I was able to make this example more clear for you. In the future, you'll probably get better advice by asking these questions in the specific sub-forums for the games that you're interested in. Good luck, and I hope you have a lot of fun here!
  11. Nephiah


    Welcome! Have a fishy stick! As for your question, it depends on how you have everything set up and what games you're installing mods for. Personally I use Wrye Bash for everything from mod management/installation to Bashed Patch creation for various Bethesda games. When it comes to updating mods, I simply hit the "track" button on the website for the ones I want to keep an eye on for updates, and when I'm notified that an update has released, I'll download it manually and replace what I already have. Your situation may be way different from mine, though.
  12. Nephiah


    Welcome Lyxor. Forget about jello, have a fishy stick!
  13. Good luck with your project. It's always nice to see more Fallout fan games in the works.
  14. Sorry your old iMac stopped working, but I'm glad you got a replacement!
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