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Monitor choice


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I have a 27" Dell S2716DG; G-Sync that I run at 2560x1440 ("2K") @ 144Hz from a GTX1060 w/6GB.

At that resolution & refresh rate I see an avg. of 70-90 fps for most games with zero stutter or screen tearing.

Got it on sale for $499.


Points to remember:


a. 4K is the future. More-and-more content will be developed/optimized for that resolution on BIG screens.


b. G-Sync vs. FreeSync; your GPU determines which you can use. nVidia for the former, AMD for the latter. No mix-n-match. You can drive ANY monitor from either type of card, but to get the special "sync" function that eliminates the need for v-sync within the application you need the right one for the type you have.


Size and resolution being equal, G-Sync monitors are more expensive as they require an additional chip (licensed from nVidia) but Freesync ones impose more processing overhead so might not be quite as speedy.


That solved my confusion as well! 4K is indeed the future, it is evolving pretty fast in my opinion.

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One last question. Nothing to do with spec's; just brand reliability .


LG or


BenQ or


Asus ???


I haven't used an LG monitor, but I've had a 15" BenQ for over 10 years. It's my back-up monitor for when things go sideways. Which in my house, they do! :laugh:


I had a 27" ASUS for a long time, but it died and I was (as you can imagine) extremely pissed. Then I proceeded to fry not one, but *two* high-end Dell monitors. I *think* the problem was I had the wrong power brick attached to my KVM switch and as a result it was sending over-amped (literally) signals out on the HDMI port. Dell replaced both of the dead monitors under warranty (So don't tell them about this, ok? :whistling: )


Anyway, I also had to have the screen replaced on my son's ASUS laptop, (again, under warranty) so their manufacturing QA may not be the best...


NOTE: In general, Dell's business-class products have been super reliable for me over a period of more than two decades. You can buy their business-class monitors, you just have to hunt for them.


Hope that helps!

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4k is the future. I'll go with one that is 4k; however, I am still looking. Never felt a need for G-sync...yet.




Make sure that whatever you buy supports HDR10, in supported games it makes a bigger difference than the higher resolution does.

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Thank you both.


The three I am looking at all have HDR10. Well, 2 do and one has that 8+2.




(Oh, to Jim_uk, we both know the answer is ALWAYS!)

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