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It Seemed To Be A Good Idea At The Time (Redux)


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The Great Enemy was the powerful negative energies flowing into many timespace events, that were one timespace paradox, that created the Great Enemy that was actually the dark core of the timespace paradox. The Great Enemy created the timespace paradox; the timespace paradox created the Great Enemy; they were one and the same. To undo either was to undo both.


The RainbowBaby helped spark off the timespace paradox with a burst of anger-fear and the creation of the Rainbowmorph.


The Horror War of the GrandAncients helped spark off the timespace paradox.


The creation of the False Eternals helped to spark off the timespace paradox when they attempted to become copies of the True Eternals and only became twisted reflections.


There were many other causes.


All these causes were, themselves, caused by the meddling of the Great Enemy.


Now it was all over before it started... or was it?

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Thank you for reading this story.


I am not sure that I would continue with Story Two, and Story Zero, because I think that all has been resolved.


If you think otherwise, please say so.


Again, thanks for reading the story and I hope you enjoyed doing so.

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