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The New Vegas mods which will always slap


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Through my extensive research and time modding Fallout for almost 10 years, I have studied this subject pretty in-depth as well as conducting polling on the matter so have no fear because if you are a mod creator out of ideas, I fully believe the following will always guarantee to please the masses and make your mods at least sound appetizing.

  • More Riot Gear - Everyone likes new variants of the iconic black armor, it's just ingrained to our minds at this point. Recolouring, adding lil bits like tools and canteens, you really can't get enough. The only downside is how that duster sticks to your calves.
  • Backpacks - Not the easiest of mods to pull off but decent backpacks are hard to come by even now, some lack functionality like adding storage which is always nice but there's a large scope for what you can do and the rigging won't be too hard either, just whip together a brown box model, rig it to Spine_2 and you'll have something at least 4 people will try.
  • Another Marksmen Rifle - In my opinion, the most versatile weapon of FNV if you don't have a favourite already. Great damage, has a scope, cheap calibre and lets face it, it's an AR so of course people are gonna use it. Slap a new texture maybe a desert camo or even a lil model work like a silencer and again, it'll pop off faster than a boomer's sidewinder over Hoover Dam.

Okay that's like the three I got in my mind right now, kinda late here so I'll add more later but is there any mods which you found always do well on release? I'm tempted to say a new brand of Nuka Cola too but I haven't seen much of those. I guess a relatively newcomer would be kNVSE animation mods like who doesn't love reloading a 10mm Pistol in 9 different ways, I just don't know how accessible creating those are.


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  • Mister House screen-texture replacers - Because memes.
  • Anything put in the Quests and Adventures category - This has always been the case, but I think now more than ever given that releases in the category have been slow for a while. Vanilla Quest Modifications are also a trend I've noticed picking up in the last few years. (And I really think they, like translations, should really be in their own category.)
  • Something something Enclave - Because some people are really weird about how much they like the enclave.
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