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  1. In response to post #66579976. #66897631, #66941436 are all replies on the same post. "He did say stuff about her" Yeah... stuff. One little mention. She deserves equal credit for the success of Niero and his mods, without her he probably never would've gotten this interview or his Bethesda contract! A single mention is hardly sufficient. Equal work should result in equal credit, and the 2D concept art takes just as much work as the actual 3D modelling does.
  2. In response to post #65235001. #65238371, #65249136, #65253756, #65257321, #65271461, #65276151, #65276591, #65278876, #65279386, #65409951, #65517856, #66455201, #66552596 are all replies on the same post. "Remember all the Bethesda "fans" who assured us the Creation Club wouldn't harm modding? Well here it is, harming it." I was one of them. I admit I was wrong. Damn the CC. Seriously, you know who has the hardest time on the web already? Who does Tumblr, Pateron, and every other outlet like to bully? NSFW artists, that's who. Modding has always been a safe haven, one of the few such safe havens, for NSFW artists, and now the CC has put that safety at risk. Corporate culture wants to kill all NSFW art, and the CC seems to be part of that larger agenda. IDK if 20 years from now, there will even be any NSFW artists left on the web, it's very very very hard for them to earn money in the current climate.
  3. The lack of any mention of TheKite makes me uneasy. Especially when discussing what Niero takes inspiration from. We all know that a large part of Niero's fame and success comes from his collaborations with TheKite, and that her concepts and idea were an undeniable source of inspiration. Leaving her out of the discussion entirely feels intellectually dishonest, and makes it seem like Niero is calming all the credit for success that they earned through collaboration. I'm not gonna accuse him of sexism or censorship, but it's nonetheless very rude to pretend that you didn't have a partner when you did. The fact that said partner was a female NSFW artist makes the whole thing worse. This seems like a Edison/Tesla situation, or a Stan Lee/Jack Kirby situation, where only Niero is benefiting from what was in reality a joint effort.
  4. In response to post #54698908. #54700933 is also a reply to the same post. I concur, although its a minor and cosmetic thing.
  5. My thoughts: *No mods that are already free may be ported to Creation Club; all mods are made specifically for the program. >This means nobody is going to lose access to their favorite mods, and also encourages modders to make more mods! *Authors get paid much better than last time. The exact cut is unclear, but apparently they will get similar pay to official Bethesda employees. >This was an issue for many people last time, which is no longer an issue. *The mods are going to be vetted by Bethesda for quality; not all applications will be accepted. >No overpriced $100 joke mods cluttering the store front like last time. *Bethesda will be actively helping make some of this content! >This means we may get high quality mods made using Bethesda's in-house tools, and possibly types of mods that have not been possible before! *(Pure conjecture): It looks like there might be some officially-sanctioned ports appearing on the store front. --------------- As far as I am concerned, this IS VERY DIFFERENT than last time, and all the major issues are resolved. Valve is not making money from the mod makers or Bethesda. There are no existing mods going behind pay walls. No stolen or broken mods will be for sale. I was personally quite vocal in criticizing the last Paid Mods attempt, because of these issues, but I am actually hopeful that this time things will be different.
  6. Please don't spread misinformation. GOG is not a "discount small web-store," it is a large, credible, well funded storefront owned by CDProjeckt, the people who make the Witcher games. They are no more likely to revoke your download rights than Valve on STEAM, or Blizzard on Battle.net. AKA, not very likely at all. Just because you have not heard about it before does not mean that it is not trustworthy. Even if GOG did go down for some reason, they would probably let people continue to install their old games, much like Games for Windows Live did.
  7. In response to post #44207725. #44210065, #44213255, #44221230, #44227480, #44234165, #44235230, #44244270, #44249895 are all replies on the same post. Ugh. Oh my god. Are people really still going on about payed modding? Bethesda invited him to participate, so he put his mods on there, while making sure to keep them available for free on the Nexus. He took down the mods when problems arose. He was then given threats and harassment for literally no reason at all. So he left, and would have stayed gone, if he had not received hundreds of requests to return from his supporters. Does that sound like an egotistical sellout to you? Not to me, it doesn't.
  8. In response to post #43613105. #43642490 is also a reply to the same post. Yes! He a pillar of the community and a central mod reviewer, as well as modder.
  9. I wonder, if the original makers of any of these mods was to come forward and request access to the file page, (however unlikely that might be), would they be given said access? Would there even be any way to prove they were actually the creator? EDIT: I see that Dark0ne has already answered this question in previous comments. That is quite awesome, as it this decision overall.
  10. Crafting... It has been the topic of many heated debates among the Skyrim community for years, with some arguing that it is good, other that it is bad, and some still undecided. Many people have the problem accepting that the player can create powerful Daedric armor without spending years mastering smithing. I am personally of the opinion that there is nothing wrong with this, and here is why. Many people cite how difficult smithing is in real life, and how you could not do it without intense training. However, then, do the Daedric Princes create powerful artifacts? Surely they don't spend years working at a forge. No, they do it because they posses great power. And so does the Dragonborn. I think that is the problem many people have, they don't realize how much inherit power the player has. In Skyrim, when you encounter the Daedric prince Clavicus Vile, and ask him for power, he will respond by telling you that you are already as strong as he is. He will go on to explain that half of his power is stored in his dog Barbas. However, this mean that the player is half as powerful as Clavicus vile, one of the mighty Et'Ada(The Aedra and Daedric princes). And not all princes are equally powerful, and although he is not the mightiest, vile is also not the weakest. That title goes to Peryite, the god of disease, who created the mighty Spellbreaker. So it is not hard to think that you could do the same, with you power. I will also mention the power known as CHIM, a mysterious art practiced by the Gods. When it was used by a mere mortal, Indoril Nerevar, he became powerful enough to travel to the sun and do battle with the Aedra Magnus, and return to unite the Chimer and defeat the Dwemer, who were the migtiest race on Nirn. When it was combined with the power of the Heart of Lorkhan, it allowed the mortals Vivec, Almalexia, and Sotha Sil to become "living gods", who were nearly as powerful as the Daedra. However, when the power of CHIM was combined with the power of the Dragonborn, Tiber Septim became so powerful he could change the climate with his willpower and command the Numidium. His army quickly overran all of Tamriel, and when he died he Ascended to Aetherius, where he was more powerful than the Aedra themselves. So this all adds up to a little bit of math. If (Dragonborn+ CHIM) > (Heart of Lorkhan + CHIM) then (Dragonborn > Heart of Lorkhan) Meaning that the Dragonborn is very, very powerful indeed, surely powerful enough to craft basic Dremora armor.
  11. I might be getting this totally wrong, but does this mean I will be able to upload mods for any game? For example, I could upload mods for Age of Mythology? If so, I will begin doing so as soon as possible.
  12. I have been looking into uGrids, and have come to the conclusion that lowering it to 3 *should* be a safe way to free up soewm frames, but I wanted to see if anybody else had tried it.
  13. I am going to buy a new rig, and was wondering if this one would run w/o lag on medium.... http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16883229285 If not, are there any that CAN run TESV of medium w/o lag , for about the same price? If not, what is the cheapest rig that can run it on medium? P.S. Don't tell me to build it myself, I don't have time for that kind of thing. P.P.S Has not be new, no used/refitted stuff, and NO ebay. P.P.P.S (lol)Kinda goes w.o saying, but, no alienware.
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