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It Seemed To Be A Good Idea At The Time (Redux)


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One 1.1[1]{1}


Jonnie smashed into Emma and hurled her backwards though she was wearing light exopower body-armour, along with being high on a cocktail of enhancement drugs. Jessie threw of Elton, hurling his body against a stony hard wall of ancient origins, stunning him despite his exopower body-armour.


As for Jennie, she went after the insane leader of that crazy posse of superdrugged genius teen-adults. He was heading towards the 'big slot' where electronic data was placed after careful choice, editing and review. That is the 'big slot' in the 'front' of the hulking Ancient Alien Artefact, if it truly had such a thing.


Darren dribbled, and giggled, as he clutched in his hands an odd assortment of solid-state super data storage tablets, or SSDSTs. The triplets doubted that Darren knew what was really was in them but was simple out to do something really stupid because 'he wanted to do so'.


Jennie pulled out her pulse-pistol with amazing speed, and skill, and shot Darren in the back. It was a gamble but there was a good chance that he would not die thanks to his body-armour. He cried out in agony but as he fell forwards the SSDSTs flew from his hand. Was it luck or was some kind of force directing what took place but all of the compact squat tablets, of slightly glistening black plastic, fell into the 'big gap'. Perhaps if they had just landed and had staid there, had been scooped out again, then things would have been different. But all of the data tablets vanished with a soft sparkling shimmer as had all accepted items before them.


A sparkling shimmer went through everything, and everybody, including the stun gassed bodies of those who had been staffing the chamber before the insane trio had struck.


Jessie rushed towards a large, complicated, bank of hitech hardware and focused on getting to a central console with locked controls. A man was partly draped over it, a director in an impressive looking jumpsuit, but she pushed him off so that he struck the floor heavily. She simply had no time to be nice.


Jessie inputted a high security code, that in theory she should not have known, used an advanced thumb print lock device, flipped the safety off the 'big red button' that was only to be pressed in dire emergencies, and pressed it hard, fast and desperately. At once the security safety stabilisation program was instigated.


Even as that happened, the triplets wondered if it had been a good, or bad, decision to instigate the SSP but either way it was done and dusted. Only the future could reveal the truth and even that might not do so.







One 1a


The vastly ancient entity was a deepest dark shadow inside a shadow, deathly tired but agitated so as never to be able to fully sleep. A betrayed traitor of a servant of ancient evil. Yet it achieved rest at times, at learned how to do so out of desperation. The throne supported it but also held it captive and yet the throne was only the first of many layers of captivity.


Dark half things flittered at the very edge of its senses but they feared to come closer to it though they hungered to feed upon the throned one. Every so often a black shadow humanoid, misshapen and cold, would bring tasteless cold gruel and cold, clear, water. It had learned to appreciate both, especially the water, though it seemed to be always lightly thirsty and hungry.


It desired desperately to carry out its quest, to assist the ones of ancient evil to escape. so that at last it could die and go even to hell. Yet even so, deep inside, his most hidden recesses of a great mind was scheming ways to find death with out freeing those ancient monsters. The surprise, even for itself, was that this was not just for selfish reasons but for genuine concern at what evil the monsters would carry out if they gained freedom.


Then information came that the first phase of the quest was completed. It felt a sense of relief. At once a black humanoid came with dull flavoured gruel, which was richly so to the captive, and twice the amount of cold clear water that it normally brought. Then came another humanoid that placed softly glowing lamps around the throne that pushed back the flittering half things and made the big damp chamber more bearable.


It dared to smile just a little.

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One 2.1[2]{2}


Another one-way spaceship arrived at the moon, bringing people, livestock, goods and other things crammed into its bulk. Antigravity boosters had been invented in time to make the Exodus possible as had other inventions, other projects, but the great chunky machine came down by the old fashioned mode of a soft crash landing. The huge machine slid along and dug into the Lunar ground that piled up before its special designed nose. The soft crash landing zone had been carefully chosen.


They came rushing out through an ancient alien structure, a power-artefact of an Airgate, being workers in exopower moonsuits, 'hovering' moonsleds and big wheeled moonrovers. There also came some emergency people to serve any who might have been injured but word had already come that there had been only a few light injuries; on board medics were already dealing with them.


When everything, transported, had been taken out of the spaceship, then would begin the salvaging of the vessel itself. From the biggest section to the smallest utensils, all would be taken into the Lunar Labyrinth except that which would be sent to be used with the Lunar Overworld moonbases. For now the emphasis was to get all lifeforms safely into the atmosphere filled Lunar Labyrinth or at least the portion of it known to Terran humanity.


Nobody saw him, the short thin man, the Rainbowman in his rainbow coloured vest, trousers, old fashioned shoes and tophat along with other gear that did not seem to reasonably belong to the vacuous low gravity of the Lunar Surface. The RainbowMan smiled, sighed, and clutched the handle of his elegantly shaped walking-cane. With out his subtle influence the big spaceship would have crashed, killing over half of those in it, so he was pleased. Yet there was only so far he could, would, intervene into mortal affairs. So he simply vanished, almost as if he had never been there.







One 2a


In the lower gravity, upper levels, of the Known Lunar Labyrinth refugees were moving into temporary processing sites before they would be sent to permanent residence elsewhere. Most of those, from the home world, were refugees but not all. There were skilled contractees, and subcontractees, who would serve government, corporations, NGOs and other groups; most of those would never return to Terra though some were definitely going to do so such as journalists, envoys, scientists and many others doing work tours in the Moon.


Observing one of the moving columns, of basic tough Exodus vehicles, was a cat. She was a beautiful 'ginger tabby' who quietly, intently, watched the flow of refugees. She stood on a broken, abandoned, metallic storage canister where she could see everything clearly. Somebody had left her a bowl of skim milk, some processed meat and a bowl of water; she had eaten, had drunk, some of it. The great low gravity tunnel was awkward for the newcomers to move through, considering that they were not adjusted to the lower gravity. It was common for them to be weighed down enough to allow them to be more at ease.


A convoy of vehicles sped past being more sophisticated than the hastily, but well built, Exodus machines. Though there were paramilitary troopers, they were there to protect those in the convoy and not those in the far bigger column. There were richies, corporate types, crats, officers and others in that more privileged convoy.


Unseen by the refugees, and others moving with them, was a neat heap of clothes, guns, and other gear. Rogue humans had planned to attack the refugees whose protection was spread thin. They had been brutal, dangerous, creatures with dangerous intentions towards those who could not fight back.


Then they had run into what they had assumed to be a harmless cat; one of them decided to kill the feline just because he could, or so he assumed. Ginger had fed upon the fools, causing their bodies to vanish away as she did so.


Ginger faded rapidly away, all at once, unlike the Cheshire Cat of Wonderland.


None could explain what killed a small group of VIPs, in the main cabin of a fast moving hoverlimo, without hurting the chained sex-slaves or alerting the guards despite the presence of extensive, high grade, security network-systems. The sex-slaves, teenagers, could not remember what had happened but they had been healed of mind-body-spirit. The vanishing of the VIP bodies was a mystery as were the deep claw marks found cut into hard steel plating on the floor and walls. The guards, the driver, and co-driver were soon in stun-confiners while the former sex-slaves were soon on their way to new, better, lives.

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One 3.1[3]{3}


Marshal Paul Collins avoided stepping on a big cockroach that scuttled across a hallway, figuring that if the bug had made it all the way to Luna than it deserved to live. As soon as the small vermin-robots were in action, such critters would have a harder time surviving. The tall, broad shouldered, black man wondered who might win that war.


So far it seemed that the Security Safety Stabilisation Program, SSSP, was functioning well since the Sandvover clone-triplets had activated it; this was despite they being officially ignorant of the top secret activation code. Now under full security lock down, along with others of their kind, the Sandvover Three had turned out to know far more than they officially should have.


Despite being of the new United Nations Military Security Intelligence Agency, the UNMSIA, Collins was far more interested in what the three could do for the survival of the human species, along with other lifeforms, than he was in punishing them. He had to deal with politicians, bureaucrats and others seeking to cover their mistakes by turning the clone-triplets into scapegoats; it had been sloppy security, on many levels, that had helped allow the Sandvovers to do what they did so easily.


The hallway came to a halt at a big junction chamber where three hallways all ended. There were also armour glass fronted prison cells running along one wall and inside three, of the five, were the clone-triplets. Collins grimaced at the stupidity of trying to isolate powerful psychic endowed clone-triplets in such a simplistic fashion. Unless of course it was just being done for appearance's sake.


Jessie, Jennie and Jonnie were sitting quietly, each in their own cell, finishing off a basic B-class rations meal. They were lucky to get that. The great majority, of those from the home world, had to live on so called mass emergency rations that were not very great. There were two guards, in exopower body-armour suits, standing quietly on guard.


It took only a few moments for the psychic endowed Marshal to realise that something was fundamentally wrong with the situation. He broke through the psychic projection, of a powerful illusion, and found all of the cells to be empty. The guards were actually lying, unharmed, on the floor. The clone-triplets had escaped and, knowing the faults of the justice system that they faced, he could only find them blameless for that.






One 3a


LabyrinthCity was over active, in some areas, as refugees arrived there in the expanding city. Concrete, hard foam, and other materials were being poured into the construction of new buildings but also prefabricated sections were being used. Prefab modules, fixed into frame-buildings, made for apartment blocks, office blocks, schools and much else. The Big13 were well represented in the metropolis, fast on its way to being a supercity, but the fledgling United Nations Government held far more sway there.


Light, strong, prefabricated parts had been constructed in the lighter gravity, higher levels, of the Known Lunar Labyrinth. It was easier up there to manufacture the items and the lighter gravity had some useful effects on the processing of certain materials such as hard foam and concrete. Assemblage of modules was also easier, in some ways, in lower gravity workshops and other special designed places.


A big airship was coming into land, in the distance, with a large cargo of thorntree timber carefully secured beneath the main body, rear of the big long gondola, by special enclosing frames.


Graham Maharg stood in his LabyrinthCity official office, luxurious but also very practical in its layout. He wore a typical fashionable business suit, by KLL standards, but of a more laid back style. It was hard to think that the fit looking, but rather plain seeming, man was one of the most powerful, wealthy and influential individuals of Terra and Luna; he was also outside of the Big13, which made him one of only a handful of super richies who refused to join, or be defeated, by the Big13.


Then he quickly thumb printed, signed, and blood DNA marked a special secured payment bond worth one trillion in International Dollars. The sum was very large but not so much when compared to the massive amounts being spent in recent years on large scale space programs. The donation would go to supporting the Terra Luna Exodus and it would be used up with surprising speed.


Then he turned to examine a big 3Dwallscreen that was neatly dotted with 3Dphotos of a range of individuals. There were the JTriplets, members of the former XFiles and Fringe Teams, Marshal Collins, Captain Armstrong and many others including Ginger the Cat. Standing, almost totally motionless, he studied the big screen with quiet intensity as he continued to analyse what was on the big screen while relating it to other, unseen, data.

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One 4.1[4]{4}


The Lunar Labyrinth was an almost crazy mixture of dimensions and effects; gravity varied at differing levels, getting heavier as one passed down through them and there were great cave systems of more confined spaces along with great caverns spanning 100s of metres in width, length and height. Glowcrystal provided heat and light. There was plenty of clean air and water. Fertile areas were fairly abundant though semi-arid, and arid ones, were more so. Exotic resources were to be found if one sought them. Then there were the ancient alien artefacts, the AAAs.


The clone-triplets came out of a fairly small tunnel, pale lit by smaller tentacles of glowcrystal, straight into the edges of a great glowcavern (glowcrystal cavern). They came out in disguise, as refugees who had perhaps lost their way or had gone wandering with out official supervision. In all the barely controlled chaos of the Grand Exodus, as it was starting to be commonly called, both were common events.


In the distance were being erected agricultural domes in the more fertile area of the glowcavern but also one as a reserve of local life. The odd contrast between the more exotic, and the more human, was most apparent with human machines and structures in the glowcavern. Trucks were common, as were small electric golfcars and other small electric machines. The buildings were a mixture or prefabricated parts and local stuff made up of tough local woods, clays and other materials.


Humans moved amongst the structures, some vehicles moved on the rough ready roads, and they could see folks still working hard to create the glowcavern based settlement. Mostly work was done the old fashioned way with only basic tools and devices, such as shovels and wheel-barrows.


Jennie empath-telepathed to the others. {"This is where she has come as a refugee, according to the records. I suggest we use our false identities to settle in before we attempt approaching her with the truth. I suggest we learn more about her, even having some light contact with her."}


There was strong, quiet, agreement between the three. They began to approach the settlement proper, acting as lost refugees seeking to settle in the glowcavern.






One 4a


The woman was wrapped in special fibre survival blankets as the snow storm swirled around her. Except that the storm was only about 20 metres wide, and half that high, in the great concrete chamber. Suri, the rejuvenated Indian woman, sighed softly. She was imprisoned in a secret research base, in the Known Lunar Labyrinth, just a couple of hundred kilometres from LabyrinthCity.


She was exhausted by the masked men, and one women, would not allow her much rest. They were pushing her to see just what she could 'summon'. What she had summoned so far was a series of small, wild, storms focused on herself. Snow melted and flowed as cold water down the gently sloping floor to end in a big grill topped water channel very close to a wall.


Where they trying to kill her? She doubted it but they did not care for her pain, her tiredness, only for the results of their terrible testing program.


The door exploded open even as sirens began to shriek through out the complex. Supersoldiers came dashing into the chamber as the muffled sounds of gun fire reached Suri through the now open doorway. She stared at the amazingly fast, quiet, graceful black figures but somehow knew they would not hurt her.


Then she felt a tiny sting against her neck and she was sinking into peaceful oblivion.


When Suri awoke she was in Sanctum with her family and others that she knew, including animals. A new, improved, life had begun for her.

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One 5.1[5]{5}


Oddest thing about the settlement was its very 'normal human' feel. This was despite the exotic 'sky' above and some other features such as thornplants, small round runner-bugs and such like. The three were able to blend in easily enough with a population too busy to take any real notice of newcomers; anyway newcomers were arriving as a constant stream, not all ways staying as settler convoys moved onto new areas.


The three passed a row of almost new, charging, electric-hybrid machines, all of them being ATVs (all terrain vehicles) of the UN Ministry of Labyrinth Regulation, Department of Labyrinth Settlement Regulation. Black roof solar power panels helped the recharging process. The prefab offices, of the UN government people, stood around in jumpsuits and body-armour, waiting for something to happen or so it seemed.


A family passed with babies in a pram. Jessie helped the mother heft the pram up over a lump, in the ground, that had yet to be attended to. Even as she did so, she was realising that the civil workers were actually elite soldiers in disguise, that is ones who had gained some training in the art of public pretence, of 'acting unlike soldiers'. Yet the clone-triplets 'sensed' no threat at all though they knew that an arsenal of weaponry would be close at hand.


As the family headed off, into the distance, one soldier spoke to them in an elite soldier's typical hard toned voice "Marshal Paul Collins has a message for you; he needs your assistance; nobody is going to put any blame on you for what has taken place. One day you could be named publicly as heroes. He says also that you will be given time to meet your mother and he hopes that all goes well." He passed to each of them a thick plastic envelope. "Keys to a prefab house in the settlement, general documentation including Citizen Regulation Smartcards (CRSCs), ammo for the sliverguns you stole and some other items of interest. Truth is I do not know all of what is in those envelopes and I do not want to. Cassy's Finery is a fine diner, here, with good food and fair prices. I have given over details of how you can contact me if you need to; despite being but a common soldier I might be of assistance."


There was something about the man, a feeling, that 'stated' he was far from being a 'common soldier'. The grins of a few of his comrades, men and women, added to this impression.


Jessie responded. "If we can be of assistance to you, and your people, call us."


The man nodded. "Considering what I know of your capabilities, I will do so for sure. My name is Captain James Armstrong."


They parted ways!







One 5a


An air-convoy, of advanced disk-airships, flew over a fresh water ocean that mostly filled a great big glowcavernland. It moved over convoys of ships ferrying people, livestock, goods and other across the waters. They travelled past great floating masses of water-weed, pods of whales, floating islands filled with flora and fauna along with floating villages where people lived, worked and lived off the waters while supporting them.


Yet the air-convoy, as outwardly normal and innocent as it seemed, was not so. The corporate logo, on all of the aircraft, was misleading being an organisation that existed largely as computer records and a couple of small offices. Inside the cargo holds of the disk shaped airships, designed for stability more than for speed, were secret personnel, equipment, supplies and other intended for one of three secret colonies to be established at the very edges of the Known Lunar Labyrinth.


There was one woman there, elegantly powerful, who did not interfere in the running of the operation though she could have done so; she knew better for she sat back and let those do what they needed to do, who could do so better than she could. Evana Ellenavi was on the Big13 Council but was aware that the council was not the real controller of the Big13. No, the Council of 13 (Council13) was the real controller of the Big13. The Big13 Council simply ran the Big13 on a more daily basis. She had been told to help establish the secret Raccoona Colony and then to run it as its president; that she far from minded as it meant an upward leap in status, privileges and rewards though it also meant more responsibilities.


What she did not like was that the new colony was too far out on the edges, of the KLL, for her liking and too deep into the unknown. She also knew that Raccoona would be quite isolated, getting occasional communications and even less occasional visits; the colony would have to be as self sufficient as possible.


More frustrating was that she did not know what the core purpose of the colony was; yes, she had been briefed about its secondary purposes, all of them valuable, but had been told to be patient when it came to its core purpose; she would be informed of that after she became the Raccoona President.


So she sat in her cramped personal cabin, at her small desk, and studied the briefings that she had gained. Though they said much they begged more questions than they answered. Evana was determined to learn more of the truth but to do so very carefully for she was valuable, to the Big13, but not irreplaceable.

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One 6.1[6]{6}


The three found that the runner-bugs came to them and were soon carrying a few of the oddly friendly critters; at least they were friendly to Jessie, Jennie and Jonnie. As the three walked down another street, it being of recently compacted dirt, they noted how the generally hand sized creatures would avoid some people and, in rare cases, even make odd hissing sounds at them. In some cases they were friendly to particular humans but mostly they were fairly neutral towards humanity.


Most of the settlement was still being built and they passed areas of tents and temporary foam-domes. UN people were in attendance along with some NGOs such as Doctors Without Borders, the Red Circle and the United Nations Labyrinth Care Agency.


Jennie, Jessie, Jonnie: {Shared impressions of the oddly round bugs being exotically empathic, of them picking up 'vibes' from humans.}


Jennie: {"We can quietly observe and learn more about what is going on while we gain more knowledge of our mother."}


They passed a hungry looking stray cat and Jessie was soon carrying the purring feline. They found their house, ripped off an odd looking notice that somebody had placed on the heavy security front gate, and were soon inside. It was a fair sized house with some fairly heavy security being sensors, 3Dcams, stun-turrets, pressure plates and a few other tricks. The furnishings, fittings and decorations were generally bland 'semiluxurious' such as built by many modern building corporations focused largely on the use of prefab modular construction.


While the newly named 'Ginger' explored her new territory, of course, the three also examined what was there. They were somewhat impressed. The place had a nice homeliness about it while being reasonably fortified against outside threats. The runner-bugs settled down in the lounge room and some snuggled up to the cat when she curled up to have her first cat nap in the place; that is after having something to eat and to drink, of course. Where she curled up was on Jonnie's lap that was shared by some runner-bugs.


The three sat together in the commonroom, the modern version of a lounge room, and the two femmes had runner-bugs in their laps, taking a runner-bug nap.

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One 6.2[7]{7}


The three opened their envelopes and spread out items on a big coffee table. Some notes, of information, they memorised and then totally destroyed by burning them away. They put smartcards into their new wallets, hid away slivergun ammo clips, put away cash, checked through important official documentation that was all to support their new false identities and pouched slim tubes of special tablets. The tablets were to support their special physical needs.


Cassy's Finery turned out to be a 'secured security intelligence' outpost based in the basement of the business. The reason for it being there was stated as being a regional outpost for security intelligence operations but the three read between the lines and soon figured that something more specific was up. The UN Government, or at least part of it, had discovered something happening in the Lunar Labyrinth that was causing it concern.


It was to turn out to be more than just one thing that they were concerned about.


There was a small, but very useful, computer datafile briefing on each of the very compact palmtop computers that they gained with its 3Dscreen and other advanced features. They were very expensive elite security intelligence devices and each had gotten two of them plus other very expensive hitech devices. Together they went through the briefing and discussed it.







One 6a


Amazingly ancient entities, the AraAncients met at the secret Core of the Lunar Labyrinth as nine AraGuardians, three AraKeepers and one AraElder. In peaceful, supporting, crystal light patterns they stood in a circle around a slowly changing biocrystal display of direction, coordination and supervision.


The AraAncients, who had returned from their realm that they had ascended to though to do so weakened them, putting them more at risk, were there to help right a wrong that their people had done but failed to fully 'right'. They were also there to help deal with an ancient threat that could both be described as 'one and more than one'.


The Great Enemy, of distorted AraAncients, and others, was also linked to a far more ancient darkness opposed to true enlightenment, evolution and ascension, a threat that made the AraAncients look like mere infants in comparison. Yet the AraAncients, like others including other GrandAncients, had become far more enlightened, evolved and ascended than the Great Enemy; it had lost its enlightenment, had devolved, had 'fallen' in a plunging spiritual descent.


They looked inwards while AraGuards, ancient warriors, protected their backs.


Humanity was at core of what was happening and yet just how much, how, or why was not fully understood even by the AraAncients. They had lost full linkage, understanding, control of many of their own AraArtefacts of greatest power. Those were all in the Lunar Labyrinth, as humanity and others named it. Truth was it was far more than just a vast series of quasinatural network-systems and cave systems; it was a vast, transdimensional, quasiliving entity that had existed a vastly long time before it had come to the moon of Luna, there to change itself to carry out a 'new' task.


They quietly studied, the displays, and communicated together mind to mind. They did not like what they found but there was hope to be observed there and that meant a great deal.

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One 7.1[8]{8}


Jennie, Jessie, Jonnie: {Empathic impressions of concern, sadness and other deep feelings.}


Jessie: {"Will she remember us? We were so very young when they found her and took us away from her?"}


Jonnie: {"We have the odd feelings that she has always been with us, somehow."}


Jennie: {"Yes and those wonderful, strange, dreams that we almost remember, what of them?"}


Jessie: {"Will she love us?"}


So it went the empathic-telepathic conversation but not for too long! There were other matters to focus on such as a cat, and runner-bugs, to fuss over, intelligence to gather and further exploration of the house resources to carry out.


It was odd to discover that while their mother was not with security intelligence she was linked with them as part of a useful alliance. She helped run the diner, did community work and ran a meditation centre. She was also linked with an NGO (Non Government Organisation) known as the Order of Compassion that was part of something much bigger called the Orderhood.






One 7a


The woman, who was in truth the mother of one of the JTriplets, had no desire to meet the JTriplets. Instead she feared to do so as she made her way through the back lots of Tarrytown. Why did she have such feelings? For she had decided long ago that she did not want to be a mother, could not be one.


Still, life was troubling her as changes swept through the Known Lunar Labyrinth thanks to the Exodus from Terra to the Lunar Labyrinth. She was hardly the only one to be effected by such matters; many millions of people were being so effected, be they locals or newcomers.


In the dimness of dusk, the work clothed woman paused to pass a small brown package to a nondescript man almost badly enough dressed to be a tramp but not quite so. In turn he passed to her a thick envelope with no writings, or other markings, on its brown exterior. The envelope was of regional manufacture, being made of thorntree paper that was fairly rough in texture but tough and cheap.


The nondescript man departed quickly and she checked the amount of cash that she would use to keep going her gambling addiction and other secret vices. She had sold to the dreadful little man medicine stolen from the Sisterhood of Compassion that she worked for so as to be able to steal such items.


She felt a short, sharp, sting in one hand and then she was falling physically and falling into darkness; strong hands caught her so she did not get hurt by falling to the ground.

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One 7b


The Mother Compassionate Rosa Ashton spoke with a warm, strong, commanding tone of voice. She spoke Esperanto, the internationalist language that was common to the Known Lunar Labyrinth. "Rhona, yet again you have betrayed your promises. This was your last chance. You will be made to pay for that which you have stolen from the Order of Compassion, from the Sisterhood of Compassion."


Rhona lay on a comfortable bed but she was handcuffed to it. Truth was that the 'order' was an aspect of rising Unity, was not prone to trusting NonUnity justice or much of anything of such. They had come to former links to certain individuals, and networks, many of them of exotic nature or so Unity 'sensed'.


Rhona frowned, clearly suppressing much anger. "I do not wish to be part of Unity or to have anything to do with the Rainbowman who fathered one of those unnatural JTriplets with me. You will leave free and I will travel to LabyrinthCity and join the ranks of others who wish neither to be for or against Unity; I mean those who you call NullUnity."


In the prison chamber, which it was despite the comfortable bed, Rosa frowned hard. "Granddaughter, you do not fool me in the slightest. My biological link makes it quite easy to 'read you' but more so does you deception and self deception. You have worked with AntiUnity because you want to use them to pay for your addictions, of a surprising variety, that are linked to your amazing resistance to becoming fully Unity. We have compassionate love for you but you have become dangerous both to the Order and those we care for. We must decide upon your fate. I personal love for you remains also strong but I have no choice but to serve the needs of Unity and the Order of Compassion. You will get a chance to defend yourself and you will be given the services of an NullUnity advocate."


Rhona closed her eyes, with a grimace of distaste. "Do you really think that I believe in your lies. I know that you, of Unity, murdered father. You lied about that also."


Rosa stood up, smoothly and quickly. "We have discussed this matter before. I will leave you to sleep off the lasting effects of the drug that we gave you."


But even as she said her last words, Rhona was already asleep.

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One 8.1[9]{9}


Captain James Armstrong, of the United Nations Military Security Intelligence Agency, halted the 'zeep' electric-hybrid vehicle in a parking area that was little more than a lightly muddy field. The field had a light layer of mixed tangle-grass and bladegrass that had been trimmed back to some extent.


Being at the very edge of the Tarrytown Glowcavern, and out from the newly named Tarrytown itself, the field was very close to one great glowcavern wall. The wall stretched upwards being mostly quite smooth but a rampway ran up the wall at a shallow angle. It was the way that the J-Triplets had reached the ground level of the great cavern space.


Being careful not to get in the way of the small forensics team, the captain examined the three human corpses. They had been killed brutally, but strangely, as if small savage projectiles had ripped their way into the bodies. Yet there were some disturbing oddities about the bodies such as a lack of blood and the appearance of a kind of thick, reddish purple substance more like fluid jelly than blood.


Dana Scully looked up from one of the bodies, beautiful and intense, brilliant and strong willed, and in forensics gear such as gloves and a special coat. "Captain, these three men died before they died. That is they died, were infested with something and then the infestation was killed. I saw something very much like this when I was part of the team that investigated the Project X56 troubles."


The Captain shrugged. "It could do but I do not know what the Project X56 was and may not have security clearance enough to know of such things."


Scully snorted. "Please do not play games with me, Captain. You probably know more about Project X56 than I do? Is this some kind of test of my psychic abilities?"


Armstrong sighed. "No, I was just following some rather foolish orders as not given by Marshal Collins. That man knows what he is doing but my immediate commander is rather clueless in comparison. I do not think that he will last much longer in the position. The project was an experimental prototype teleportation network-system that promised big things for future transportation. Instead the animals sent through died and came back infested. The infested escaped, due to stupidity of scientific staff, and then there had to be intervention to destroy the secret research development base and all those who had become infested."

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