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MDB to FBX, FBX to MDB converter


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Hi, trying to use this nice tool to import Xaltar's heads into the Blender 2.80 and create more variety around them.


But so far no matter how and what I try, the outcome is either a weird and distorted head model in-game, or the game simply crashes.


It's nearly impossible to find any details or extra information on this process aside from a few pages on the Github, would really appreciate an least a brief summary of the steps to make this work proper.


What I tried:


1. Take head MDB model, convert to FBX, import into Blender.

2. This results in two 3D objects in Blender: Head and the Eyes.

3. Export back to FBX - but the resulting file is much smaller than the original head.

4. I assume this was the incorrect approach, as the game simply crashed with this head.


Then I tried:

1. Take head MDB + P_HHM_skel.gr2 (which this head uses as I checked), convert both of them into a single FBX file, import into Blender.

2. This results in a rather strange structure where COLS and P_HHM_skel object containers are on the same level as high level parents, and Head + Eyes + Skeleton are children of the P_HHM_skel container.

3. Export back to FBX - the resulting file seems to be similar in size to the original head, and it doesn't crash the game, but the head looks distorted.


Am I missing something in this process? I was trying all this without making any adjustments just to understand the process.


Edit: Also noticed a weird behavior with the skeleton import. It looks like all the facial animation bones are sticking out too far from the face, and some of the other bones are mispositioned. I did check to make sure that Primary Bone Axis is set to Z during the FBX import, but it still looks misplaced in many ways vs. what one would expect the skeleton to look like.

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You must choose the skeleton number that matches the MDB head number. For example: P_HHM_skel05.GR2 for P_HHM_Head05.MDB. The facial bones are different for each skeleton number.


Also, I suggest to use the Blender add-on (nwn2mdk-0.11.1-blender-2.8.zip), so you can import/export MDB/GR2 directly within Blender without using FBX. The installation procedure is same as any other Blender add-on.


You may be interested in the neverwintervault forums (https://forum.neverwintervault.org/t/mdb-gr2-to-fbx-fbx-to-mdb-gr2-tools/348) and also the Discord server "NWN 2 Creator Channel" https://discordapp.com/invite/nEdn5Qx

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In addition to what Freshlook said :


- If you convert to fbx only the mdb, you get the models included in the mdb without the skeleton. That explain why when you convert back to mdb the flle is smaller.


- if you convert the mdb, with the corresponding skeleton, you get the models included, in the mdn WITH the skeleton. You must select the two file and drag them upon freshlook tool.


Look at the log file it says if you had a skeleton in the conversion.


The behavior of the bones depend also from your 3D software settings and I can't help you with Blender, because I use 3DS

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Hi guys, im having a trouble to import a gr2 skeleton in 3ds max 2018


I followed the intruction but the bones don't feel ok



Can someone help me with this?


I can resize manually each bone to became ok, but its not a good workflow to do this in each skeleton

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