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  1. In response to post #107283558. #107336413, #107543138 are all replies on the same post. +
  2. So sad, mod authors literally ignore topics to hide the shame
  3. So in my game all females have a bodyslide preset, but when I play a female character myself, I always set her height a little bit more to like 1.05 and I always increase waist and pelvis from the body scale tab of the racemenu. Problem is, it's applied to the player character only. Is there any way I can apply the changes to body scales to other NPCs too? Or even to just some specific NPC? Thanks for reading.
  4. Oh yes, that happened to me a lot of time in Skyrim too, but since skyrim dosent have any bug of uninstalling itself, after every windows re installation I just had to click install on the launcher and skyrim would detect its files (f*#@s up load order completely tho)
  5. Ok so I deleted the duplicate, but in the game duplicate still remains, and it wasnt saved at all after this incident that the duplicate might get "baked" inside. if i redeploy the original that puts a brand new npc
  6. Thx for reply. By add do you mean redeploy the original in the world map window? because i cant seem to interact inside the actual use info window, also even if i remove the relation info from the duplicate, its still not unique when i try to put the same in original
  7. Hi I have little to no experience on CK but I managed to make some custom followers a long time ago. I often update them myself by changing their equipment, hair, skin, eyes etc etc. Never ran into much problem doing so. But this time, I picked 2 follower Ani and Ani2 which look almost the same and I set Ani.esp as active and changed her and Ani2s skin color. Pressed ok, saved and closed ck. Went back to the game, and to my surprise Ani was replaced by Ani2, Same equipment as Ani, same place but apperance of Ani2 and the original Ani was nowhere to be found. I clicked on this new Ani2 and it came from Ani.esp...... Then I went back to CK again, and saw a new editor ID called AniDUPLICATE003. The original Ani now had a count 0 and users 0. I cant seem to understand what went wrong and how did i end up with a completely different duplicate. i tried clicking delete on the duplicate but nothing happened. So I wantid to know how do I get rid of this auto duplicate and make my original NPCs count 1 and user 1 again? Thanks, appreciate any help.
  8. Fallout 76 has a known bug of uninstalling itself
  9. The vanilla is already pretty small but you can use bodyslide to make it flat i guess
  10. Im surprised people who fixed the problem never helped all the poor souls that are asking for the xml location ever again... anyways, the info.xml is located in your (mod name)s Fomod folder
  11. Perhaps you need to clean your save files with "save game cleaner" Because end game took a long time and saves could be bloated
  12. Thanks for replying. To clarify, for exmple, I wanted the RT button to function as Pagedown. What should i do about it?
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