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Vortex for Linux!


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Linux is slowly but surely becoming a real alternative to Windows. It got the drivers, the games, and I'm just waiting for things like Vortex before I give it a go.

We have Steam Workshop but I'm not aware of any other good mod managers, especially ones that will work with ALL games, not just Steam games.

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At the risk of starting something I didn't intend to, what is the best version Linux for this. I haven't played with Linux in years.

For what, gaming? If you're a beginner or just want your OS to "do it" without fuss, I recommend Linux Mint, but there are several good ones out there. Mint is based on Ubuntu except has more stuff out-of-the-box. There's also Solus which I hear is very easy, and Antergos, and Manjaro, and tons more, but I'd start with the first two and recommend Mint the most. If you're on NVIDIA graphics you install the proprietary drivers with the driver manager and reboot, and if you're on AMD graphics you do nothing. Done, son! lol, install Steam and other apps from the Software Manager/Center and you're good to go.


Check out these places for Linux gaming news and if you ever need help with anything:




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