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Well, usually I just use Landscape edit and balance the terrain out first (Flatten it). After that I try to add the hills and little extra things to make it look all-natural. Finally I add Rocks, Trees, and Lights just to add the finishing touches, and It is done (For now..)

I can tell you more later, but at last I have to leave soon for class.

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Video Preview:



What I'm Working On:

  • Maeie Quests (20%)
  • Dialouge (20%)
  • Voice Type (5%)
  • Ravak's Cave (0%)
  • Bandits (0%)


I am adding a new town to Windfall...(With a backstory of sorts.)



The town filled with Argonians and some Khajiits who all live under rule of Okasi Andromareen, an argonian who believes that beasts are the superior race(s).


The land is distant from Lonewood, for good reason too. Okasi (The Leader) has sent troops of bandits to kill off the Nordic people of Lonewood so that area can become his territory.


Races: Argonians and Khajiits

Factions: Valtic Guild


~ Bye, See ya next Update!

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Does she have a backstory/ interesting dialogue yet?

Backstory will be explained soon enough through her dialogue. Currently I am adding more options to her dialogue to make it more immersive for lack of a better word.

In the video you can see she has dialogue currently, but as we speak I am adding more lines and more interesting things for her to say right now.

She isn't 100% but she is somewhere close to 50-70% done, as she resets dialogue when your done talking to her and she sometimes feels a bit off..(Needs more options I say!)

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Check out this epic thread to learn some things about modding and maybe learn a lesson or two on it....Link




WARNING: If you don't like puns or emoticons, back away slowly and head back home!

  • Actually starting the quest design currently (Aliases, and stuff.. :geek:)
  • Planning on announcing some new things (As soon as I can show it :wink:)
  • Planning on giving Maeie some more dialouge (Any ideas for some, I'm kinda not the most creative guy :confused:)
  • Working on Maeie "grey face" bug (I know the fix, will try soon.)
  • Planning on putting some hidden dialogue options depending on your status in the game (Good luck finding'em. Hint: Nords are awesome... :laugh:)
  • Finally, I am trying to post videos of the mod and how I did certain things. (Caution is needed as I am a nervous fellow. :blink:



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Some small previews of Windfall....




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