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Hordes of the Underdark Revisited


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Looks nice. I like your tilesets. How did you do the pool of magic in the middle?


Thanks. I'm using Kallister's dungeon tileset, with some custom additions of my own. The fountain comes with that set. The effect was created with the Visual Effects editor in the toolset. I took the "arcane nexus" visual effect, stripped it down to just the glowing points, then fiddled with the settings until it looked decent.

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First level north of Undermountain is finally a wrap, so now it's on to the south area. I roughed out the south area over the weekend and found a pair of additional tiles were needed. There's not much else that's new in this area; perhaps a few additional placeables required. It's mostly a matter of grinding my way through it and trying to keep it interesting looking. After that, it's time to start thinking seriously about the look I want to implement for the second level.


With that in mind, I decided to revisit the Classic Dungeon tileset and see if I could find out why some of the tiles weren't loading properly (or in some cases not at all). I think I've got that resolved now; all it takes is a little manual massaging of the model files to fix duplicate trimesh names and packets with NULL bitmaps.


Here's a sample image of a tile that previously wouldn't load:



I really like the textures with this set -- they look very 'dungeony'. Looks like some work is needed on the UV mapping here and there. Even with a complete tileset though, I would still need to create additional tiles to include the pit openings. I'll see how it goes.


Meanwhile, work continues on the south area. I've got the tile variants completed so it is now fully blocked out. I worked on a couple of new placeables that hopefully I can show you a shot of later on.

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Like Bob, I don't want to "harp" on the subject, but a completed harpy would be very welcome.


I recall now that 4760 said he is doing a lot of traveling and so may not be able to work on animated creature models for a while.


Sorry for keeping you waiting. I'm now back, and obviously the harpy is moving to #1 priority! I won't finish it this week, but I'll do what I can to have it complete by mid-November.


Model and animations complete! :happy:

I'll now test it in game and see how it works (especially the song/charm part before going melee with talons or club).

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