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Only by G.E.C.K?


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Pretty dumb question but, the only way to create a mod on new vegas is by G.E.C.K? that old thing? i have tried to make a mod on G.E.C.K but it is just bad to use, i am a programmer, but never have tried to create a New Vegas mod, if someone can help, i will be thankfull.

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My personal opinion is that the GECK is a secret Vault-Tec experiment designed to test modder's frustration levels. If you think it's bad now, try to make a complex mod like something involving new world spaces. There are parts of the GECK that aren't just cryptic and difficult to use. There are things in there that are actually completely broken and should never, ever be used (*cough* auto navmesher *cough*).


But yes, the GECK is the main tool to create mods.


You can also create certain types of mods using FNVEdit, but that's more of an editor instead of a full-blown mod tool so it is extremely limited in what you can make with it.


If you want to get into creating mods for FNV, you should learn both tools.

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I personally use the G.E.C.K and it's a REAL PAIN to use, but it is genuinely something you get used to.

When I started I just spammed used tutorials and made small mods like basic weapon alteration.

I made my first companion mod which required mild scripting and ever since that mod I have been pretty strong with my mods, I try to stick to my ground and only make NPC mods with friends voice acting them (since it's a real pain to find a basic mod that has a voiced NPC)

At the time of this reply, I'm making a huge NPC "gang" mod that uses the reputation system NV has, with new things that I never tried like enabling and disabling NPCs, a friendly creature, sadly making one of the NPCs play that awful minigame and more.

I never heard or seen any other tool that is used for Fallout 3 and NV mods besides the GECK and FNVEdit, but FNVEdit isn't really something you can make a whole clean mod with. I use FNVEdit to fix bugs that the GECK causes. Like turning your ESP into a ESM so NPCs with a different race actually uses that race. There's a bug with custom headwear, where the headwear item will just appear lop-sided on your character's head.

You're pretty much cursed with the GECK. I suggest  a lot of tutorials to get a good feel for your first step.


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Eh, I know about GECK the whole time of F3 and FNV but I really didnt want to learn to use it. Just saying

Then I know about FNVEdit much shorter and learn to use it. FNVEdit is just .... cleaner, clearer, and easier to use.

Then going back I learn to use GECK just to complement on FNVedit.

It really depend on your mindset, which is better and easier to put your hands to use.

FNVEDIT can be used singledly to create mod. Even the 3D placement that can be used so easy on GECK, you can learn to do without with xEDIT if you dont want to use GECK, which after learning xEDIT I didnt really want to use GECK for a long time.

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