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Vortex for Linux!


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Thanks humpywolf, might as well say I'm a beginner it's been ten years or more since I messed with Linux. I did have a version ( though I can't remember which) set up on my computer at one point, but I only dabbled in it back then. Maybe it's time to take a second look starting with Mint since I do have an AMD graphics card.

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The core application of Vortex has already been built with platform independence in mind but there is still a lot of components that would require extra work to make it work fully.

E.g. extracting the icon for an executable, extracting the version number from an executable, handling an application crash to report a proper error, fixing directory permissions so Vortex can access everything it needs - all these things had to be implemented because node.js doesn't provide them and are currently only implemented on Windows.

Additionally, even cross-platform toolkits are often not perfectly the same across all platform, last time I tried I got build errors on Linux that didn't make sense and didn't occur on Windows.


None of this is a show stopper of course but currently we just don't have the time.

If you're interested in helping out though: Vortex is open-source and the repository is at https://github.com/Nexus-Mods/Vortex

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I just switched. If you support Linux, I will be able to use your tools/games. If you do not, I may be able to find a workaround. If neither option is available, I will not be a customer, and sometimes that will make me sad, but my desire to use Linux is stronger than my desire to use any one product or service that runs on Windows, so I hope you can accommodate this fast growing potential customer base. In fact, consider it retention, because now that I've moved to Linux, I can't use your tools anymore, so the lack of Linux support has lost you a customer. I have paid for your sub and would do so again when I needed it, if it was Linux friendly.

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