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How do I rejoin the temple after being expelled for a second time?


Since I coulldn't find it with a several permutations of searches in spoilers, the console command to let you rejoin the Temple after you've alread been expelled and rejoined once is:


set expTemple to 0


This eliminates the record of your prior expulsion. I expect that console commands for rejoining after a second expulsion other factions is ismilar for the ones that allow rejoining.


(After performing the inperial legion quest to stop an ordinator who was slandering the legion, I was fair game for every wandering ordinator in Vivec. It was fine ti fight them and kill them without any bounty incurred but in one instance I accidentally hit a bystander so one of the Ordinators who had spontaneously attacked me already demanded my surrender or pay the fine. Since I didn't and continued fighting him anyway, I was expelled again. For something like that I'm quite willing to use the console "cheat" to correct things.

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Just because there are far too many threads of this question and it's too hard to search for...


How do I finish the puzzle canal?


At the end, at the shrine with the riddle, jump into the water and drown yourself. Once your health reaches 0 you'll be fully healed and the wall in front of the shrine will open.

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