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FNIS no longer works for Skyrim SE ? HELP


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THE author left this BUT when you go to download the file and use in MO2 there is NO Generate FNIS for users execution now . HELP anyone. any NEW LINKS ???? Thanks


ear Community

after 16 years of fun and challenges I have decided to go into retirement. Being a member and contributor of this great community has been a lot of fun. But with 69 years of age I'm afraid that I'm not able to provide those contributions any more that some of you might expect. Thank you so much to those many modders and users I have worked together with during this time in order to stem exciting challenges. And my apologies to those I might have overreacted to in times of frustration.

All my mods, and in particular FNIS, FNIS SE, and FNIS Sources, are passed over to "The Care Taker", and are fully owned now by "Nexus Mods". And I will not be active any more in any of the Nexus threads, including those I have hosted for years.

Although the timing might imply, this decision was made weeks ago, and has nothing to do with the disastrous situation the whole world is facing now. But it is a clean cut for the coming days, months, and maybe years where I want to take care only for my family and myself.

I wish you and your beloved ones all the best.


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I can tell you, there is also a way to change out those crappy patch links FNIS is packaged with and remove and then REPLACE those in the FNIS launcher so you can have complete control of what mods FNIS patches. Usually it is automatic, but it can miss patching certain mods depending on load order or if you have 2 competing animation mods.

I found it a few years ago, it allows you to place the custom Nexus linked animation mods in the FNIS launcher and to remove the older patches for LE that don't belong there anymore.

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