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  1. Saw your post in Dumb Comments, and had to come to look at a bunny babe....
    1. MarchinBunny


      Is my avatar big enough for that? XD
  2. It's best to ignore them to be perfectly honest. There was a point where I was about to respond to them as well, but I ended up just deleting what I was going to say because to be frank, it's a waste of time. He only ever wants to cause trouble, and never seems to offer any sort of meaningful discussion. You can easily tell this simply because his comments never actually include anything related to the topic and is just always him pointing fingers or throwing shade at someone else he doesn't agree with. Also, his claim "Nope, they left all the negative posts towards mod authors intact, and removed the others." isn't even true. Even his own comments are still around. Suppose I should also point out, there are no negative posts about mod authors either as far as I am aware.
  3. Topographic Programms for example, 3D Design Software for Architecture etc. etc. It's unlikely any software is unhackable. Whether or not a hack exists though is going to depend on how useful said application is within a certain space (mainly for personal use). For example, those apps might not have been hacked simply due to those who typically would use them, have no reason to pirate them. The only people I could see pirating them would be college students, but most colleges that teach architecture typically provides the software on the computer that you would be using. And if you wanted to buy it yourself, most colleges have programs that allow you to get it at discount. Back when I was attending college, I took an architecture class that used Revit. No idea on whether it's been hacked or not, but if it hasn't ... I could only assume that would be the reason. I can't ever see using that kind of program for personal use.
  4. As I said before, they have never striked me as the type to be that hard in terms of dealing with mod authors. They do something some don't like, and then all of a sudden now we should expect the worst from them? Maybe... but I personally don't think so. If you don't like it, and had time to remove your mods, you can't complain and act like this is being done against your will or as if they are taking your rights away. First of all, they literally have gone over how this works. I am not even going to bother arguing here about this since you can literally learn about it here, and spoiler alert ... you are wrong. https://www.nexusmods.com/news/14568 First of all, to me it sounds like you don't even know what collections are. All they are is a group of mods, not something that modifies your mod specifically. Sure, you can have multiple mods together and they could interact with your mod. But collections are not what allows that to happen, that can be done regardless of collections by literally anyone as long as they can install those mods together. So sorry, but I don't see your point here. Anyone could even include your mod in just a list and do the exact same thing. It sounds like a ridiculous complaint. Don't want anyone ever doing anything naughty with companions you release? Then you should probably just not release them. And you have control on whether or not you post your work here. You can't complain if you post it here while knowing what it means. That isn't your rights being taken, that is YOU giving nexus permission. Don't want that stuff to happen, then don't post it here. It's common freaking sense. Just don't post it. Like if it concerns you that much that your mod could possibly be grouped with other mods you don't like, you probably shouldn't release them at all. No, it's not short sighted because it's entirely preventable. Don't post your work on a site that has a ToS you don't agree with.
  5. I am fairly certain they will allow others to pull out if they were inactive at the time, came back and then learned of it. Nexus never strikes me as unreasonable when it comes to mod authors. But with that said, they did do some things in the wrong order, but ya ... not a whole lot one can do about events that have already passed XD.
  6. The issue is, when you give permission to someone or service to be able to use your content indefinitely, that still counts as you giving permission for them to be able to do that. So while you are right, it's only because permission was given. Your best bet to avoid things like this is to just be very careful where you post your content, making sure you read the ToS. This is something all creators should do.
  7. Who does not understand here has been obvious since the beginning of the discussion. You can argue your point of view further as much as you want, it will not change the facts. As soon as a mod author has uploaded his work, he can no longer decide how his work is used by Nexus. He cannot even determine which version of his mod is used by collections. So in theory he has kept his rights, but he cannot apply them in any way. That's the reality. No more and no less. Take us all a favor and keep your wisdom in the future for you. Most of your explanations are simply worthless. That is how copyright law works. If you give permission to someone to use your work (whether that be through using a service like Nexus, or outright giving permission directly), than that means they can use it. And it's not taking away any of your own rights. The only way your own rights can be taken away is if you give someone else the copyright in its entirety. Don't care if you think my explanations are worthless. They are true nonetheless.
  8. ..or move to another machine.....or upload to distribute the game.... DRM free does not mean freely steal the game (or provide the means to, as in this case). One of the main issues is I don't use GOG, so I have no idea exactly what methods they use to try and prevent you from copy and pasting a game freely to wherever you want. But just based on the idea that the games are DRM free, that to me suggests they don't do anything to really prevent it. So I would imagine most if not all games from GOG can just be copied and pasted. Am I wrong about that? Pretty certain you don't even need GOG to run the games you install based on what I am reading. If this is a case where a game creates a registry entry to identify a "cd key" of some sort (kinda old school, do they still do that?), then to me that suggests someone wouldn't need to go through downloading this mod if their intention was to pirate it, all they would need is the key and installer, which as far as I am aware, both are available through GOG without the use of the mod. If this is a case where the registry for some reason holds the file path, then that mod doesn't even need to exist, anyone can access the registry and change this just as they can a cd key. To me it just sounds like it's meant to make it more convenient to move the game rather than "pirate" it.
  9. I would say it depends. Are those registry entries meant to be some sort of sage guard against piracy? If it's a mod breaking DRM, then I would see that as suspect (but pretty sure all GOG games are DRM free). But if the registry entries being avoided, are not necessarily meant to be DRM and is just the way the game installs itself, then I don't see a problem. Such a thing would be just to be able to move to another folder, as not being able to move your game to another drive is a major pain.
  10. Not really true, or rather you are explaining it poorly. You are not giving up any rights away, you still have all your own rights to your own work. What you are doing is giving them permission to use your work, for the purpose of use on this site, that's it. It's not as if they can just take your work and do anything they want with it. The ToS is strictly for usage on this site and you already know what they want to use it for, in this case collections. Claiming your rights are being taken away, is overly dramatic and total nonsense. We get it, you don't like it. But if you want to discuss these things, then discuss them in a way that doesn't over exaggerate the reality of what is actually occuring. Giving up all rights to your work, would suggest you no longer have the ability to distribute your own work. Like as if it's no longer owned by you. Like as if you gave away the copyright. When in reality, all that is happening is you are granting them permission to use the content you willingly chose to upload. Don't want to give them permission? Then don't upload it. And if someone doesn't read the ToS, they only have themselves to blame. If you care about your work that much, then you SHOULD be reading the ToS of where you upload that work.
  11. The internet in my opinion is a big a part of the problem. Before the internet existed, those who tried to spread conspiracies had to do so publicly to some degree, and it was pretty difficult for anyone interested to show that interest due to how that would affect their public image. Plus, with a smaller population, and information typically being restricted fairly locally outside of TV and Radio ... things just didn't spread like they do today. Though that did have it's own problems where the media was able to control information pretty much entirely and they have not been known to be above spreading false info either (though it was far more controlled than say ... the internet). Today we live in a world where false info is spread on a pretty consistent bases, and now it's also far easier for people to communicate across the world about their conspiracies with like minded people while staying anonymous. Basically the internet is one of the greatest tools invented for spreading information but is also one of the worst invented because it's just as easy to spread misinformation. Most people are terrible at sifting through the crap, and will typically only ever listen and search for those who confirm already existing beliefs, and shut out anyone who tries to combat their views. You have ignore, block, shadow ban, etc ... and these days most people use it to filter out anything they don't want to hear. It's become an echo chamber. See, I personally have had to deal with a conspiracy theorist all the time because my Mom just believes anything she sees or hears on the internet as long as it aligns with the idea that the world is coming to an end. It's honestly frustrating and stressful to have to deal with. She seriously once sent me a video of some guy claiming covid was caused by 5g. I then had to point out how the equipment in the video was an old cable television box. But of course, I don't know what I am talking about in her mind. I am just a telecom trade degree grad, but sure lol. Honestly, I hate misinformation. Kindly name any Liberal who has been censored or banned on Twitter, YouTube, Google or Facebook. The cancel culture is a liberal creature. Nice try but the left most closely resembles Nazi Germany of the 1930's. The left's modus operandi is indoctrination of the youth before they have the ability to realize that they are being used in a much larger game. Doxing, boycotts and racial stereotyping are left wing tactics that Goebbels would approve of. ANTIFA are your Brown Shirt SA street thugs. You lot decry Voter ID but are perfectly willing to mandate Vaccination ID's. Liberal hypocrisy seeming has no bounds or shame for that matter.. Something very important to learn is not everyone on the left is the same, just as not everyone on the right is the same. It's impossible to group all views into strictly a two party system. So I wish people would stop doing this whole ... the left does this or the right does that. Both sides look terrible when you compare them by their worst members. Edit: BTW, this is a response to both of you.
  12. I defend it because I disagree with you, and don't think it's "hopelessly" wrong. I just think a lot of you don't actually understand what would be required for a collection system to work well enough. I always keep pointing to minecraft as an example, but I already know you all don't want to hear it. All you want to hear is agreement. As far as I am aware, no one has provided an alternative way in doing this that doesn't have problems. The reason the archiving system works best is because a curator needs access to older versions of mods in order to maintain the collection properly. Without having those older versions, it means anytime something goes wrong with a single mod, they would either have to wait for it to get fixed (while in the meantime the collection is no longer working) or they would have to remove the mod from the collection till it's fixed. Mind you, depending on the mod and collection, removing it might not be an option. Now consider for newer games where mod creation is occurring constantly, and updates are released daily. How would anyone physically be able to keep up? We are not just talking about updating the mods in the collection and releasing it. No, curating a collection properly entails testing it too. And having to do that every single day in a list that may contain 100s of mods, just isn't feasible if you want the system to work well. Plus again, the moment one mod runs into an issue, then what? It's not a good collection system if they keep breaking every day. Have you never gone through a process of maintaining a collection? No? Well I have. If you honestly think I am wrong, then explain how you would avoid these problems without an archiving system. I will, and I am sure I am not the only one. If Nexus actually felt like no one was going to continue, they would have backtracked already. The reason they have not is because it's nowhere near as big of an issue as you seem to think it is. There are still mods being uploaded every single day. Also, not sure why you are bringing up the Cathedral view, nothing Nexus is doing is really what I would call a Cathedral, quite far from it. Well, only time will tell. Personally, I don't see the problem.
  13. Oh ya, honestly BGS gets way more flack than they deserve when it comes to bugs. I think my only complaint has ever been the crashes, but that as far as I can tell from their most recent games seem to be a thing of the past. Don't think I crashed even once playing Special Edition or Fallout 4. Without the archiving system, there is no way it would work 100% of the time. The archiving system is needed if you want a collection system that functions well enough. With newer games, many mods tend to be updated daily, and without an archiving system, the collection would break every time that happened, till the curator goes through and updates the list. And if one mod introduces an incompatibility with another mod, or bug ... there would be very little the curator could do about it, until it's either fixed or they remove the mod from the collection. Being able to go back a version for mods, is imperative for a good collection system.
  14. They kept answering the questions that were being asked, it just so happens the answers were already given in the announcement lol. As for forcing, no one is forcing anyone to go along with the cathedral way of modding. I not once suggested it should ever be forced. So I agree with you on that.
  15. I would say my favorite old games are Sonic 2, Sonic 3, Sonic & Knuckles, Sonic Adventure 2 (Mainly for the Chao Garden) Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, Mario Party Banjo-Kazooie Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Diddy Kong Racing Conker's Bad Fur Day Half-Life StarCraft GTA: Vice City Now if I had to pick one, it would probably have to go with Legend of Zelda OoT. Honestly, the N64 days for me was the peak of gaming, it's when I played them constantly and every week played a new game from Blockbuster. Goldeneye 007, Buck Bumble, Pilot Wings, Gex 64: Enter the Gecko, Space Station Silicon Valley, Star Fox 64, Pokemon Snap, Pokemon Stadium, Yoshi's Story, Wave Race 64, Blast Corps, Snowboard kids ... There are just so freaking many games I played on that system, it's pretty insane when I think about it.
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