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Modding Skyrim with TESSnip and Nifskope


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Hey folks,


I have something pretty "simple" that I want to do. I tried posting in the mod talk forum but no one answered. Hopefully this is a better place to post this question.


All I want to do duplicate and remove all or most of the floor from dwermlgwall01 (which is a standard large dwemer room wall piece). Can I do this with Nifskope? I noticed that you can delete most of the floor in the program but the newly saved version seems incompatible. You guys mentioned a bunch of steps with thTESSnip program but I am not exporting or importing to/from an obj file. I simply want to remove the floor nodes. When I try to import the new nif into the CK (I duplicate the wall and then try to change the nif being used to my modified version) the creation kit hangs after picking the modified file (with the two floor nodes removed). I then get the "Creation Kit has stopped responding" and have to start over.

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Out of curiostiy, I did what you are trying to do with no trouble. The method you are attempting to apply does work. The question is why isn't it working for you?


Here's what I did (which is basically the same as you):


1. Load dwermlgwall01 into NifScope

2. Select the Floor Nodes and right-click -> Block -> Remove Branch

3. Save the file into Skyrim Data/Meshes/whatever_directory

4. In CK, Duplicate dwermlgwall01 and change the Model path to your new file

5. Every looks good and works without throwing any errors.


Note: Those remaining floor pieces that you cannot delete without also removing parts of the wall would best be removed in 3DS Max (or Blender) if you cannot live with them being there.


Try again. I am mererly letting you know that you are on the right track.


Best luck to you.

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Thanks Phoenixn! Yeah... now I feel silly. There was only one thing different in the way I originally tried it. I selected "Remove" instead of "Remove Branch." The moment I saw the 10 kb difference in file size I knew that it would probably work. Before there was only a 2 kb difference. Thanks a lot.


Out of curiosity, are you from Phoenix?

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Ok. Now I am trying to figure out how to remove/change the collision data. I need to be able to go through the now invisible floor... lol. (See above two posts if you are curious). I am building a small, steep stairway through the part of the floor along the wall but currently I cannot walk down the stairs because I seem to be walking where the floor used to be.. There is a collision object (bhkCollisionObject) which contains both a pointer and a reference to other objects. The reference (to bhkCollisionObject) seems to refer to a node containing a bunch of physics data (such as friction values etc...). The pointer seems to point to the entire object (or more accurately, the original object) since it has the original name (dwermlgwall01).


Looking through the data there doesn't seem to be any specific 3D data that refers to the now missing floor. It makes me think that the reason I am walking on an invisible floor is because the nif still points back to the original NIF for collision data. Is this true? If so, and if I were to make a guess as to what I need to do, I would guess that I would need to rename the object within the new nif file so that I can point the collision object pointer to the new model and not the old one. But that is just a guess... can anyone shed any light please? It would be much appreciated.

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Ok. Now I am trying to figure out how to remove/change the collision data.

In the beginning (of modding Skyrim), there wasn't much we could do with the collision mesh that you've correctly identified as bhkCollisionObject, except delete it and then create collision primitives in CK to surround the object in question. I explain a bit about how to do that here (written under my other name Observe). That is a very old post I moved from one of my old (now closed) forums so people might use as reference.


Since I wrote that tutorial, tools for working with the collision mesh have become available to us. Using ChunkMerge (you should be able to find where you found NifSkope), you can create a new bhkCollisionObject for your modified dwermlgwall01.nif.


In other words, what you are attempting to do is very "doable". :biggrin:

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