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  1. Be a man in love, not a man in lust.
  2. I support this idea. Split per game so it won't just endorse everything at once. I've endorsed almost every mod I ever used and having to parse multiple pages to click one button at a time is a bit of a chore.
  3. You either see if anyone's already merged them together, or learn how to read and edit the silly code warband uses and merge them yourself.
  4. When you heard words but have no idea what they mean. Some would call this phenomenon "being an NPC".
  5. Collision meshes can be a child to either their own independent root parented to a Root, or to the visible mesh, either will work. And do please remember to ALWAYS collapse any modifiers before exporting, specially XFORM ones. Make a duplicate of the whole scene so you don't lose anything.
  6. You get permission to use the copyrighted content you took.
  7. Modifying a mod on your computer any way you like is breaking no license and nobody can dictate what you do with their mod on your pc.
  8. This is about as "good" of an idea as implementing dislikes. The last thing we need is random people who have negative knowledge about mod and game functionality to weigh in with their wrongful assertions.
  9. Ethreon


    This site has more than 5mil active users. Thinking that somehow the actions of some random person are representative of the whole is not the smartest take. You want something to happen, you report the comments and wait for moderation.
  10. I'd rather not leave it to random people to decide what does and doesn't work considering the user knowledge levels seem to rest somewhere around Mariana Trench.
  11. Those still get defined within the mod's esp/esm as formlists and such, you can edit them there. Editing the point where the script injects them... not much I can help with either.
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