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Earthriel Epic


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When an Ancient Godvari Artifact is found in the Antarctica, thanks to melting ice, humanity begins to investigate and it leads to the discovery, and activation, of waygates that lead to other hidden waygates on Earth and inside the Moon. After much research, and investigating, it is found that a great human designed supercomputer network-system can be directly linked into the 'mentality' of the artifacts. Many amazing events take place after this including the linking of the internet to the artifact. Many humans are wary of what is happening, some demanding that the process be at least slowed, but human greed and curiosity have taken control; or is that the whole explanation for the madness that seems to overtake humanity?

The super virtual reality gameworld of Super Tamriel is modified to become a great super-continent where humans might explore, or even live, in what they official call ultimate virtual reality. Then it is discovered that any who enter Tamriel are rejuvenated to youthfulness, full health and are enhanced of mind-body-spirit. The down side is nobody can return to 'realscape' as it is coming to be called. Yet with a slowly dying world teems with billions of poor, and other unwanted, it becomes seen as a possible solution.


FEAR Clones
TriMarshal Aasha
TriMarshal Aaron
TriMarshal Aasta

Lieutenant Eerun


Imperial Family

Emperor Uriel Septum VII

Empress Caula Voria

Imperial Hand





Bladeknight Sandrista









Corporate Conspiracy?

Umbrella Corporation

Armacham Technology Corporation

Weyland-Yutani Corporation

Massive Dynamic Corporation


Cosmic Renewal Council

Necromandis (Necromantis?)



Necrolords (Necrolordia/Necroloria Council)

umazyles = urgazyles, golazyles, other

ulazyles = dogzyles, goblizyles, huloms, other




North Cyrodiil (Cyrodilin) Wayzone

SanctumOrb (NexusOrb)

Cloud Ruler Temple

Imperial City Bruma


More notes to be added, hopefully not spoilers.

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One 1.1[1]


When investigating the unknown send in a very tough, fast, unit of supersoldiers or that seemed to be the idea behind FEAR (First Encounter Assault Recon). FEAR had taken part in other operations, back in realscape, against an army of other clones as commanded by one Paxton Fettel and guided by the insane, evil Alma. After the ending of that terrible series of events, FEAR had been transformed with massive funding and ordered to deal with exploring Earthriel and dealing with possible threats.


Possible threats? The Superbug machines, armoured all terrain vehicles with roboremote turrets, moved quietly but speedily along a wide highway winding through the forest clad terrain. In theory the Imperial Highway should not have been there at all, having been part of the Super Tamriel gameworld that was not meant to be transposed to Earthriel.


Aaron was speaking with distant Exploration Command, in one of the Earthriel Wayzones, and was becoming frustrated. He spoke in the official international language of Esperanto. "Yes, the highway exists even if the official 3Dmaps state that it does not. We have been following for over five kilometres and we have sent multiple data recordings to you including of sensor and scan readings."


The voice replied, reluctant and arrogant but clearly worried also. "Accepted! I will send on your report up the ladder but don't expect that it will be easily accepted. Earth Earthriel Command wants everything to go smoothly with all operations, and programs, to the point they do not want to hear any disturbing news. Question is, of course, if there are Imperial Highways out there, what else is in Earthriel that should not be there."


After ending communications, which was heavily secured, Aaron turned to his armoured cubicle console and did a scan of its 3Dscreens. There were views of the landscape from different vehicles along with other kinds of data. He had been reported to alter mission parameters, to halt earlier and to wait for reinforcements and new commands.


Just what else was out there?

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One 1.2 (2)


The Superbugs kept moving on eight wheels, each, with sloping undersides and different purposes. Five were standard armoured fighting vehicles, one was a mobile HQ, one was a mobile workshop, one was a mobile med-tech bay, two were armoured logistics vehicles and three were exotic armoured vehicles with very special purposes. These last three carried highly classified experimental technologies.


About an hour after the last communications with North Cyrodiil Wayzone, the unit came to a halt at a crossroads where there was quite a large bridge on the other side of the crossroads. The highway continued over that bridge while a smaller dirt road crossed the paved highway. The war-machines halted and some FEAR Troopers climbed out to stretch limbs, to look around but in a careful manner.


There were birds, of different kinds, and ants trailing along the ground. High in the bright blue sky a hawk circled on the thermals. It was peaceful seeming but the supersoldiers were wary anyway. The highway, that should not have existed, had continued onwards to join up with another road, and a bridge, that also should not have existed. There was also a subtle feeling, with all of them, that they were being observed with an 'intelligent mind'.


In black-grey splashworked kevlar armored suits, the FEAR Troopers investigated the bridge. It was a squad led by Aasta who was a clone-triplet to Aaron and Aasha. They took data-recordings and then found the crossroads sign that had been pushed over to be partly hidden by bushes. Wooden signs read, in Imperial Cyrodilic, the names of two cities and two towns. The dirty highway led to the towns and the paved highway went between cities. If the places were real that matters were going to get most complicated.


Aasta 'sensed' no hostility in the hidden observers and neither did ther other Troopers. They settled down for a rest, still careful, and waited to see if the observers would come out of the woods to talk.

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One 1.3(3)


The cities were common metropolises, not considered important enough to be either royal or imperial, but were important places of trade, commerce and manufacturing. Or so the data on Super Tamriel, the gameworld, spoke of them. In theory there was constant traffic flow between the two, in the form of guarded convoys thanks to bandits, but the FEAR Troopers had encountered no such since arriving.


Aasta sat alone in a small grassy clearing off side from the Imperial Highway and waited patiently. She was in armour but had only secondary weapons, back-ups and multiple use devices that could be used as weapons. Of course she was her own core weapon. Yet she gained no 'sense' of threat as two furry ears and two warm brown eyes peeked over the top of a bush.


Soon she was sitting with a wozzle infant, quite amazed by her cute, adorable but quite hard body. Her companion was even more amazing being a baby like figure of pudgy muscular appearance. He was sitting in Aasta' lap happily eating piece of chocobar, or nutritional substitute chocolate rations. It was okay as chocolate flavoring went but to the two hungry creatures the chocobars were obviously delicious.


Hungry but not starving! The infant explained, as best she could, that others were hiding in the area and at times the pair would spend time in their semi-nomadic encampments. The wozzle, and neobaby, could have gone with the others but were waiting patiently to be rescued by their own peoples. So far they had waited about one Earthriel year.


What was everybody hiding from? The pair were extremely reluctant to even think too much about such, let alone to talk about it, and Aasta decided not to pressure them.


Aasta spoke. "We come from a whole big world called Earth, or Terra, or Sol013. That means it is the thirteenth world out from the Sun, known as Sol."


The wozzle was clearly enthralled and the neobaby had clearly fallen asleep curled up around one of her ungloved hands. The wozzle AriziToongio spoke. "Whirling round worlds around a big ball of fire. Prograndis, the SageWizard, spoke to us of such worlds. He drew us some pictures that he gave us. They are with our stash. There is a large clearing near here but with trees that one can hide even wagons under. There is a fresh flowing river, though much smaller than the one that goes beneath the bridge. The smaller river flows into the bigger and both are blessed by the Mother Goddess and her daughter, the Earth Goddess." The infant was clearly pleased at herself knowing so much.


The SageWizard Prograndis!?


Aasta nodded. "You are very smart and know very much."


A stink floated up to her from the neobaby's cloth nappy. She sighed for changing nappies was not really part of her training, as extensive as it was. Still, live combat training and past missions had prepared her the smells and looks of neobaby poop.

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One 1.4(4)


They settled down into the clearing, getting there by following a wide path created by moving herds of animals, most of them being livestock gone wild such as cattle and sheep. There was an overgrown farm, a half collapsed house, that the Troopers carefully investigated. Something had torn down its walls and, in a terrible fashion, killed its inhabitants. The skeletal remains of humans, including children, were scattered and broken. The farm house had long since been looted of useful items but the remains told much about how the folks had lived. The wozzle was able to say much about what was there.


The farm was part of the quasimedieval type Empire, that seemed also influenced by the Roman Empire and which ran also on the use of various kinds of magic of which the most common kind was known as arcane magic. This went along with the data on the Empire of Super Tamriel. There were differences and a major one was the appearance of magical assisted devices like airships, steam-wheelers, muskets and golems.


Aastra led the search through the farm and found partly damaged books hidden beneath a broken shelf unit of hard wood. It had been strong wooden broken as if it had been a soft kind of wood. The books were children's picture books with some big writing of Common Cyrodilic. They showed scenes from the rural country side of big draft horses pulling large wagons or hulking stage-coaches with many folks or other types of trailers. There were people working farm crops, horses pulling farming machines like plows, of artisans busy in workshops and workers manufacturing items in workshoptories. There was a village shown with its Sheriff's Deputy, its mayor and healer. It was drawn simple and colorful.


The second book showed some differences from the first for it had things in the pictures that the first did not show. A big steam-magic driven eight-wheeler parked in a clearing like a monster of metal, wood and glass. A steel golem, a big hulking humanoid of much menacing appearance, digging a big hole in the ground quicker than a large team of human workers could do. A great crystal globe, inside a large chamber, showing somebody who was sitting in an identical type of globe but hundreds of kilometres away. A woman firing a musket-rifle that unleashed a burning, exploding projectile that blew apart an unlucky melon that had sat on top of a wooden pole.


The wozzle smiled at all of the pictures in one damaged book, that was now hers and which Aastra promised would be fixed up as good as new. Yet in the second book she pointed to big steel golem and she grimaced. Then she pointed to another picture, showing three strange golems that were made of some kind of fleshy material. They stood impassively in a row, in rough coveralls and boots, each holding big versions of tools. Two held shovels and one a timber axe. As she did she grimaced very much, shuddering and closed her eyes tight.


Aastra found herself somehow disturbed by the picture, 'sensing' something very unnatural about the fleshy golems.


AriziToongio then spoke with fear in her voice. "Dead flesh living, dead flesh living!"

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One 1.5(5)


Darkness fell as the taskforce settled down in defensive positions, camouflage netting over the Superbugs. Radio communications had continued with the Wayzone but with some interference so that some of it was blocked or was broken. FEAR Command, at Northern Cyrodiil, had sent a second force of Troopers in Superbugs, with specialists included but with no experimental prototype devices. There were also some agency specialists including some famous ones exiled to Earthriel because they had come to annoy some powerful Terran Factions.


The farm was further investigated and attempts were made to reconstruct it in holographic projection and other electronic data forms. All this data was successfully sent off to FEAR Command in a highly secured form.


Not only did Goobly, the neobaby, and AriziToongio the wozzle happily reclaim their stash but had it added to by the FEAR Troopers who had adopted them. Previously they had a loose collection of small wooden toys, two stuffed dollies, dried fruit, smoked fishballs, wooden utensils, some tools and three knives in leather sheaves along with a very few other items. Added to this were some bioplastic toys, utensils and small tools along with chocobars, chocodrink in reusable cupcans, other kinds of foodbars and special illumination-sticks.


The ones of dead flesh living were known as the 'living dead' as in contrast to the traditional undead who seemed to hate the living dead, often attacking them automatically as they did the living. Indeed there were vampires who dwelt at the edges of human civilization, peacefully, who attacked the living dead. Like the undead, the living dead only came out at night in the open except under very special circumstances when the sun could not hurt them. The living-dead were attracted to certain kinds of magic, to certain kinds of loud noises, to brighter light at night and to large compressed populations of the living but most had only short range to detect such. Lightening was drawn to them and forced them to seek cover or destroyed many. They were vulnerable to the 'brains' being destroyed, to open flames and high voltage electricity along with ultraviolet light along with strong physical damage. They drowned slowly in fresh water and salt water destroyed them quickly if they were engulfed by it.


When the wozzle had carefully recited all of those facts, from memory, she was clearly not happy. No pressure was put on her to speak of other knowledge she had or of any memories she held of events. FEAR Troopers adjusted defensive measures to take into account the new information. Not that they had to do much for they already were intent on doing nothing that would attract unwanted attention.


Three FEAR Troopers, moving like deadly phantoms through the forest, came upon an old camp site complete with a small fire-pit meant to conceal the flickering flames of the fire. They examined what was there being what seemed to be rapidly abandoned items of some value. There were tracks but it was a mess and hard to work out; they did their best and noted booted feet under strange, distorted human footprints.

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One 1.6[6]


It was not meant that Aasta, Aasha and Aaron should meet together at once, they being a triplet-clone commander, but they risked doing so this time, doing so in a lightly armoured dometent that concealed light and muffled noise. In combat under-armor, normally worn beneath the expopower armor, they sat in a triangle formation looking inwards at the two children's books and some hard print-outs including a basic map of the area.

Aasta was frowning. "FEAR Command has ordered us to remain here but they are being pressured to order us to move on despite the fact that we face a very dangerous, only lightly known situation. So far FEAR Command has kept to its own way thanks to strong factional support from both inside, and outside, of Earthriel. The United Nations Committee of Security Intelligence has put FEAR under its mandate. Odd, I did not even know there was such an organization as the UNCSI."

None of them had known of it. There was the inefficient, corrupt and underpowered United Nations Security Committee, under the mandate of the United Nations Security Council, but it was apparent that the UNCSI was a very different kind of institution; they seemed to be powerful, influential, efficient and wealthy in resources. Nor did the super-powers, or the transplanetary corporations, seem to have any real hold over them as they did much of the United Nations.

The International Commerce and Industrial Cooperative also supported FEAR as did the Independent Spacers Alliance, the Maharg Corporation, the Maharg Foundation and a few other powerful, influential and wealthy bodies. The new FEAR clones had been developed, and created, by the Maharg Foundation as free clone citizens. After they fulfilled service contracts, of varied kinds, the clones became fully free and yet almost continued to serve the same institutions.Service contracts were mostly of civil kinds and only a small minority were of elite combat duties. They were all clone-born in Earthriel and none existed back in realscape, or so went the theory.


Aasha indicated a particular sheet of data. "AriziToongio suggested that the city to the west might be under the control of the Empire while the city to the east is fallen to the living-dead. The Empire may be far from defeated by the living-dead."


Aaron frowned softly. "The furry one sounded unsure of her knowledge. We need to sent out recon assault squads to gain more knowledge of the area. Two could be sent to follow the tracks leading from the recently found abandoned encampment."


AriziToongio had confirmed that the distorted human footprints belonged to humans that had been transformed into huloms, a common form of living-dead. Most were stupid but could use basic hand-weapons of the bladed, pointed and blunt clubbing kind. A large minority were smart enough to use strange magical weapons. A very small minority had a greater intelligence and strange magical abilities. In turn they were known as riza-huloms, siza-huloms and tiza-huloms. All were clearly not human.


Truth was that they could do little but wait for the second group to arrive while also trying to gain as much knowledge as possible about the local situation, about much that they did not know about so far.


The small, silvery sphere appeared out of mid air, with a soft sparkling shimmer, and sat before them on top of a small stack of print-outs. On top of it was a small black disk shaped button.

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One 1.7(7)


The twisted human like things came charging along the path, swinging crude wooden or metal weapons of blades, spikes and-or knobs. Hugloms they were, of the basic kind, and they were out hunting for lifeforms to devour. All five of the riza-hugloms died at the same moment as bullets exploded into their skulls and wiped out their bizarre brains. They fell, twitching horribly, almost as if trying to get up again, and then became still after one last shudder.


FEAR Troopers emerged from the forest and quickly placed the dead hugloms into basic body-bags. They then headed off back to the main encampment. It was the sixth successful ambush of the creatures and dead hugloms were being examined by science-officers, and field-doctors, amongst the Troopers.


The forest returned to being its old self as it became noisier with wildlife; the wildlife had become quieter with the approach of the living-dead creatures.

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