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Auto equip mod?


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As the title suggests:


Is there a mod where I can hotkey a set of equipment to equip to a button?


For example: I'm always switching between a bow and a set of 2 daggers.

Instead of going into my favorites submenu and equipping both manually, is there a mod where I can press a button and the dagger I want in my right hand will be equipped and vice versa?


While we're on the subject, I was wondering if there's a mod that can auto cast a list of spells and maybe even go with the equipment mod I was suggesting say for example:

Before I go into battle I want to do a couple of things:

1. Cast oakflesh

2. Cast a fire resistance spell

3. Cast invisibility

4. Equip my 2 daggers


Is there a mod where I can press a button and it will do all of these things?


This would make skyrim so much fun to play again. The reason I don't like playing it right now is because of how many times I have to bring up my favorites menu.

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SkyUI has the equipping capability. You can set up group favorites and bind each one to a key. When you press the selected key, that set equips. It won't cast spells for you, but you could do one set with two spells - cast them, another set of spells - cast them, then your daggers.

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Smart Cast




I guarantee you won't even need that button.


that & AIM2 are the two biggest cheats ever. Nuf Said. Yes I used them Both. :devil:


but forget about daggers................. that not magika!!


I saw this topic and imminently thought of this mod too. It won't switch back to daggers, (I think) but it will go through the spells you want to be cast with a single press of the button. Alternatively, you could get a keyboard with a macro key(s) and set them up to perform certain actions, but then that would cost $100+ - not quite the same as a free mod.

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