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I Got Banned


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Ok i just tried to go on the server, and it says im banned and i dont know what for? mind sorting this out!? As its unfair as ive broken no rules.

"The server" do you mean chat or something else? if you mean some multiplayer server then your on the wrong nexus I am afraid as this is a mod hosting site, not a MP server site.

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@xGozi - if you were banned from the nexus, you wouldn't be able to post on the forums - only on the unban request page where you would have been redirected when you tried to log in.


If you look under your avatar on the forums - it says 'Members' if you were banned it would say 'Banned'.


If you got 'kicked' from the chat - that is not banned, it is a warning that you are doing something that is not allowed there and an opportunity to actually read the short list of rules you MUST agree to each and every time you go into chat.

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Wow, I was banned from chat for absolutly no reason.. I was told to stop and said "Okay" and was then repeatedly kicked "Talking about a different topic that is not against rules in any way" and then banned from chat.. Seriously? I mean... Srsly? Wow. The admins don't even read what you say they just ban people.. I suggest looking into that.


And I tried to submit a form or whatever but it wouldn't work.


There is a chat log yes? Well someone with authority please read it and clear this up. Thankss!

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either stop trollign and drop the drug talk or you will be removed perminantly


I'm not trolling and I did lol.


Look up State laws in Virginia.

Is not changing the subject on whether medical marijuana is legal in some states.
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Forgive me administration and staff for my interjection:




Moderators exist on sites globally, to do exactly that. They moderate inappropriate comments, belligerent debates, user issues, etc. Another job they are dutifully bound to perform, is to enforce the rules. In this case we will call them law.


The nexus websites are accessible globally, by anyone, of any age, unless they have been forcefully removed (dutifully) by administration or staff. Local municipal code does not apply here, not for the reason that this is a safehaven for pirates and marauders. The opposite in fact, is true. The nexus websites do there absolute best to enforce a moderate level of discomfort on those who's fingers cannot help but put out vulgarity, by enforcing there own set of laws to comply with the wishes of its users, contributors, staff, parents of users, and the occasional studio or two.


This means, in short;

No swearing in chat (there may be a couple of the younger members online),

no discussion of piracy (this endangers the site, and therefore all its patrons),

no flaming, trolling, or otherwise cruel and unusual torture for ones own amusement,

no discussion of illegal or otherwise illicit activities (once again, this can be construed as encouraging behavior)

no linking or discussion of any content prohibited on the forums, or any content that MAY be considered NSFW.


This requires a little bit of self control for us all. I'm sure you have been in chat with me before and have seen me break the rules on occasion.

I am vulgar, however I censor myself as best I can, and may slip up once in a blue moon.

The nexus sites do not, cannot, and will not, condone piracy of any kind (not saying you do).

It is up to a staff members discretion to decide upon what constitutes flaming, trolling, and critism. These definitions may change as you interact with different mods.

Allowing the discussion of illicit activities has a chance of encouraging youth through glorification. I don't know about you, but I don't want any ten year old logging into chat and coming face to face with any sort of mention of illicit activities, legal locally, or not.

Same applies for nsfw content. Someone links to a bouncy bikini .gif, ten year old boy clicks out of curiosity. Thats one angry parent.



Now, with all of that said. I want to reiterate that I don't find what you said offensive. Keep in mind, that you agreed to a terms of use agreement upon signing up here, and are bound by those "laws" until you decide to have your account closed, or are forcefully evicted. Those "laws" are enforced by the nexus site staff, we can call them, "police" in this metaphor.


If you have had any interaction with law enforcement in the past, you will understand that on the spot interpretation of the law, is at the discretion of the officer.

Knowing this, we can safely say that as an extension of the sites administration team, a moderators word is "law" unless stated otherwise by an administrator, or Robin.


When a mod, admin, or Robin tells you to stop, you quite simply stop. Regardless of your intent by asking Micalov to look up the law, that law may be circumvented if it is in violation of the site rules, and once again, being at the discretion of the moderator, and those witnessing your discussion, your statement seemed very offensive towards Micalov, and where henceforth banned from chat.


Coming into this thread with your opening statement reflects poorly on you; your second reply was better, but still came across as combative.

Please take a step back, evaluate your proceedings, read up on the site rules if you are not confident that you know the gist of them; than request to be allowed back into the chatroom.


Coming to the administration with an open mind and good intentions will take you places.


All the best,


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