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1. i miss the free paint.net as a capable and handy standard tool to convert and manipulate all sorts of dds images. maybe someone can add this to the other two standard tools?

2.  recommendation for dealing with the previs/precombine settings without deliberately destroying game performance.

- avoid strictly any deletion or scrap of any static object as part of a precombine without sanitizing the performance mess after. always keep an extra save if you are not sure about the object you are about to delete.

- prevent deletion by always checking if the pevis/precombine protection is activated. tools like "scrap everything" try to deactivate this protection by manipulating the "ini" file settings. never allow this in any case!

- be always aware that sanitizing corrupted objects and cells is a tedious process and they may lead to - or in worst case cause - endless issues (cell resets etc.)

- always try to build around existing static objects part of a precombine. use mods as tools like homemaker or snappy tools. there is always a way to conceal objects as part of precombines






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