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Skyrim Memory Patch - fixing ILS, uGrids CTD, freezes! (For REAL)


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Someone by the name of Sheson over at the ENBdev forum (and Nexus) found a way to make Skyrim stable as rock, even with high Ugrids.


Go there, do as he says, and all your Infinite Loading Screens, uGrids CTD's, and freezes shall be gone! (For REAL, like... REALLY)

http://enbseries.enbdev.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=2729 if the forum is offline go here: http://enbdev.com/ctdfix.html


and don't forget to add the following line In Skyrim/data/SKSE/SKSE.ini:





Yes, you have to add this to SKSE.ini, it's not a joke.


If you don't have SKSE.ini, make one.




check out the S.T.E.P Forum, they are a bunch of very knowledgeable individuals. They also have a patched dll for download.




You can now download an already updated and patched dll ("Memory Allocation Patch") in the Optional Files if you don't want to compile one yourself, from:



The updated code lets you configure the block sizes via SKSE.ini, so you don't need to compile another dll to change block size, also:





have been replaced by these:


Block1=512 <---can change
Block2=256 <---can change


I recommend keeping these default block sizes.


These values should be fine, but if you crash with them, try messing with them. As general rule Block1 needs to be the same or higher then Block2. Try with 256, 512, 768 values. Over 768 can cause problems.


If you still get freezes and CTD's try resetting your Skyrim.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini to vanilla.



Don't forget to thank Sheson on ENBdev forum, give him your feedback and give him kudos on Nexus!


If You Have Problems...



Check if the block sizes have indeed changed with VMMap.

Check "Documents\My Games\Skyrim\SKSE\skse_steam_loader.log" for a line that has to do with memory. (Line is different depending on patch code. If using any of my compiled dll's, the line to look for is "Sheson took your first born in exchange for more memory")

Try different block sizes.

Are using Steam.

Are using SKSE 1.6.16.

Are using Skyrim version

Tried vanilla Skyrim.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini.

Remove "Safety Load" if you are using it, it's not needed.

Don't change Ugrids in-game If you are using "Stable uGridsToLoad" (AKA CellStabilizer) , it's risky (as I've found in my testing).



Try ALL my patched dll's. Start with the smallest block sizes, which should work.. BUT.. if it doesn't, keep increasing until you find one that works. They use default Sheson code, so.. no block size ini tweaking. Some will probably crash, it's normal, just try another.

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For reference... Over-modded Skyrim, countless textures packs, large and small, NPC mods, NPC additional spawns, 194 plugins, 43Gb Skyrim dir. I cannot play without ENBBoost features because I reach 3.1 RAM limit on loading screen.


Did some tests with speedmult 1500, tcl, tgm, timescale 15000 and normal gameplay. Flew around the map couple of times. No Safety Load.


Before the fix:

uGridsToLoad 5, 99% stable
uGridsToLoad 7, freeze/ctd usually within 30 min
uGridsToLoad 9, 5 minutes if I was lucky
uGridsToLoad 11, infinite loading or instant freeze after
uGridsToLoad 13, didn't even bother trying

After fix:
Just to see if it works, went straight to uGridsToLoad 11...

uGridsToLoad 11, it worked, no problems
uGridsToLoad 13, it worked, however even with a I5 3570k @ 4.5Ghz, I was getting like ~20 fps and was getting too much stutter because of my HDD is not an SSD :sad:

uGridsToLoad 15, sub 20 fps, broken quests, massive loading screens, even more stuttering.. HDD can't keep up
uGridsToLoad 17, ~10fps, broken quests, even longer loading screens, reached the 3.1Gb RAM usage limit (CTD), even with ENBoost features.
uGridsToLoad 19, 3.1Gb RAM usage on loading screen (CTD), even with ENBoost features.


Conclusion... This is a miracle and you have to try it to believe it. Skyrim is FIXED, Thank you Sheson :smile:

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Holy mother of JESUS. Wow its better than safety load. I was spamming my inventory menu and so far no ctd. I mean you dont understand how this game pisses me off when I open my inventory it just CTD. Now Im just spamming it for like 1 minute straight and so far no CTD.

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I've played about four hours with the patch, and I haven't crashed once so far. I used to get random CTDs (mostly when accessing inventory), so this is pretty amazing. I haven't tried increasing the grids yet (from 7 which is what I've been using), but I'll definitely experiment with that later. Thanks OP for posting this.

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