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  1. *I Like* that nobody knows why I put an asterisk before and after "I like."
  2. I read an article about Nexus in PC Gamer magazine. Took a look at the site, and saw the super groovy awesome mods I could download and plug into Oblivion. That was March 31, 2007. Not only got mods; but also posted in The Forums. Became a lifetime premium member about a year later, and started posting humorous screenshots in Image Share.
  3. Welcome to the forum side of Nexus. Hope you enjoy your time here....
  4. Please edit your post so people know what game you are referring to, and / or post in the forum for the game you are playing....
  5. Better no reputation than a bad reputation....

  6. I bought some acrylic drinking glasses from Amazon.

    They asked me to rate, and write a review. 

    This was my response:

    How in the hoo-haw do you write a review for drinking glasses ?

    Nice to look at; no distracting pattern or etching.
    So easy to use, even a young person can do it !
    You set them on a table and pour liquid into them.
    The liquid stays in the designated area until by one
    method or another it is drained from the container.
    Oh, oh it's magic... like a line in a song by The Cars.

  7. *I Like* a lot of snow... when it's somewhere else, and not where I live....
  8. The 13th Warrior. Came out in 1999. Vikings, an Arab, savages, a horrible monster. The movie is based on the novel "Eaters of The Dead", by Michael Crichton. A movie where every scene lends itself to the story as a whole, like the chapters in a book. Even secondary characters have their own unique personalities fully formed in just a few lines of dialogue and actions. Read a review, watch the movie. Time well spent
  9. I too wish to learn and connect with other modders. :smile: A good start would be in the forums for the game you want to learn....
  10. You should have better luck posting in the forums for Skyrim: https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?c=411,419 Hope somebody there will help you....
  11. Due to people's difference in tastes, I will not recommend a game, but: You might look into GOG (Great old Games ) https://www.gog.com/ All kinds; good prices on most.
  12. The Lounge is more for non game topics. You should have better chances getting responses if you post in the forums for the game in question. Hope you solve your problem.
  13. I know this is really late, but I just now noticed it. Have you tried posting in the forums for Far Cry 5 ?
  14. *I Like* keeping this thread from getting completely lost in the masses....
  15. Welcome to the forum side of Nexus. I hope you enjoy your time here. Some of us enjoy it so much we have stayed a long time....
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