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PSA: Enabling the plugin load order option in Vortex wipes your load order and mod selections


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I was using Starfield and the game is just randomly crashing on building shaders on me. I was trying to figure out what was going on, then I realized that I did turn on the load order option in Vortex. I didn't realize it didn't respect my existing load order and it took over the list, enabling all mods, as well as sorting it to its own liking, breaking mods that should load after others due to dependencies.

Just a PSA so anyone else having issues can be directed to this as a possible culprit.

I also recommend to periodically make a backup of their plugins list so they can easily restore it in case something like this happens.

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Vortex by default sorts Plugins alphabetically.  In many cases this default order is just wrong, and will prevent the game from loading.  As you found out you have to re-sort things into a working order.

What's worse is that updating a mod using Vortex can cause that mod to be moved to the bottom of the load order, rather than keeping it in the same location.  This, of course, can cause the game not to load.  Always check your load order after updating so you can put it back the way it is supposed to be.

Also, Profiles are not supported for Starfield.  Don't try them, you will ruin your load order and erase your StarfieldCustom.ini.

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