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Best games music


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1. Mass Effect - Best VG soundtrack ever. (ME2 OST was a big disappointment)

2. Neverwinter Nights - 1 or 2 since the majority of the soundtrack was shared between the two.

3. Gothic 3 - Awesome, perfect fitting soundtrack.

4. Legacy of Kain SoulReaver - Great, unique music that set the mood incredibly well.

5. Medal Of Honor (the original) - Even though I almost puked when I watched the making of videos and saw that the beautiful woman's voice was actually a fat little boy, the music was still great.

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My top 5 of games Soundtracks:


No.5 : Baldur's Gate


No.4 : Morrowind


No.3 : Torment


No.2 : Wing Commander Prophecy


No.1 : Strike Commander

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The music of the Elder Scrolls and FALLOUT 3. Pretty amazing how it blends in perfectly with the world and player actions complimenting each other with pin point precision.




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