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Who? What? Where?

Pack Rat

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Since most people keep asking after these links anyway, why not make a thread with only usefull links? Might be that there already is a thread like this. If there is, just lock ^_^

Anyway, here are three to start:


Temple Walktrough ( Thanks to cmac)


A little helping hand in the Temple quests.


Hannah's Where is it?


A very helping hand where to find items, NPC's and locations you just don't seem to be able to find.


The UESP Chapter


This one seems not to work from time to time but when it does, you don't have any single question left relating quests and much more.




Complete manual of each spell, what it does and where to get it.

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That was an important post, and it needed to be made. *


However, may I suggest that from now on posting in this thread will be left to people who actually have something to contribute.



[/spot-the Red-Dwarf-reference]



double-goth, your post contributes nothing to this thread, and furthermore constitutes thread necromancy, given that the last post prior to yours is over 10 months old.


Whether people read the pinned threads or not is up to them. A fair few people don't seem to bother reading the forum rules either.... *hint*



* for those not familiar with 'Red Dwarf: [/sarcasm]

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