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How To Use Gimp DDS Plugin


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Me and Adobe recently parted ways, so I have stopped modding for a while so I can get up to speed with open source software.


Having hopped on The Gimp train, I noticed there is practically no good info out there that details how to use its DDS plugin. I've written a guide to address this problem while using The Gimp on the Windows platform (Windows 7 Ulitmate 64-bit).


The guide addresses:

  • Where to install the plugin (path is on page 2)
  • Explanation of the various BC / DXT formats
  • RGB modes
  • Creation of cube maps
  • Creation of volume maps

I added info on other topics as well.


You can read, print, or download it from here, or you can download it directly from this post.


Its a WIP, and if anyone with more experience sees an error, please let me know and I'll correct it.




Uploaded version 0.2. This new version contains a few corrections and adds explanations to each of the RGB types (bit depth, with or without alphas, etc).

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GIMP now includes a dds plugin, but does not yet support all the newer Intel Texture Works DDS formats and they need developers to advance the old plugins we used to use ..


.. In the mean time have a look at this https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/8057638-paintnet-now-supports-all-dds-formats-including-bc7-linear-etc/

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