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crash in game menu


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7 hours ago, Rostislav16 said:

Hello to everybody.
After a certain update, the game crashes after about 10 seconds in the menu.

Do you have any SFSE mods? Many script extender plugins apply their changes right after the data handler finishes loading game objects, which takes after ~10 seconds in the Main Menu. If one of them is the issue, you can verify that by opening the game with the vanilla EXE instead of sfse_loader.exe.

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Hi Larann. Thanks for response.

You are right - vanilla EXE ran the game without crashing. (I haven't tried uploading save positions without mods)  And yes, I have a few mods that require SFSE.

Just to be sure, I checked the integrity of the game in Steam and then gradually turned off the mods and started the game via the SFSE loader.

What I have left is in the screenshot , but still the game crashes the same way 😞


(sorry for imperfect english)

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Yes, starfield.exe run the game ok.

I already left only SFSE 0.2.6 , All in one - v10 ( Address Library , SFPTE-1_2 (SFSE-1_8_86) , Baka Disable My Games Folder 2.4.1.
Everything up to date, installed by Vortex, what could I have messed up...? 😞

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