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Crazy Oblivion Rant


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Well I have been playing this game for a long time. Thats what I like about it its practically limitless. Well a year ago got into playing games on CRT tv's again. And I like the way they look to be honest. Now I have a 31" CRT, and I thought, why not play Oblivion on it I have it for xbox 360 after all and it is just sitting in my storage unit.


So I get it out and hook it up, it looks great honestly and I proceed to play it but here is how it went.....

at lvl 2 was dropped a chainmail curiass of chameleon 20%, at lvl 3 found 2 rings of chameleon 20%, at lvl 5 went into oblivion gate in Kvatch and obtained a (bugged?) (more like typo) version of shock damage sigil stone +20 shock damage per hit. Proceeeded to do the mephala quest and with the bugged sword, cut down everyone, and get 35% chameleon ring and right after I got a 25% chameleon ring just in bandit ruins. At lvl 6 get to mage guild university and am let in and sitting on table is grand soul gem and I have a necklace, go up to enchanting altar and chameleon is first on list, and make a necklace of 20% chameleon. Now have 100% chameleon AND THE GAME IS RUINED. There is no challenge anymore whatsoever...


do not buy Bethesda games for console, because they rely on PC modders to fix the hundreds of problems they do not fix. It seriously pisses me off so bad. I had played like 200 hours into that stupid xbox 360 game only to have it ruined by these pricks at bethesda cannot program a game properly and do not fix their OWN mistakes. On top of that they are released it for xbox one and are making new games based on it like the blades.


So now I have to play it again on computer, hunched over, using mods to fix their mistakes so the game is not ruined. I wanted to play and beat it on xbox 360 and I like playing it on my bed at night on that TV. Now, its just impossible because the game is ruined. I probably wont throw out all my chameleon gear because thats not how you play games like this. The point is to become as strong as possible and then these jerkoffs at bethesda allow you to become some superman/frodo baggins and I can just walk around sneak attacking ppl for massive damage and they can never, ever see me? WTF IS THAT?


So now back to PC... will never buy Bethesda game for console again ;[ .... its seriously disrespectful not just to the players, but even more so the designers and artists that made this amazing game. You think when the guy came up with the main plot he was worried that the player might be 100% invisible ALL THE TIME, and just kill everyone while invisible, not ever seen or taking a single hit, and lose the entire challenge of everything single thing he made? Its sad, and stupid. I see this awesome scenery and all these voice acting its all for nothing because ALLOW THE GAME TO BE BROKEN. I guess they dont care about anything but profits not even their own people who put their heart and soul into this game. Just go here, http://en.uesp.net/wiki/Oblivion:Chameleon, 100% chameleon exploit, how long has this been known about 10 years and they still dont fix it. DISGRACEFUL


please don't reply with any other examples of exploits for this game, I don't want to know and I'm sure they exist...

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My own tried and true method of dealing with stuff like that is simple ... I just choose to not use all of the loot I find, no matter how powerful and tempting.


Works every time, right out of the box, with or without any mods.

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It'd be pretty wild for Bethesda to be updating an 11-year-old game though, right?


But also, you say you won't throw out your gear because "that's not how you play games like this," but the game is pretty explicitly designed to allow you to play however you want it to (i.e. there is no "right" way to play the game). If you have problems with that sort of gear being overpowered, like Striker says, just don't use it; Oblivion is designed well enough as to where you can keep playing without picking up every item you find.

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