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What made you start playing TES?


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Leave me alone. I am tired of your ugly faces around my Estate, just leave... I need some space.




What? Why do you undress? That is not proper, you can get in trouble. (Sleep package with no armor and no weapons)


-Where are your horses? Where did they go? Well I better go and take a peek where those war horses really went...




Here they are... But where are they going?


No no no, not that way, it is dangerous... Stupid horses WTH!!!!!!




The horses do not follow the roads as humans do, they take the most short route, they like to stroll around in the woods and they did not know about this dangerous area and did cross my dangerous Ore Quarry. anyone visiting this area must be cool and take it easy... So the horses attracted everyone and everything in this area. All noises they made attracted the 3 Highwayman Thieves that likes to hang in the corner a bit of my estate. Everyone within a bloody mile was fighting everyone...


-Ohhh nooo.... Well the Horses won. They are War Horses after all... So strong... Well I need a rest. IDK know if the horses or the BTA Agents made it... They are somewhere between my estate in Anvil and Imperial City right now. I will check them later to see how they are really doing. I did not meant to them to really get in trouble or did I?? ;)

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Time to start making a Oblivion quest. :wink: I have been taking a long walk inside the Center of Gothenburg, visiting my Work Coach. Walked 30 min through the town, seeing a lot of new stuff going on but most did look like it always had :D


I made a bloody mistake and some stuff are never easy and it is easy to get blind. I did mention I did apply to 3D educations right? I forgot to push the bloody button to send it in, well I do not even recall that I saw a bloody button and when I log in to their system called Alvin that YRGO use and Gothenburg City, I cannot see any buttons as it is to late to send it in they say, both at the School which I contacted and at their bloody homepage, f*ckers... Damn...


So what do I do now? Well... I was at an seminar met others seeking jobs and educations, had fun, played the clown I am, debating and also told them about this, how I failed to push a button. We debated all kind of fun stuff, talked a lot with an artist, 2D artist who is a wood worker s well. Interesting really. I want to see his stuff really. I can always ask my coach to get his email... :wink: Very interesting anyway


What does this have to do with Oblivion? Well it means in worse case scenario I have to play with it for another year, do what i do best i guess... :wink: If I get a job or education, I need to slow down with Oblivion. :D Damn s***...


I did asked the coordinator for the 3D education if I was gonna stand any chance in the competition, I send that mail to him this morning. He have answered all other stupid questions I sent him so he should answer this one as well, sooner or later. DAMN.... Well ... I can end this boring message with a fun screenshot really in case you did not see it in my WIP...


Shortly. I did follow the horses after they made that mess yesterday. Nothing special did happen, they did follow this predicted route, a straight line as horses do that what I have noticed. They do not follow game paths like NPC's does as you did see in my previous post. Where the hell did the bloody horses go? Why did they go to Dred's Farm or between the farm and the Inn? It is the shortest route from HobbitHome.


I draw a line at the map - This is the way I think they will choose




They did. Another thing that did surprise me, even if I saw this a year ago but forgot is. They do not give a damn about the bridge. They Swim.


We did meet some agents before the Bridge, as they crossed each others. I knew the change for it existed and I was not surprised and it looks cool. They do use similar speed, but different routs. What surprised me was how close they really got to each others when they met. no One of them has a follow package. They where given packages to tell them to go to Arcane University and sleep and be at the stable. The horses walked in 2 groups. 5 horses very far behind the first group of 3 so the fighting did split them up some. And I guess the 5 that came far behind was the ones fighting at the Ore Quarry.


So fun and relaxed really to just observe these critters behaviour. Oblivion is so amassing. Any sh*t can happen.


So we fought some big Chickens, a Spriggan, Imps and Ogres. Spiders to first fight. I forgot. Another question I got answered was: How long in game time did this journey take? 22 hours. I told them to leave around 14:00 and was inside BTA HQ 12:00 the next day. No wonder some screenies are extremely dark. :D





I have not checked them yet. But when I took the 2 last screenies, 5 horses where still missing and 3 Agents. They will pop up sooner or later or have already, IDK and I do not care... :wink:


When i scroll back, I see the 3 horses, ignoring the fight. 5 fought, 3 went on... Look at the small one where one horse is standing up after being knocked down, The 3 horses, most far away, did just walk away... :D The same one that see see at the entrance to the stable area. :D A silly but just fun observation... ;)

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3D education? It will not happen. i forgot to push a button. The school do see that I made choices and the leading teacher for those courses did told me this. I see you made choices, but you did never send them to us. WTF?


I missed a button, one single damn button... I did asked him, well with my grades and my personal mail with my fancy 3D stuff, does it count or would it helped me at all? I also first asked if he could help me push that button as it is to late for me to use it. He said. No. We have 413 seeking 30 spots at course one you did choose and 283 for 30 spots at the second choice you checked. You need to have top grades to have any chance and to push that button in time to get far below in the reserve list. He has not answered yet. The competition to get in is extremely high. My work coach is now scratching his head as he wants me to succeed as he believes in me. Can he do miracles? No way, he is just a human as everyone else. He is payed to coach me and that's it. I did met him 2 days ago and I had fun. Fun is the most important thing in the world. A good laugh will extend our life.


I did sent him a new letter yesterday, as he had not looked at my other grades, as he did only read that I have almost top grades in Swedish and Maths. I was close top in Swedish but fell on poetry, who loves poetry? I do not. I do not see the point with it still. it is anarchistic rabbling for me, and makes no sense at ll. I love literature History and History and I am so good at it, I could teach it and is also added to a company as reserve teacher. I love to tell a good story, always did. I also love to read a good story. Maybe that is why I love my Oblivion Library so much? I love the books, and I did look and search for libraries for oblivion 2 years ago. All are made for giving the player all skill books, nothing else. I could not find what i was looking for and it did not appeal to me what I did find anyway. My library is built the way I want it to be built. I love it :D and it has a lot of space and most important, I made sure I can expand it. into new sub cells and spaces. It is all very well planned in every detail. Nothing can stop me.


So when i did fail to push the button, I will maybe have 1 more year for the game instead, building that library and all stuff around it. Making a good story and I do have the plot setup. The start, some in the middle and most important: What will happen when we get close to the end? I do know what will happen :D I will not tell you. I will not spoil it.

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So 2 days has passed in game. The agents and the horses should all be at the University by now.


It is so lonely at the estate, I do miss them really. They are still sleeping, like the fairy tail Disney made. They will sleep for 100 years or so... They are so tired. Lets wake up one and talk to him and then we talk to the Lore master.


Maybe the final collage, unless I do not have something new to tell later? Right now I do not.




I did not escort them this time as i felt they will handle problems of their own. They will end up at the estate in a day or 2, or similar... I do not care, as long as they get there in the end.


I could have named that organisation for IBW: Imperial Book Worms

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Nice gallery. I see your mind is as absorbed in your Hobbit home project as a soul in a dark soul gem which is...........well..............an explicit metaphor?^_^


I discovered The Elder Scrolls with Oblivion when I red its test in a specialized magazine. I immediately sensed it would be a great experience and a tremendous change compared to the 2D and isometric 3D RPG's I had played on Genesis/Megadrive and my first gaming sessions where love at first sight.


I have discovered a plethora of video games in the following 15 years but Oblivion is still and undoubtedly my favorite video game.

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Damn cool. It also explains your name as then you did skip Tes 2 and 3 right? It does bit matter - Wait, you did play my Dungeon mod for MW if I recall right? ;) My memory


Yes, I am the soul in the GEM, Do not forgot it have taken me a lot of years to get where I am :D I guess this project sums up all my game experiences really. I am an old fart now...


What about school?? I got another message now from the school and he told me I need more points, a Gymnasia examina, Gymnasia is what you start with after Ground School here, 3-4 years that is. It is named different in different countries. It is the school you go to when you are between 15-19 years old. So I need to figure out now which courses I need to read. I will try to fix myself a 40h full time schedule. I will read some courses harder than other of course... ;) I beed to read:

  • Picture editing and creating (2D)
  • Maybe get my grade up in English B as it was lousy 24 years ago... Still is? ;) I can get it up...
  • History? Why not? Should be easy with all stuff I read over the years. I could teach that stuff as well.
  • Community Knowledge? - How does the world work today? A bloody mess if you ask me. :D
  • Psychology? Not a course I want to go, but it will give points. I do have some basic knowledge about the mind though.

Well... I need to find courses I have not done... I peek in the list tomorrow. Every course will give me points.


What did he say more from that school? Well he told me I have used the word games now in more than one mail, as I told him about Oblivion and what I do here. He then asked me: Have you not considered to seek out our courses in Game development? I had missed those completely really. It does not matter as long as I can get a creative job. I will wait a couple of days and I will ask him 2 more questions:

  1. Which education will give job easiest? How does the future looks like for this area
  2. What sallery can I expect from choosing 1 of these 4 different courses when i am educated and seek job?

The Game industry is not the most pleasant environment to work in but does it really matter? What about the 3D architect area? It might be more stable... IDK.... I will figure it out.

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I'll admit it here, my first time playing anything TES was Morrowind on the XBox when my younger borther introduced me to the game and got me hooked on it! The day after I went to the nearest video game store and bought me a copy of Morrowind for the XBox!

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I had a bargain bin special that had both Bioshock and Oblivion in the same package (I bought it for Bioshock). It was kicking around collecting dust for a year or two before I finally got around to cracking it open to install Bioshock. I had of course heard of Oblivion (it was the 'go to' torture test for hardware for longer than usual on magazines like PC Gamer) I just didn't think I'd have much interest in dungeon diving.


For some reason I decided to install the Oblivion disk before Bioshock ... and a dozen years later that Bioshock disk has still never beeen installed.

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