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What made you start playing TES?


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What made you start playing TES? How did you end up here?


I had forgotten, and yesterday I remebered it. I have thought, why did I visited the game store that day? I had forgotten... Damn... I do remember it all now. It is really only a 5% chance that I did see it... I will explain.


1995 we started a game group in the Swedeish Atari Community Club, we where bored of the Atari, so the only thing we still had in common was to play games. One in the group was RP fan and he borrowed me Daggerfall and I still have that bloody CD as I forgot to give it back :D 1997 I was done and forgot all about it.


I still missed the Daggerfall world, no doubt, best game I had played so far.


Around 2000 I missed the RP games, so I started to play Ultima Online, did that for 4 years in a row, ended upå as a GM for a small RP guild. That kept me playing, RP with all other nutcases.


Ones a month we needed to visit the Game Store to buy new time for €10. It was boring, damn, i wanted to play, not sit in a bloody tram, being forced to visit that game store so I always went in, bought that bloody game ticket and home as fast as possible, to get in game again.


One day 2004 I was more relaxed. So I started to open my eyes and look around in the game store. Maybe I can find something fun? So I started to look in a big box with cheap games. So I dig and dig, looked at convolutes, well the boxes, Boring, boring, boring, not for me, boring, crap, junk, boring, boring, hey... What is this? Damn, my heart stopped, I got sucked into this convolute.... I never visited that store again, never... My last and final visit. :ohmy:


What did I see?


I saw Mournhold, the buildings and the dark elves outside the building really got my attention... It was Morrowind complete, with all DLC. The rest is history.


I started to use mods, found Canadian Ices lovely shop and a new world did open up, damn what is this fancy stuff. I also find Better heads and better bodies and the ugly chars went from ugly to beutiful, still the most good looking NPC ever made for a TES game. Canadian Ice attracted me so I looked her up and she had a forum, well to be able to use her stuff, she forced us to join the forum really, so damn smart of her. Well she is nasty and a good damn artist. i still have contact with her and she do not play any games, as she makes dolls, with amassing clothing and setups, best I ever seen. Lest see if I can find something to show. It is not easy to find as she did show us at her forum. Well NM...


I started to read at the forum, to find out, how did they make all this stuff. So the first players I read about was some nutcases called AlienSlof and Qarl. Qarl? R.I.P He did some cool stuff, I started to follow him and followed his work for 4 years. He figured stuff out, told us how he did it and told us how to do it. Without Qarl, I would not be here, do the stuff I do. I recalled it all, when I got the message 2 days ago from AlienSlof, when I asked about Qarl as I wanted to ask him if he has my bloody painting exchanger that is gone. You will not get anything from Qarl she told me as he is no longer among us since 11 years ack. Well She used my frames, she did remember my runes I added:




Read the frame if you can... :wink: No one really reads it... :wink:




We could not play together nor RP together as this is not an MMO but we where able to learn together and also make teams and make new stuff together. I did a lot of stuff together with a brilliant 2D artist from US, so I made the 3D stuff and she did the 2D stuff and we also tried to re texture Anvil together, making all stone in to wood and it did look good. I do have screenies still if you wanna see it. :D Her name is Elynda. We where so damn good together. :D So fun. She gave me loads of positive energy.


Elyndas Lost Dresses UFF HGEC at Oblivion Nexus - mods and community (nexusmods.com)




We started to make stuff together in Morrowind, we made a washroom together. I made Irons, iron tables, a toilet, most advanced toilet ever made as it is greece antique, as I wanted to see, what will I be able to make?


I think this is still the hardest and most difficult object I ever made: I learned a lot during this process. I really wanted to impress the requester, Elynda who asked if I could make one as we did not have any in TES, well buckets, but hey.... We did loved fancy stuff, not simple buckets or rustic - FANCY!!!! Tamriel is so rustic andugly... We wanted to change that. We wanted a bloody fairy tale ala Disney... :D We also remade the Imperial Forts to fairy tale castles :wink:


A fairy toilet.... :wink: My toilet. 3D by me, Elynda made the textures. I made the upper textures and she made the bottom and the fish head.




Nostalgica... But I should not been doing this really. The chance I did find that specific game inside that big store is Microscopic, specially when the box was in the bottom of a bloody cheap game box? What is the odds for that? It did change my life forever. :D Here I am, still, 20 years later after that visit to that bloody game store... Is it fate? No it is not, I was forced to visit it as otherwise I could not get access to my Ultima Online account. I did screw Ultima though fast when I find Morrowind. We did a quick visit to the game Horizons though in between as we all where tired of Ultima. I needed a change... Real 3D is funnier than 2D, as Ultima was old, made in 2D and they did try to make it 3D but it never became a hit. They did plan to make Ultima 10. I will see if I can find screenies as it was never published. They did publish a screenshot though.

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Hmmm... I had to look it up now. Where me and Elynda as good together as I recall? Photobucket is hard to get into as I refeuse to pay them... It is tricky as they have blurred my old stuff, but I fool them, as I know how to see the old pictures sharp anyway... I am IT technician after all :D


Well, where we good together? That is the question? Elynda started with it, and she sure made me interested of joining the project for sure, so she posted a picture and asked if anyone wanted to tag along?. :D I do love a good team work. A team share energy, sometimes negative which is bad, but we only had fun and positive energy. Nothing else.




Re texture the harbour was a damn frustration. The UV had to be remade for every single board. I spent weeks doing this boring work, to make every single board to fit. I will never re do it. I do not even know where the files are. Damn Bethesda and their lousy UV as they really makes thing more complicated then they need too. I did mention this in my WIP as well, as I had to remake a lot of UV when I exchanged the textures, to make the stuff look good, even to look realistic and not odd. My attempt to give the houses in the harbour better textures could be done much better really as it was very very hard to make any that really did fit at all. So frustrated. I am not satisfied still with it but I did better with my current workshop though as I am 100% satisfied with it and thats matter now, not this old project.


I made the harbour solo if I recall right and Elynda focused more into the city of Anvil and she is much better at 2D than i will never be. 2D is not my area as it is the hardest thing to make for me. I cannot draw a straight line with a bloody pen... She used a digital drawing board and a pencil. :D




Why did we do it when we did have Qarls? Well Qarl loved to keep stuff close to the original, Rustic, dirty and honestly, making dirty stuff is harder and when he managed to make something even more dirty, he published it.


-Look here what I managed to do. I manged to make it more rustic, more dirty... :wink:


Well i never told him I wanted the stuff more fancy... :wink:

We wanted to make Anvil more fancy, clean it up. He wanted to keep it dirty and we also wanted to learn how to do this. I use Qarls stuff today, nothing else really. He is the best modder ever, Anvil is a dirty town after all, a Pirates nest, not a Cinderella story in Disney.


Qarls Texture Pack III Redimized - QTP3 R at Oblivion Nexus - mods and community (nexusmods.com)

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I found it, the BOX that got my attention, the box that was hidden at the bottom of the cheap games box 2004 :D


This single picture changed my life forever :D



Canadian Ice

I have mentioned Canadian Ice a lot, and I bet you wonder? Who is that? What is it? Somehing you eat or put in your grogg or drink? Well you all know about AlienSlof and Qarl but I bet you do not know what a Canadian Ice really is but I will tell you what it is. Is it important? Yes it is as it changed my life a second time. From gamer, to modder. A big step to take honestly...


Canadian ice and her husband Hound Dog started early to mod Morrowind, making stuff no one had ever seen before. They where the first ones that made sexy stuff but not only that, good looking fancy stuff, from under wear to ball dresses and shoes and boots and they built a store for all they creations in Dagon Fel as they see themself as Nords, even if they are from Canada, 2 bikers that loves to travel around with their HD bikes and see the world and create stuff as they are pro artists, very very talental. No wonder they invented this store, that really do not fit in a TES environment, but hey, we can do what ever we want. Those 2 invented this stuff. She also made the most good looking house for Morrowind, with alchemy sorter (my first experience of house tools ever) and Hound Dogs favourite beers. A Biker loves beer you know. They also put a Dwemer Bike in the kitchen. They love bikes, so no wonder really. I will start Morrowind and take a real Screenshot of their bike.


Well something like this:



So why have you not heard of her or Hound Dog?

They did play the game early and they had quit playing TES already when I found that box in the game store 2004. They did refuse to start playing Oblivion as it did not appeal to them and we all begged them to tag along as we really missed her creations but she gave us permission to port her stuff to Oblivion, but she really did not want us to do that I guess. Could she really refuse her friends to do that? She only make stuff for her dolls and still do as I talk to her time to time in Facebook. If I send her a mess, she replies fast as she is there daily. Showing pictures of their cool bikes and travels and her dolls. As they started this, they attracted all kind of peaple to their forum. Some nasty and some was the best modderrs I have ever seen. So my first chat with her, was like talking to a stone or a block of Ice. I felt she was hard as rock, no wonder when she had a hard work keeping her forum clean from idiots... :wink: I do think she did a mistake controlling her stuff, like she did, only allowing members of her forum to DL as that did piss many players off, no wonder she got a hard time there time to time. She said: Take it or leave it, or take the high way... I set the rules.


They did not invent modding. Bethesda did. I do not know who made the first player mod. They made the first fancy stuff though. That is what they invented, appealing and good looking clothes and armor. Today it is the most made mods, new clothes and armor. Someone else would had invented it of course if they did not, but they did. That real life RL couple are the first ones. The originals.


Well now you know. To be able to relax more, she started to share the control over the forum with peaple and player she did trust 100%. So Me, AlienSlof, Qarl, Elynda and all that loved Canadian Ice, we became her slaves more or less :D, keeping her forum balanced and let her relax. She made the rules, as she is the one that started it all and created that environment for us to work as teams and learn from each others. Well this is the way it worked... I cannot agree that that control was necessary really, as it created more problems than anyone had expected, but not so often, only sometimes. I did debate this with her of course. She was the boss, no one else. :wink: We better did as she told us too... :wink: Or there is the door. Leave if you want or stay and do as I say. Your choice.


Lets see if we can see any of Canadian Ice's stuff we ported to Oblivion 2006?

Yes, of course... Here they are:

CanadianIce Morrowind Robes and Dresses for HGEC at Oblivion Nexus - mods and community (nexusmods.com)




Time to stop this nostalgia trip now and play the game. Well, no matter what, she did change my life.... Forever... :wink: But hey, she is very hard, hard as Ice - Canadian Ice. :wink: Damn...

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I have not been in Morrowind for 2 years, so it was not easy to actually find the original Dwemer bike, not even the kitchen in Canadian Ice's Hideout. I did after a while :smile: Funny really to start up Morrowind again. I enjoyned this as a break really. I can start Morrowind whener I like as it is still here, after 18 years... I use it mostly for screenies now, for my COBL book covers... The books from Morrowind and that makes perfect sense to go there, find the sources, make stuff as pro and good as possible. Nothing else matters. Only the best.


Screenies are dark. IDK why really... I will not edit them... well I will if you cannot see them that is :D This is not important really, just nostalgia...


So I came to Ice's Hideout in the end, after scratching my head... Where is the kitchen? I forgot...


Is it really worth all hard work to show you a bloody bike? Yes really. I will explain why as I recall it all now.


This house is the real base for my own Hobbit Home when i think about it. This is how I want to live, it is Canadian ice that showed me... I have forgotten... It is for this house I started to learn to script, adding more tools to it. She didnt liked when I edited her house really. It was her house. But I did it anyway, as I made it better, but I had to keep my edited house private and keep it silent. :D Damn she was a bit angry with me as she did not like anyone to touch her stuff really. Well lets see if we can find that bike now...


Arriving at the portal room as I do recall how to get here really... :wink: There are portals spread all over the Morrowind game to get here. I went to Fort Frostmound and eneterd the portal there to her house




I entered the living room. Trying to figure out where the kitchen is. This house is not big as it is HUGE!!!! Lots of space. I grew a dragon in the kitchen 2006, that got stuck into the ceiling after 40 days and I did not know about the command Moveto Player, so I had to rewind the game 3 days, load an old save game, move the teenager dragon to the city of Vivec, the north entrance outdoors, where the small bar or Inn is located. Damn I was so pissed, angry and frustrated. But I solved it. The dragon got full grown after 60 game days. You see screenshots of that dragon inside my current WIP, inside the players private bedroom. So if you wanna see it, check my WIP as the dragon is there, still. On 2 paintings... The Reign of Fire mod for Morrowind. So cool mod... You fight dragons, steal an egg, grow your own dragon that is yours to fly with and ... Lets focus at the house now...




No kitchen here. Where is it?



not here... Damn I had to open the map to find it. So many rooms...



Here it is, finally... So this kitchen is where I spent all free time, storing all stuff, making potions and using my own scripts and my own tools and where I did store all companions, until I had to move them to other rooms to get space.



Finally, Hound Dogs Dwemer bike.



You see now where i got my style from. The hobbit home do have some similarities with this unique house really. We all have to be inspired from something, even if we forget from where. This is 18 years old after all or more. For me it was 2004 I went here the first time. I think she and her husband made it 2003. Hound dog, her husband, only cared about this bike and his beers... All he talked about ever what I recall :D No wonder there are over 100 bottles of beer in the bar. To make him happy... :wink:


The music instruments in the livingroom really works. When you activate them they play. I should implement something similar into my current house later really. It is so cool... I have only seen or heard it in this house, no where else. I am a musician after all :D



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Last screenshot as now I really have to start working with my mod. I promiss...


I just recalled the ships... I hated the grey rustic ships and the re texture available (which i use today) was to fancy, even for me. I wanted something in between, something that did look realistic and real. I did own my own wooden boat 1982-1984, so wooden boats is something I really know a lot about. I have a skipper degree, taken 1981. That license was ugly by the way. The first Newbie License, the coast navigator was fancy, most likely because most hobby sailors did take only that one, not continue with the skipper as I did but it was so fun. Well NM that now. I have not sailed since 1984.


Here is my ship. My attempt to texture it. :wink: This is what I thought 2006 it should look like :D Ships is special to me... :wink:




This picture is better as they are all very dark... :/ IDK why really...


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Where is the re texture now? IDK... I think this guy used it as a base, as the UV at the docks, looks like my UV as he would not been able to fit the planks like that, if he did not remake the UV as well of course.

Anvil Building Retextures at Oblivion Nexus - mods and community (nexusmods.com)

I do not remember if we finished it for release. If we did, we did not upload it to Nexus. We always used other sites for our stuff... So stupid we where... Nexus is the only one left... :/ Damn us all... So much stuff wasted into the trash bin... But it is easy to be wise after the universe exploaded or after we lost everything. Who would know that the Modding sites will not last forever? We did think our stuff would be available, forever... We where stupid...

I have 3 backups today of my stuff. And i learned it the hard way. AlienSlof did loose all her stuff and the new GM in my ESO guild that took over when i left it, had a crash, loosing my paintings as well... I need them again...

  • Local at this current comp at my GFs apartment
  • Local at my comp in my own apartment
  • Google Drive
  • An USB drive

Soon I have 5 copies. As i will soon upload my last work to Nexus, but it does not count as a backup. When will Nexus stop with player mods? :wink: Some day they will. When will Internet stop to exist at all? One day it will... :D

Nothing lasts forever, ever...


That is also why I ended up here at Nexus after a while as nothing lasts. I did not need to come here really but I must have somewhere to put my WIP and write all my rubbish and store my thoughts, a backup of my brain and also to help others, solving issues, which we mostly do together. :wink: We had Canadian Ices forum and that is where we hang out, until she closed it down. When? IDK, as it was gone one day. I never asked her and I do not need to ask her really as I do know why. She does not play TES any longer, do not need the forum, as she makes art and make clothes for her dolls instead, still do... :wink:


All her stuff is available at Morrowind History, so are Elynda's Wash Room with my first 3D objects for Morrowind. Morrowind Modding History (modhistory.com)


I do think all our earliest stuff we made is there really. It is so big, the search button is broken, I cannot find stuff there fast so, well, you have to look there your self if you are interested...


But the old Oblivion stuff is gone. It was at the history site for a while, but they did remove it. IDK why... Well it is what it is and we can not do anything about it. It is to late...

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What if they did made Ultima 10 or rather Ultima X and i did find it before Morrowind as i did play Ultima Online and we all waited for Ultima X. Would I have played Morrowind then? I doubt it. I was into the Ultima lore and that world. I took a look now to see if I could find screenshots from Ultima X and I did find this instead, much better really. Lets see if it is good or crap? lets watch this and see.... :wink: Lets pretend it is the year 2004.



Well I do not recognise a bloody thing in the video above. This is Ultima Online and this is what I did play before getting into TES, for 4 years straight:


I do recognice this troll. The first I met in the game as a newbie, first day.

Ultima X | Editable Codex | Fandom




I did die, or did run fr my life. I do remember that I got in trouble. I do recall the bloody troll.... I also made a mistake as a newbie, started with a mage. Every spell you use, require resources and those cost money to buy. So does arrows for the archer but you can make them with fletchig so the best char to start with is a knight, with a sword and shield as that do not cost gold to use. A mage without money, no resources, no spells, will become a worthless nobody... :D I had to start thinking, how will I be able to get money for spells? Well it was killing golems. So I had to fight for golems, we all fought between our self, to get the final kill on a bloody golem. It was so crowded. It was like putting 100 starved kids around a single bread. It was a pain in the rear, so damn stressful and frustrating. Why did i put myself into that mess in the first place? 4 years... :wink: We did find good spots fast, after I became a member of the guild I was in for 4 years. They did show me where to go and how to get rich. :D So me, the GM and the General of the guild, did this together. Well they did needed to find someone to take over the guild, and I was their target. I did after 2 years, take it over and those 2 where able to retire, finally, as they where bored already. They could not leave. If you leave the game, all your stuff is gone, the house, the guild stone everything. They where still there to guard it... Waited for someone to take it over. If you do not visit your own house or let somone refresh it within 14 days, it will disapear and all stuff in it will be at the ground for all to pick up.

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Lets go back to Ultima really. You will understand why. I bet not many of you knew about Ultima. Was it good, well not really.. It lacked quests, something UO the developers did start to add 2002 or 2003. We had to make out own choices, make out own quests and that is what we RPers did to make the game fun, make up our own stories and we did that for 4 years and that is what made Ultima funnier... I did try Ultima, a free version 3 years ago, was it fun? No. It was not as we where max 4 RPers there, the rest did see me more like a freak. Maybe I am... :wink: Well I love RP and good stories and that is what makes TES so damn good and keeps me doing this.

But Ultima must had something good that we can still use? YES!!! Who more did play Ultima than me and even before I played it? Well Maskar so what did he implement in MOO from Ultima?

  • Treasure Maps
  • Golem Mining
  • The whole crafting System and even the same pickaxes

I always loved the crafting systems in all MMORPGs. I even put my Master Smith in the main city in Ultima, Britain, and helped other lazy players to repair their gears after it got broken and yes, the gear got broken fast, so broken after a day in the game that the stuff almost fell apart and this is also a normal part in TES but not in Daggerfall as this was stolen from Ultima and Daggerfall came before Ultima Online. Everyone steal ideas from everyone, that is how this stuff works and also gets better all the time.

The Ultima Crafting system is what is implemented in Skyrim by Bethesda, stolen from Ultima Online. WoW also stole it from Ultima as no game had it before Ultima Online as far as I know. the game Horizons did had crafting and community crafting as the main idea around the whole game was crafting. Stolen from Ultima. :D

Horizons – Wikipedia

Well it was a boring MMORPG that I did play for a year with some UO players after we left UO. The coolest thing was that we where able to play as dragons, but these dragons where weak. They did look strong. My elf hunter was stronger... :/ I did had contact with one in the game support from Italy, as i debated a lot with him how to implement RP events. He loved my ideas as he also did RP in UO but he was to scared to let me take over the whole game as a RP director for a single evenings event. So we only chatted about it, but never did anything about the lack of RP in this game. As you see in that wiki, this game had problems to finance it self. One more fail would have crashed the whole idea much faster than it really did. This game is long forgotten. It was not good. Player events like building and repairing stuff together took to long time. I did arranged a meeting in Denmark for my guild, which I lead. We where 7 players that met there. So it was not all that bad. A danish member in that guild hosted us in the town Aalhborg...


You will get the best stuff from Ultima if you play Maskar's oblivion overhaul, best Overhaul ever made and this is one reason I love it so much well it has a lot of more unique stuff, as it also makes the game to work more stable as it adds all stuff with scripts, and it is from here I learned this. It is hard to read Maskars scripts but I learned a lot by forcing my self to do it. It can never conflict with other mods because it is written that way to be compatible with everything else. My mod works the same way. It cannot conflict with anything else as I do not touch anything else than a tiny area in Anvil, the hill north of Anvil, next to Hrota Cave, next to that road. The rest is scripted. Stability and performance go before everything else.

Treasure maps - Finding a T-map was not easy so when we did, we gathered the whole guild, went away into no where, far away from all other idiots, that ruined the game and RP for us, and we had to fight a lot together to actually get into the bloody chest of pure junk

Maskar's lowest and most simple Treasure chest have more goodies in it than any other chest i have found. Not that i need the stuff really. Not that the from rate is higher in MOO for Oblivion as it is not. It is not OP. You are already rich when you find the first map. It is unique and original, only in Ultima and in MOO.

Golem Mining? This is the funniest way to mine as Mining ore is really boring. In Ultima you use a Gargoyle Pick axe, with different colors, depending on which ore types you plan to mine. Used right, it spawns a golem with a tier tier than the ore you are mining really has. This is only for the Master miner, the bored miner to keep his interest in mining up as we did need ore to be able to repair our stuff so we could not play without it.

Maskar implemented the Gargoyle Pickaxes in MOO but the Dwemer pickaxes is better and makes more sense in a TES world. The Gargoyle pickaxes is there in case you cannot find the Dwemer pickaxes and does not spawn golems so oftem.

I had to ask Maskar where he did get all this stuff from as I used it all in Ultima. He does not reveal it at the description of MOO. he told me he did play Ultima at the same server I did, but we never met there, as he left before I made my account. We where not even based in the same city, as that was the only place you got to know the others. We where spread out in different cities, it was that crowded. So every city had approx the same number of RP:ers... :wink: You had to decide where to play and with who of course and I loved the City of Vesper as i am an old sailor and vesper is all about boats as it is placed on several Isles that you can sail are walk between on bridges. :wink: That town was crazy and the baron of the town lived 2 hours from where I live. He passed away though 10 years ago... R.I.P We made RP together time to time.

Here we see how i implemented Maskar's Golem's into my own mod, as an extra esp, that requires MOO to work. Maskar cannot stop my addon... :wink: I have showed him all this, as I made him Stalhrim arrows so he knows that I will release it and he have not commented it. :D So maybe he do like it? I do not know. All I know is that he likes the arrows I made, that fit with his Stalhrim armor. This might be in the next MOO... if it ever gets released. So the armor is available in MOO and the Arrows will be available in my mod. Together they will look like this:


But it is to fancy for my taste even. It is not made for me, I made it as it was lacking... :wink: The real reason I made it was to see if I could really...

Here we see the golem's implemented in my mod, from Ultima by Maskar, retextured Atronach's and they roam outside my Hobbit house in the MOO addon. You do not need to walk away far to get the ore and later to walk back to craft stuff in my work shop. You will find ore in most mines and caves as well, but more spread out. I want to have it all gathered in an Ore Quarry, so I made one.


Golems also saved me as a newbie in Ultima, where I had to fight earth Golems or whatever they where called to be able to pay for the extensive magic as i did mention earlier :D We all did hunt these... To stay alive...

Implemented by Maskar in Oblivion :wink:


So finally the crafting system. Was it so good, yes it was. It was simple and you got fast results. All RP:ers used crafted stuff as we where not allowed to fight each others using enchanted stuff, only plain, to make it more balanced. So many did cheat and ignore this rule and that really pissed me off. Breaking that simple rule was so damn low and it killed immersion... All the fighting about this me and the Baron did with the other leaders made me leavethe game. i was fed up with the rule breakers. It was written down at ERPA, European Role Players Association that we all had to be members in but only me and the Baron read and followed the written rules. Screw them... :wink: They did all agree to follow the rules as they all made this decision together, still they ignored it.

Lets peek in my workshop work shop instead, as we do not need negative energy from a game long burried and forgotten... :wink:

So I usually spend 3-4 hours in game, mining, hunting golem's around my house as there is so much ore and Golem's there to keep you busy all that time. So when you have some ores or wood, you go inside here and make stuff. I make arrows as we always need arrows :D As we do not need ore to repair our broken equipment, I not do it in here as you can make repair hammers with MOO but not only that. You can almost every stuff Bethesda implemented + what Maskar added. I also added some more recipes and sent to Maskar and some works and some do not as some resources must be implemented in MOO and that is when Maskar do it. He has all recipes I made up. I spent 2 weeks making new recipes for MOO.

Forge anvil and a lost horse. I had to help this poor war house out from the work shop. It did follow one of my guards in here. It is strong as a UO mare, not to be dealt with as it is very deadly. i got that from Ultima. horses are usually weak in Oblivion. Not my horses. They are as strong as Ultima Horses.

Whine maker and Cloth station for making thread, cloths and nice dresses, well standard Bethesda clothing.

Wood working and leather working stations.

Even if Maskar made Ultimate Leveling, no skill leveling is yet implemented for crafting, so it is a bit pointless from a levelling point of view. Maskar did tell me he plan to implement the Ultima Skill levelling for Crafting as that was and is good. It is much better than Skyrim crafting if I recall right. :wink:

So did Ultima devs steal anything from Daggerfall? YES. Skill levelling. Levels do not exist in Ultima. You have max 7 skills at a char, from 49 different skills if i recall right, if you want to master all skills that is. We have only 21 in Oblivion. I had 10 chars, 2 accounts to be able to use all skills. All did this way but it was meant for the players to use each others, help each others, no way, the world does not work that way. Everyone had to be their own masters, being independent, stand on your own sour legs and feet. This is not a fantasy, this is how the players usually do act, like arses... No wonder the world are in constant war and polluted, no one really cares really. Why does no one really kill Putin so we can get peace? :wink:

I hate EXP levelling. I really dislike it more than anything else as it makes no sense at all. Why was Oblivion XP made at all? Well table RP do use XP I guess and WoW and even Horizons, up to lvl 100. Bethesda might implement it in the next TES 6, who knows? I fear they do really, i hate it. :D I did implement exp levelling for my 3 pets...

Pets? Hunting and controlling 2 dragons and a mare at the same time came in Ultima. Maskar has a taming staff implemented. The thing is I need more control over my pets that it is possible with MOO, so I had to write my own scripts to be able to control them 100%. It was a pain in the rear. My pets works more like the pets in WoW. They will be implemented in my mod, as a separate esp as they are inside the first house I used and liked, i do gave permissions to release it. Well the pets are where they are.

So how does the hunter in WoW works? Well he will fight solo with the Bear or Turtle as the tank, as he will point the aggro towards the animal as he is weak. In teams, to allow the true tank to tank the hunter will use a DPS animal like a cat.

My cats and my dog in Oblivion are everything, both DPS and tanks. When my arrows hits a target, a spell casts of, forcing the targets to attack my pets, not myself. I fool the targets. I love this deceptive type of fighting and playing, being in full control. :D 100% control. I can take a lot of hits, no doubt but why? My pets keep my armor and weapons less damaged. It makes more sense.

I made up wood golems, used wooden textures and put them on the Ice Atronach, in case you do not want to cut trees with my Husky axe. Cutting trees? Sounds boring... Lets kill the Wood golems instead. :wink:


All i wanna be is a Lumberjack:

Did Ultima do not have monsters dropping wood? Well yes they had when I think about it. Bot Golems but living trees and living wines... They where rare, never grouped up anywhere, so hunting them where pointless if you need wood for arrow shafts. I made fishing pools and arrows of all my wood. In Oblivion, we need wood for the arrow shaft, ore or gems for the arrow head, feathers from birds. I do have bird nests also all around the house. 4 hour hunt around it will give 1800 feathers, enough to make 1800 arrows and if it is not enough, my merchant inside the work shop have infinitive numbers of feathers to sell. Feathers is the most rare thing around the house. It is hard to get it balanced.

There he is in the corner, so he do not be in the way of the crafting playing. He can sell the most needed stuff, like tools and some resources but only as complement to the ore and wood the players gathers him self. Otherwise this is bad RP and bad immersion.

I do carry 5000 arrows right now. A bit overkill, but I had to test everything to see that it works and ended up with 5000 arrows. it will last 2 weeks in game at least, for sure. 50905320308_d931696fb5_t.jpg

Is my mod published yet? Nope as I do have 1-3 weeks more stuff to make and test first. The document and manual is finished and will you need it? Hopefully not but some stuff in it need to be explained as it differ so much from everything else. It is like when you buy a new electric hardware. You need to peek in the manual to understand what the hell this stuff really can do. So much tools is hidden under the fancy walls in doors and running in quests. So many tools and automation stuff. You cannot see it. Some early stuff, made 2 years ago is controlled with a few visual buttons but mostly with spells these days. I cannot put in buttons for all and every tool I add or make up. Visit the spell merchant in the Fence shop, inside the Display Room and buy the spells and you have access to everything... And full 100% control of it all. Some options need to be done, to fit the world I made to your self. The default is what fits me but saving at doors and autosave must be activated by the player him self. It is not a default setting as I do not know if the player will like it or not. It is not my decision to make :D You are the boss of your game, not me. I will add it as quests later but how many stupid tutorial quests is possible? What do you think about the tutorial quest you did play when you did run oblivion the first day you bought and installed it? Did it help you any or did it only piss you off? :wink: Edited by Pellape
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Wow, Pellape, thats quite the history!


For me, there was not much to it. Shortly after Oblivion released for PS3, I was talking gaming with a dude I worked with. He told he about Oblivion, and the concept sounded really cool. I may have picked it up the next day. That was May of 2007. I am playing it right now. I will never stop.

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