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Outer Space Travel and Rocket ships are for Children


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Eventually, we will go to outer space after Earth became uninhabitable place or should I say at the middle stage when Earth slowly forming into uninhabitable place to live. But not today because We are not there yet. So not all human cares about going to outer space or we didn't put enough effort on space program.


When that time comes, Mercury will be consumed by Sun. Venus will become the next " Mercury ". Earth will become next " Venus " and Mars will become next " Earth "

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As someone who grew up on Science Fiction I've always taken it for granted that we are not alone, and not only is there a universe out there waiting to be discovered, it is our birthright and destiny to step into that future. However, as the years go by I guess I have become more practical in my outlook.


Where once I saw colonies on the moon and mars as the natural next step for Humanity, I now see that idea as ill conceived and foolish. Those worlds are nowhere near habitable, and if we had the capability/knowledge/technology to terraform those worlds, they would not be our priority. We will terraform the deserts of earth before we terraform Mars, and we will live in cities on or underneath our oceans before we live on the moon. Research stations and mining operations on these Barren worlds - certainly, but full blown colonies would be a waste of our resources unless we were really desperate.


The moons of Saturn and Jupiter intrigue me more than our own moon or Mars, Titan in particular. If it were up to me most of our focus would be on Titan, though I have to admit that Mars does occasionally capture my imagination.


My mind wants to interpret this image from the Mars rover as the crumbling remains of a pillar of an ancient temple with the outlines of carved human-like figures still almost perceptible.


Going beyond our own solar system will require a major breakthrough I think, which we probably can't even conceive of yet. Something tells me we wont figure it out until we are actually out there. Some force of nature, some basic scientific fact that we will never see while sitting here on earth, but will become obvious to us once we are truly out there.


My fear is that we will reach a ceiling which we can not reach beyond. We may not continue to get smarter and smarter, advancing our understanding of science. We may in fact devolve. Perhaps pollutants in our environment will have a cumulative effect over generations and we as a species will actually dumb down. There could even be some ironic twists in our devolution. I've read theories that suggested human intelligence only started to takeoff after we became meat eaters, and it might not be so far fetched - carnivores do seem to have greater intelligence than herbivores. It would be quite ironic indeed if in trying to save our environment we all became vegetarians and dumbed ourselves down to the point we could never get off this rock.


I also wonder about the natural evolution of our planet. Our research suggests that Mars at one time had a much more dense atmosphere and surface oceans of water, but over time the atmosphere was burned off and the oceans were lost. What if this is just something that happens to all worlds, that over time due to solar winds and radiation they just naturally become less hospitable to life, eventually becoming lifeless. What if this is happening to all habitable planets throughout the universe, and where once there were thriving civilizations there are now only dead worlds. What if no intelligent life ever survives long enough to reach beyond it's own world?


Edit: I just realized I probably should have put that in the other thread. Oh well... what's done is done and I'm not undoing it. As for the actual question here


Why is it that the people of all the Nations of Earth, who elected a few people to run the governments, have the mindset that the idea of Life in Outer Space is only for their children?

Some people have no imagination.

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Musing about all the possibilities shows just how quickly we dampen the desire to learn, we stop and stare, dumbfounded, at what we see. Until, our imagination and reasoning begin to research and uncover answers.


A rock, dirt, someone drew lines in the dirt with a stick? What are the reasons we ponder the ideas if we never have been anywhere, except on this 3rd rock from the Sun?

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I think it's a complex bundle of a question hehe

thanks for asking.


it depends on how folks model futures, innovation vs resource depletion,

the human condition in the context of 'gerrymander' etc.

a lot of folks intuitively perform a 'back-of-envelope',

and pragmatically arrive at something resembling

the "Z-pop scenarios from the Repugnant Conclusion"

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I get the concept from an experience I had from what I keep reading on all channels I should not think or day dream about what I am.


While I am already sailing in outer space; I listen to the sounds from the speaker and watch images on the monitor showing me what everyone is trying to point out about life in outer space.


I am not living in outer space. I only travel in outer space, like people travel in their vehicles on the freeway.


I am moving toward another land mass via outer space so I can find some room to share what I have learned by showing everyone a completed working example of what I have the blueprints for, that really will exist as soon as I reach open land where I can build the construct.


If I don't get eaten I will do my best to explain that I am sorry if I stepped on some alien creatures toes while I am working on my construction site.


If we always look to build on top of others we will always fear building anywhere for fear we might crush a miniature of our selves on a planet where people are so tiny we can't see them with our naked eyes.


Oh! Wait! That ant colony someone just destroyed may have a few survivors. If they are sentient beings they may do one of the many things in retaliation to me, in a court of law, or just retaliate with their own methods.


Watch out! We don't want to move to the Moon or Mars too quickly. We might be discovered by a previous owner when they return, just after we get all settled in. Woe is us!


NO place to GO and start building like we own the planet all to our self.

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What people want to know isn't why they can't, or why it is likely impossible, or words that describe all the amazing scientific research, people want to know what they can do!


Give people thoughts (via stories) about doing something that starts the orchestration of hope and freedom and people who aren't showing off how smart they are begin doing the impossible.

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Science facts are a great source of information about what other people discovered when they were trying to figure out what was keeping them from getting from point A to point B.


If we can't fly through outer space, it's time to figure out how to transfer matter from one world to another. Teleportation!


Build a machine that can teleport solids from one planet to another. Make the machine capable of transferring a human in less time then it takes for one heart beat. Send a ship with the platform on it to the Moon and install the platform on the Moon. Step into the platform on Earth and say, "Beam me Up!"

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