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[Stardew Valley] Uploaded collection not including configs

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In the interest of easily distributing a modpack & setup to my farmhand(s), I uploaded a collection to Nexus using Vortex. I used the "Replicate" install setting as reading it seemed to imply that it would bundle the config.json for each Content Patcher mod with the collection so that each farmhand wouldn't have to manually configure each mod to match my configuration. However, when a farmhand installs the collection, Vortex complains on each mod that has a config.json and does not download said .json.

Am I misunderstanding the "Replicate" setting? Is there a way to upload a collection with the configurations intact, or do I need to distribute those via other means?


  • Which version of Vortex are you using? (e.g. 1.8.0)
    • Windows 1.10.8
  • Which game are you modding and which game store did you purchase it from? (e.g. Skyrim SE from GOG)
    • Stardew Valley (Steam)
  • Which mods are you trying to use?
    • A lot
  • What steps did you take before you encountered the error?
    • Created and uploaded a collection using "Replicate" as the install method
  • What is the specific error message you received? (Provide a screenshot if possible)
    • Don't recall; I would have to install the collection fresh to repro at this point, will upload if that becomes feasible
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  • Solution

Replicate does not include new files (I'm fairly sure the documentation says this). You will want to copy all your configs into a new mod in Vortex and then bundle that with the collection.

It's a bit of a pain but it's the best way to ensure they are included. 

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Thanks, Pickysaurus!

As a stopgap I already wrote a pair of scripts that would scrape all the configs out on my end and push them out to the other player(s), so I'll stick with that route, but I'll keep your solution in mind if I need to distribute anything more substantial than a couple dozen .jsons!

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