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Vortex installing mods to AppData\Roaming\Vortex folder and not the game folder

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On my machine, my downloads folder is set to (G:\Vortex Mods\downloads\{game}) - for you, maybe you simply need to change the drive letter, and move your d/l files through Vortex? I don't have any other games to mod, so I don't know if the structure is different when managing different games at one time on Vortex. The {Game} entry is established by Vortex, and sets a folder to d/l mods to for that game. I hope that this is the magic pill that cures your problem. I hope that you find your problem soon.

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Download folder only holds the archive files you downloaded. Those are then installed to the "staging/deployment" folder and links copied from there.


Once the mods have been installed to the staging folder, the archives don't even need to exist in the downloads folder anymore unless you want to reinstall them.

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Vortex doesn't install mods to the game folder. That is one of it's most important features.


It installs mods to a "staging folder" and then creates virtual links to the game folder by deploying. That way the game folder is kept clean.


When you add mods to Vortex you need to install them (they should then be marked green in the mods tab) and then deploy them (there will be a brief moment where Vortex shows itself processing the mods). Once deployed you should be able to see the mods in the game folder, but they will actually be virtual links, not the files themselves.


You really, really, really should watch some beginners videos about Vortex on Youtube because you are unclear on how the basic functions work.


And this is also pretty much how Mod Organizer works as well.


Final thought: If the notification bell is showing any unread notifications...read them. They are important.


I am having a similar issue. I did all the steps, and i realize how the folders work. And just to be sure, i've been rewatching tutorials and reading past forum posts about how to work with Vortex.


But starting today, in Balder's Gate 3, half of my mods are no longer being deployed or recongized in game. I have about 150 hours in the game and this just happened out of nowhere.


I have my Staging folder and my game directory installed on the same drive, yet is seems my main "Mod Folder" is now relocated in another path no longer inside my game directory.


My Engine Injectors are working fine meanwhile normal mods are gone, even though they were fine before. Vortex also tells me they are properly installed. Deploying does nothing, neither does Purging. So i have some mods being deployed to my proper path and being seen ingame, but others are taking another path and not being seen ingame.


I have no idea how to change my deploy path, or my main Mod Folder. I've been checking if it has anything to do with Profiles but so far i can find no fix for this problem. I am no where near being intelligent especially with Vortex, so any help would be appreciated.

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I also just found out that my mods that are flagged as Replacers and Engine Injectors are the mods that are working in my game. The other mods with no specified type are the ones being directed to a different path when deployed and none of them are appearing in my game anymore.

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