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Skyrim: Windfall - Now Recruiting!


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Just thought I'd add my thoughts for dialogue, since I agree with the "You are distressed" line sounding odd.


Maybe change it to "You seem upset", to flow better.


Also "What's wrong with you?" sounds somewhat harsh (to me), maybe cut it down to "What's wrong?" instead.


Just my two cents :smile:

Thanks for the idea, will change it soon...

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Sonika Vanderlit Preview:

Things added recently:

  • Immersive Dialogue (Thanks to Jupiter0026)
  • Better Looks and Appearance (Thanks to darkrogue21)
  • Choices (More to come...)

Team Needed:

  • Can you do a good female Khajiit voice? Message me if you can and we'll see if we need ya. :thumbsup:
  • Can you do a fine bandit voice? Why not tell me in a PM and we'll see what you got. :tongue:
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Update 10/3/14:


Started working on the Windfall land and have made some progress I would like to show. :smile: It's just the Lone Wolves camp near Lonewood basically, but we all have to start somewhere. :sweat:

I made some NPCs (Who will probably be different looking sooner or later) who I placed around and they look great and interact so that's good.

Anyways...below you can find some screenshots of the progress made and I hope you enjoy!


EDIT: The updated screenshots are below...

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Interesting. Are the Thalmor robes purely ornamental, or do the Lone Wolves support their cause?

Ornamental, as in the Book of Windfall (Very interesting read that gives detail on Windfall's lore...Link is above... :laugh: )

the Lone Wolves are the protectors of Lonewood and helped in the bandit raid before the sixth historic "Festival of the Coin".

They are mostly made up of Hunters, and will probably get a more themed outfit.


Anyways I'm glad to see someone is interested with the previews. :smile:

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