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Installing TTW?


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Thanks Showler. I am giving it a shot to try to install the game disregarding the whole MO2 business. I will see what happens after it is installed. At the moment I have it installing in E:\Tale of Two Wastelands. My problem will probably be getting NMM to recognize it.


If I cannot do that I will check out Gopher's videos and see if how he got Vortex to recognize the game can somehow be applied to NMM.If that doesn't work I guess I will just have to go ask Dusk Dweller on his Discord page..


It is taking forever and a day to install.

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Speaking as a long time player of TTW


Learning to use MO2 with TTW paying much more divident than learning to use Vortex with TTW. Vortex is for veteran players who can deal with all sort of things it throw at you. You are a newbie, act like one~ Dont be hard headed and bull straight at Vortex.


Because the best of times guide about installing TTW with MO2 is a very good indicator of your level. If you cant learn to install TTW with MO2 by this guide, chances are you going to bugger your TTW even if somebody installed it for you~ Dont even ask about Vortex, because you have a list of videos required to be watch before you learn Vortex~ Unlike MO2.


Because TTW is not just TTW. Once you have a working TTW in your hand, you will never just stop with only TTW. There's a bunch of quest mods you can use with TTW and THAT is going to cause issue.

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On 9/27/2023 at 7:46 PM, fraquar said:

Just out of curiosity OP, what is your beef with MO2?

The problem it has with dll files.

Also I have never had any luck using MO. I first tried long before MO2 came out and used it successfully with the original TES5  but when I tried to mod FNV with it I completely failed. More than likely due more to my ignorance of MO than MO itself.

I have tried to use MO2 with TTW, faithfully following Roy Batty's instructions and then when that did not work I tried Viva Las Vegas with the same result.

I have been modding for about ten years now and have installed mods manually, with Wrye Bash, and with MO and NMM successfully.

It is undoubtedly my fault and not the fault of MO2 but frankly I got tired of fighting with the program. I will just continue to use NMMCE which has no problem at all installing dll files.

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IT is the Best of Times guide that is official guide for TTW.

IF you follow Viva New Vegas, despite many modders of TTW use it, I am not surprised that you have problems.

The most important point of Best of Times guide is that absolutely essential mods for TTW, and not much extra (they will mention extra)

Anyway, if you have problem learning to use MO2, I doubt you can learn to use Vortex.

You are welcome to disprove me, but that's very low chance to happen.

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The Best of Times is the guide I used before trying Viva Las Vegas.

I used Vortex when it was first released by Nexus and had no problem with it, just preferred NMM over it.

I played TTW a number of years ago and enjoyed it very much and I still think it is a great mod, DLC; I don't really know what you would call it. It is the change in installation I have a problem with.

I prefer to keep all my games under one roof, so to speak. So I figure that is a silver lining in my inability to use MO2 to install TTW, I can continue to play all my games using NMMCE as my mod manager.

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