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  1. JK is a top modder, a top bloke, and a pleasure to work with :)
  2. anything you want. (The site rules still apply!)
  3. There once was a hero named Ragnar the Red.
  4. I can't believe it was that simple. Thank you so much! :D
  5. Hi all, Is there a way to make a trigger box trigger when a player fires an arrow or casts a spell at it? I've tried using OnHit but no success so far! OnTriggerEnter also doesn't seem to fire for arrows or spell projectiles either. Any help would be awesome! Joe
  6. In response to post #61093447. #61098347, #61100232 are all replies on the same post. I'm also pretty sure my DP have gone down by around 20% since the report came out. Judging by my mod stats and the unique downloads count in the report, the examined time interval must go back by at least as far as May 5th.
  7. In response to post #60979342. It takes 3 months for donation points to come through to you - so we'll receive May's points at the end of August, I believe :)
  8. In response to post #60940507. 1000 dp is always equal to a dollar :) So when they put $6000 in for May, that resulted in 6 million dp being distributed. Next month it'll be $8000, plus whatever they raise from the Patreon!
  9. Hi everyone, I've got two strings, eg. "Apple 1" and "Apple 2" and I want to compare the first 5 characters only, so I can test for the word "Apple" and have it return true for both strings. Any ideas if/how that can be done? Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)
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