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here s for Jgoolsby38 there is one or more mod thats let you play after the game has ended id ont now the adresses or names so youl have to search teh nexus

youl might also like to look at weapon mods expanded and some of the large weapon packs i heard that the Apocalyps Armory was coming to vegas and a port of the FAllout 3 version has been made it contains some 150 weapons i think - its not located on the nexus but the FAllout 3 nexus page of the mod has a weblink

( __ and yes the ultimate question and answer Shields in fallout three wxists in on large weapons mod i once palyed___ )

the Shrapnel pack or actualy named Aztecks overhaul in the game files is another big mod some 400 mb unpacked but it ads a lot of things


cheers and hope this helped

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Hi i'm searching for the mod that allows you to see any target's hit points and DT, but cant find it anywhere. Please help!!!


That's the "living anatomy" perk, which you should be able to add through the console with


player.addperk 00146099


Though I'm not 100% sure whether you need the level/ skill prerequisites - I don't think so.

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Hey, new to FO modding, and I have couple questions.


I'm planning to do couple companion-mods for NV after I finish my current mods for other game, and I need to do new models/uvmaps/skins for them, but couple things I couldn't find answer for:


1. Milkshape


This is what I use for modelling. Can the model files of NV created/edited with it, will they work straight away, or is some conversion needed in process? (bone assignments and such too)


2. Skinning/uv-maps.


NV uses dds files? Or something other, and again, converters needed? (I use Photoshop, uv-mapping LithunWrap)



I believe these are common questions, but if someone finds time to answer, big thanks in beforehand.

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Holy cow. That info in that 1st post FAQ has a lot of outdated and incorrect information.


No wonder nubs to the mod scene are so confused. I'm too boggled to comment further.

Reason I came here was I found a nub posting a query in some related Nexus forum and I came looking to rub a FAQ in his nose

but I can not in good conscious point that person to this. Eek.





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NOTE: Its much better to make your own new topic for a problem - otherwise your question will get lost in with all of the other unrelated questions jammed into the same topic. :wallbash:


Re: Moving steam

Which instructions did you use? This one is right from the steam site.

How to Move your Steam to another location Without having to reinstall anything.


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To Whomever can point me in the right direction...



I've been downloading mods from the Nexus for a couple of years now and have been having an amazing time playing Fallout 3 and FNV. During this time, I've been honing my modding skills to the point where I've managed to create a mod that enhances my own gameplay enough to where I would like to share it with the community on the Nexus (i.e. upload my first mod). However, also during this time, I've seen lots of modders break all sorts of rules that get them banned and their mods removed--usually rules involving getting the right permissions from the right people. I certainly don't want to break any rules or get banned. The mere thought, as a gamer, of not being able to use the Nexus to keep up with all the brilliant mods that come out... that would seriously suck. Anyway, after searching the forums for a while, I found a lot of comments, many from the admins, about uploading rules. And yet, I still can't manage to find some sort of FAQ or sticky topic that spells things out clearly enough for me to sleep at night without wondering if I'm (accidentally and completely without any knowledge or malice) breaking some rule that's going to get me in trouble. So, is there some thread with all this information for new modders somewhere on the Nexus? Perhaps my search skills just suck. If that's the case, please point me in the right direction and I'll load up on some knowledge. If not, then maybe one of you can answer a few questions for me:


1. Let's say that an existing modder gives open permission on the main page of his mod for others to "redistribute this mod freely" as long as he gets credit. In my case, I only want to use a few of the meshes and textures for the mod. I have tried contacting him (to be on the safe side), but haven't heard back in over a week. I want to use the textures and I want to give him credit, but I don't want to "redistribute" his mod, as mine goes in a different direction entirely. I only want to use a couple of the graphics. So what's the general guideline on this sort of situation.


2. What about patches? Do I need to get permission from a mod author to upload a patch plugin that makes my mod compatible with his mod? Obviously, I would try to contact the mod author in all cases and would fully intend to credit and provide links on my mod page. I'm a pretty thorough and polite guy. But since lot's of these nice folks are playing Skyrim now, I'm sure that I'm going to get no replies occasionally.


3. What about scripts? The vast majority of my scripting knowledge has come from reading hundreds of mod scripts written by much smarter and more talented modders than myself. Any script I ever produce will certainly emulate one or more scripts already in existence in some way. Can I get in trouble for my script "too closely resembling" someone else's?


4. Finally, regarding proprietary graphical assets (meshes, textures, icons, etc.), what is the required level of due diligence to ensure that I'm not using someone else's work without permission? Suppose a mod author gives complete permission for me to use any of his graphical assets. How far back do I need to search to make sure that he is indeed the creator of the asset or has permission to use it from the original creator?



Anyway, those are my questions. Sorry for the long post. I just figured that it would be prudent to see if anyone could shed some light on this stuff. Thanks, in advance, to anyone who can provide me some answers to these questions or a link where I can find them out for myself.




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