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One 13.2[45]


They found where a section of human built wall had collapsed. Some force had smashed into it from behind, spilling stone blocks and concrete into the hallway. What had done it was most powerful and the Eternal Champion 'sensed' that the powerful living-dead entity had come through the opening.


On the other side was a human built chamber of a very different kind. Its walls, floor and ceiling were decorated with dark, brutal necromancer type diagrams and scripture. On the other side of the room was a big wooden door but this had been smashed open and now lay slanted to one side of the doorway.


What was a necromancer chamber, a place of gathering up and using unholy power, doing in the depths of the Empress' Palace? Where had the living-dead come from, how had they done so and why had they done so?


A flickering light came from beyond the smashed open door. It seemed to be on the other side of yet another chamber. The four of them crossed the chamber of necromantic magical workings. The magical charge of them had long dissipated except for a very light aura but Jadekia could 'sense' that much evil had been done there, including live sacrifices and the raising of zombies.


The next room on was a large necromantic workshop laboratory used for the making of soulstones and other necromancer artifacts, along with spell emblems. There were still vials with potions in them, large racks of them, strange alchemy equipment and some necromagic devices.


The light was coming through an open doorway, from yet another chamber, and there was a small active OblivionGate. As they stepped closer to it, they can see that something has come out of it. While the others can not see through the energies of the OblivionGate, to Jadekia the screen is semitransparent. What she sees, and 'senses' has her scowl.


She turned to them with a soft frown. "I must go to this place alone for I must move more quickly, and stealthily, than you can. There are also things there that are dangerous to me and I can not protect all four of us. I will place a message, the same message, in each of your minds. When you meet the Emperor, if you manage to, you will remember the message and only then. Please go after I have given you the messages and some extra items to assist you."


So she gave the three Imperial Hand Agents three small spheres each and touched each on the forehead. With frowns of concentration they turned and were soon gone on their attempt to reach the Emperor as quickly as possible.


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One 14.1[46]


Necromandis found the dead Necromantis lying in a broken heap, in the Vissernt Underways, and touched her to bring her back into life. Necromantis showed anger as the tall, pale woman stood slowly up as her broken neck clicked painfully back into place and was healed in the way of their people; a people who had once been humans serving the ATC, the massive Terran corporation. They had been sent into the vortex of the creation of Earthriel and had been 'swept backwards'. Like other humans, who had undergone the same process, they had become transformed but their transformation was unique. They were a kind of living-dead but not exactly the same as had been created in Vissernt.


Necromandis scowled as he looked around the large chamber full of dead lesser Todasta and wrecked objects. The Todasta were cloned and looked like shorter versions of Necromandis and Necromantis. "Who did this? Was it Vakkis and his cronies?"


Vakkis was a leader of another power faction amongst their people, the Todastaone.


"No, the Necrolords themselves turned upon us and attacked us in large numbers." She bowed to her father-brother. "It was not of my doing or my fault that something supposedly impossible took place."


Necromandis smiled at his daughter-sister. "I read into you and know that to be truth. What happened makes no sense unless the whole program equation has been flawed from the start or some group, or individual, has interfered in it. The treacherous SageWizard Morphia may have been behind it except we concealed much from him."


"He was trying to sabotage us and I forced him away from Vissernt." Necromantis scowled. "He was meant to go into one of the new outpost-forts but instead he vanished as if he was sent altered commands as originally sent by me. I was against the Vissernt Project from the start and suspected that we were being manipulated but you already know that."


He sighed. "I had my suspicions but my pride, and frustration, blinded me. Now we must deal with this problem before too many prime enemies become involved."


Necromantis frowned. "I was killed shortly after you departed so much could have happened in that time. This was very well planned, being too well planned for mere Necrolords to work out; they have not existed for very long and are only limited in their thinking capacity."


They brought the lesser todasta back to living-death except eight who failed the process and became truly dead as in the long term. Seventeen todasta survived the process in their black bone-metal armor and with their bizarre weapons like those used by one kind of huloms but more powerful.


Necromandis frowned. "We must report soon to our Daedric God Lord."


The todasta were a kind of daedra, though they normally did not name themselves as such, and their great lord was the Daedric God, or Daedric Prince, Nephidasta. It was said that Nephidasta was once a Terran human, a super genius of much charisma and ambition, but even the Grand Todasta did not know if this was true for sure. Necromantis and Necromandis were Grand Todasta.

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One 15.1[47]


The FEAR Troopers had sealed themselves up in a small cave system close to the city of Kvatch. They were a force about twice the size of that of the TriMarshal. They had been equipped with stealth power armor, instead of Superbugs, along with devices that augmented the abilities of the stealth power armor.


They had been ordered to attack a series of targets, being hidden 'hatching points' for the living-dead, and they had done so with 100% success. Then they had begun to die, their clone bodies failing. Now they were preparing for death, all of their attempts to stop the process having failed.


They had realised that they had been betrayed and that they might not be real FEAR Troopers but they kept to the identity because it was the only one they had to hold onto.


The StarMarshal lifted up the silvery globe, sitting up to do so with difficulty for he was very weak though not as close to death as many of his clone-comrades were. He examined it carefully, it having appeared out of mid air with a sparkling shimmer. It had lain there, on a smooth rocky floor of the big glowcrystal cavern, next to him until he could build up the strength to sit up; being so weak was a very strange experience for a supersoldier.


The other FEAR Troopers were oblivious to what was going on as Kerensky trusted his gut instinct and pressed the black button on top of the globe. With a sparkling shimmer all of the clones, and their stuff, vanished. Other things went with them also.


Ten minutes later a platoon of soldiers, in heavy power armor, strode into the cavern chamber. They wore the emblem of the Glories Mercenary Corporation. The GMC served the Transplanetary Corporations but only with certain kinds of missions never directly aimed at other TPCs; almost everybody else were fair game.


The Marshal, in charge, cursed. Their mission had been to kill of any living clones, to take any valuable resources including the clone corpses, and to destroy the rest so that it could not even be identified.


The Marshal spoke to his second in command, a scar faced cyborg like himself except that she was a woman. "I had a bad feeling about coming here, to Tamriel-Earthriel, in the first place. Very little has gone right and our bonuses are all under threat."


The woman spoke. "Damned the bonuses; this place is just down right weird and too full of bizarre monsters for my liking. We go and deal with the TPCs when we get back to Earth. At least it is relatively peaceful there."


"I did not wish to tell you, until I confirmed it which I did shortly ago, but the home world is suffering from a series of 'alien invasions', a zombie outbreak and other big problems. Millions of refugees are flooding into Terra-Tamriel and that is where we need to go unless we wish to join in the war to defend Earth. As mercenaries we could make lots of hard credit but it would be a hard time surviving."


She scowled. "We are mercenaries, fighting is what we do; lets go home!"

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The sudden arrival of the other FEAR Clones was welcome by the first group. The newcomers were regenerated, rejuvenated, as the first group had been. It seemed somehow straight forward that the StarMarshal would take orders from the TriMarshal, who took command of all of the FEAR Troopers in the SanctumOrb. FEAR Troopers now numbered about 500, about 200 being replicant androids and smart-robots with True Artificial Intelligence (TAI).


The newcomers brought general equipment and supplies along with some special items including two types of superweapon that they had failed to think about over much. They had also been designed to fail after carrying out varied missions. They had been expecting to gain fresh commands that never came to them.


The FEAR Clones mingled quite well, the newcomers being pleased at being not just rejuvenated but now having a home in SanctuaryCore where more cousin clones had been born.


Aasta was keen to send a bigger force of FEAR Troopers to Vissernt but not now under her direct command. The TriMarshal would remain in the SanctumOrb where 'they were now all needed'.


The two newcomer superweapons were the protoreplicator and the expander-enbaser. The first would replicate thousands of 'temporary FEAR robots' while the second would create a well secured base that was 'bigger inside than outside' though not hugely so as the SanctumOrb seemed to be.


There was yet another meeting of leaders now with all three of the TriMarshal in attendance.


SageWizard Prograndis frowned softly at the TriMarshal. "Your forces are now much larger and more powerful than they were when we first met you. Do you know if there are other FEAR Clones out there?"


Aasha frowned harder in return, not liking his demanding tone of voice. "No, we do not know for sure and yet we have begun to 'sense' a presence of others like ourselves. You have seen our briefings, on the FEAR newcomers, that we sent you. There is nothing more that we can say on the matter for now except that soon we will begin new operations against the dead flesh living."


Prograndis went on frowning softly. "You are young, inexperienced! Would you consider handing over your superweapons to our control?"


The TriMarshal went cold eyed and Aasha spoke for them. "We are not fools. We have been given the mission to protect the superweapons, to keep them, but that does not mean we would use them with out excellent reasons to do so."


The BattleWizard sighed. "Prograndis, your diplomatic skills are not always at their best. Please try not to offend anybody else." She spoke directly to the TriMarshal. "There is a great battle going on between the Thirteen Divines and a great army of the living-dead zyles. Perhaps your superweapons might assist against the Necrotrinia for they are now being assisted by new and terrible monsters and magics."


TriMarshal nodded. "We will do what we can to assist the Thirteen Divines."

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One 15.3[49]


The meeting continued in the big meeting chamber, at the big meeting table.


TriMarshal Aasta spoke and indicated 100 small glowing dots on a projected 3Dmap of Cyrodiil. "The other FEAR Taskforce destroyed a hundred of what were designated as 'living-dead hatching points'. They were large hidden underground chambers of different kinds be they abandoned basements, mines, cave systems or others. In each had been a bizarre machine that was part living-dead organics, part magical machine and part steam driven machine. There had also been hundreds of big gross looking eggs of some kind, of different shapes and sizes, in which were growing different kinds of zyles. This included fake humanoid peoples and even copies of huloms. The FEAR Troopers took some samples, some items, but destroyed everything else with special bombs that they had been supplied with."


Gloridisha grimaced. "One can only imagine what would have happened if those hatching points at started to unleash hundreds of zyles upon the Empire. As it is there are still troubles across the Empire and beyond its borders. The forces, behind your creation, appear to know a good deal about the dead flesh living; enough at least to design those bombs that effectively destroyed them so well. At least some good has been done against the great threat that faces Tamriel."


The 3Dmap of Cyrodiil, and another bigger one of Tamriel, showed symbols indicating where the living-dead were fighting forces of the Living Alliance but also other forces. In three places they were clashing with big forces of the undead assisted by living necromancers. There were two places where daedra were clashing with the living-dead in a big way.


The Massive Dynamic Corporation, MDC, shapeshifters had been created and sent to learn more about the living-dead. They had infiltrated the mercenaries, serving the Necrotrinia, but had gained little from doing so. The Necrotrinia heavily distrusted, and disdained, its living mercenaries; it gave them only basic information, being enough to operate on. Yet the shapeshifters were part of a much bigger network that had learned more about zyles operations and had operated against them.


MDC shapeshifters had destroyed another 89 hatching-points along with over 200 necromans trying to infiltrate into living civilizations; the shapeshifters had a strong instinctual hunting way of finding other intruders. Working with the shapeshifters were cousin supersoldiers that could not change their shapeforms but which were deadlier in other ways.


Another major set of missions, for them, had been to gather and destroy soulstones. Cyrodilin Imperial forces were doing the same and not just military ones. Yet there were still millions of soulstones out there and new ones were being made by foolish people and by other forces most secretive.

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