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In life we live in hope

or fear

unless we find

an inner peaceful

middle ground!?

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Unity of people

in peace and harmony

with full true justice

and democracy

with safety plus security

and basic needs met

is that not what we

should all be striving for!?

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I have walked upon a great golden white beach of glittering sand!?


I have drifted in deep space with wings outspread glimmering in the sunlight thrown by giant stars!?


I have skated, across the true blue ice realm, across endless coldly beautiful ice flats!?


I have fought brutal war, in the red blistering realm of black shadows, neither truly winning or losing!?


I have crouched in the golden white light realm, held by chains of light, and have remained defiant!?


I have ruled a mighty empire, of a thousand universes, doing so from my massive throne that fitted my massive body!?


I have squatted, to watch tiny ants busy around their nest, for mere mortal days!?


I have stood tall before trillions of fanatical adoring followers and have sworn that I am the follower of my followers!?


I have lived far too long and not long enough!?


I have experienced far too much and not enough!?


In the starting-ending there is everything and nothing!?

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How often do we spend great effort running after something before we realize that we do not even really know what we are chasing?


The great Graham Zen Buddha Wisdom sits crosslegged, meditating, levitating above the clouds of Tibet where Chinese jet-fighters somehow fail ever to detect him. What great enlightenments flow, glow, and explode in his mind. He contemplates, with an empty mind, all things but does not grab at them, letting them go.


Aaahhh, so great is his wisdom that it is very wise to say that he is very wise or so do the very wise say or do they?


Is somebody wise because many say, believe, that they are wise?

Is somebody wise because many say, believe, that they are less wise than that one?


Is true wisdom stated or is it an unconscious, naturally flowing, state of being?


If one is constantly being told that one is wise would that make it easier, or harder, for that one to be wise or would such things have no such effect?

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I suggest that people support the pinned topics of


Welcome to Druid's Garden: for newbies, or returnees, to Druid's Garden.


Writings of Druid's Garden; feed back about the writings of Druid's Garden.


Zen's Garden; contributions of a very wide range.


in different ways


A quote, a comment, general feedback, a poem, artwork, and other positive postings would be excellent!

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EATING CHOICES by Maharg67 alias GGP


I eat of the truth and the truth feeds me!


I eat of the false and the false devours me!


My choices, though influenced always, are ultimately mine to make!


Life is difficult, to different degrees, but has to be so, so that we can truly be alive!

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