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Best games music


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Do you mean favourite end-game music?


If that's the case, then...


-Tomb Raider Legend

-Mass Effect

-Halo (all of them)

-Serious Sam: The Second Encounter

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Best game music? IMO:


Vagrant Story - Main Theme (The song titles are all in Japanese...)


Halo 3 - Never Forget (As much as I hate the game for being shallow, unoriginal, and insanely repetitive, the soundtrack is possibly the greatest in gaming history, especially this song)


Lineage II - The Call of Destiny / After the Storm


Final Fantasy 8 - Premonition / Only a Plank Between One and Perdition


All with handy linkage! It's a shame FF8's music is in midi format, since it pales in comparison to all the other fully orchestral pieces around these days. Perhaps there have been orchestral versions of those two songs performed by the Eminence orchestra or at Video Games Live though.

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