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Elder Scrolls 6 confirmed with a small video to


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I am afraid for the new generation of games, specifically the Fallout and Elder Scrolls franchises. Will they be multiplayer exclusively? Will they be available on PC or just gameboxes and telephones? Either direction leaves me out of the gaming picture for the future. I'm watching them both with a wary eye.



The Rabbit

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Yeah, "Teaser" is indeed correct. Just not a lot of information to be had. Sure LOOKS good though. :smile: Lookin' forward to it. Unless they go the 'online' route, like Fallout 76, then I will have zero interest in it.

I think a online version of the elder scrolls would be interesting if it was more akin to the last 3 titles. Don't get me wrong the first 2 are great but they are really clunky. Another thing is that they probably won't do a thing like 76 for the elder scrolls because it already exists.

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Ok, let's do not talk about the "Teaser" (I've done scenes like that in Blender 8 years ago) and instead talk about the wish list.


  1. Less bugs. Way less of them! It would be a nice change, to play a TES title for once in a while, where not every stage in the main quest has a possibility of breaking.
  2. Balanced gameplay. At least on the hardest mode. It's sad that combat in every BGS game becomes boring after reaching level 20. Especially in a world that is big enough for hundreds of hours of gameplay.
  3. Option to disable pacifier mode - aka quest markers. Not only the floating ones but also the ones on the compass and the map. Morrowind style navigation, by following directions, given by NPCs. I'm a big boy and I want to play big boy games! Let people explore. Let them find stuff on their own.
  4. Less annoying NPCs. Guards should do guard stuff, they aren't there to fill my quest log with random quests and location markers, when I pass them, while simultaneously turning their back on me when I get followed by bandits.
    I don't care about the nip in the air three times per day and I also do not care about some random a$$hat's opinion about why I don't belong in the Cloud District every time I pass them.
    I don't care about a follower's opinion when I collect garbage. If they want to know what people expect from followers, they should take a very close look at Inigo and start from there.
    Not every single NPC needs to have a backstory and I surely don't need to hear it without asking them.
    They also should have manners. You don't talk while others are having a conversation. It's rude. Seriously! STFU!
  5. Distinguishable traits for races and classes. Obviously this ties in heavily with No. #2. A Khajiit Thief should obviously feel different than an Orc Tank. Argonians can breathe under water, so there should be at least some possibilities to use this to an advantage.
  6. Replayability. Do not! - and I repeat DO NOT! TIE EVERY! MAJOR! FACTION! INTO! THE! MAIN! QUEST! Also do not make factions easily accessible to every Tom, Dick or Harry at any given time. This "Prove to be worthy by farting three times in my general direction - congratulations, Harry. You're a wizard." is no fun at all unless you are a three year old toddler.
  7. A balanced economy. Easy quests - few coins, hard quests - many coins. Way less but much better loot. Unique Loot - not just random swords with crappy enchantments. Loot that makes sense (aka no fresh food in tombs that haven't been open in thousands of years).
  8. A balanced fame system. If you are famous for slaying that dragon outside the town, NPCs should treat you accordingly.
  9. A complete moveset, for crying out loud. We got rid of ice skating in Skyrim, we got rid of stickfigure movement in Fallout 4. What about climbable ladders? Rolling animations? Dodging? Head dives into water? Anything animation-related that already got introduced in the first Tomb Raider game 22 years ago?
    Weapons that feel different because every weapon type requires a different fighting style? Short swords, long swords and Battle Axes are not the same. We surely have seen enough of the same hack-hack-slash-slash since Morrowind.
    Speaking of weapons and combat: If a guy swings a 30 kg iron block on a massive wooden handle over his head in a vertical line, he surely is not able to do a 180 at the same time.
  10. NPCs should act according to their abilities. Random grandmas don't fight dragons or vampires. Go ask your grandma. It surely is funny to watch, but it's not exactly what happens in a "living and breathing world".
  11. Hamlets, villages, towns and cities should differ in size and their population figure. Novigrad is a medieval city, Solitude is not.
    If a place is known for its vast graveyard, there should be a vast graveyard, not only 10 graves.
    If some random NPC talks about his childhood dream of "sailing the rivers of Skyrim", there should be rivers in Skyrim (duh).
    Also, a 10v10 fight is not a civil war. And there surely is no civil war at all, if there are no signs of it other than random soldier camps sprinkled around the landscape.
  12. Can we have a modern sound middleware? I am quite tired of wafer-thin walls or hearing conversations from 50 meters away.
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I wish they would have 2 or 3 GIANT dungeons in ES VI. Maybe 8 to 10 levels.


Too many bugs for me, and I don't like going back too far in game series...because the graphics are way worse in the early games. That just turns me off. What I would like is Bethesda to remake all the earlier games and redo the graphics up to present quality. Kind of like the Quest for Glory games were all redone and improved graphics and sold as a single pack of games. That was way back in the 90s.

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