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[LE] Rochebere- A brand new city- Coming Soon

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NOTE: Due to changes during development, the screenshots from pages 1-9 (excluding this post) are outdated and no longer in the mod.


Rochebere is a large, bustling and cultural city on the borders of Skyrim, Cyrodiil and Hammerfell. The extensive city resides within a fertile and lushous valley that has been blocked off from the rest of Tamriel for nearly 200 years, and has thus grown forgotten and is nothing but a travellers' tale in Tamriel.

The city includes a multiple-ending main storyline featuring several unique, cinematic and dynamic quests, which will lead you to climbing over rooftops, chasing foes through burning buildings and hiking up steep, snowy mountains. The mod also includes a handful of planned side-quests, miscellaneous objectives and activities to partake in, such as the archery contest, for example.

As a player you will have the option to purchase several properties within Rochebere, including shops, taverns and landmarks to rent and of course your own player home in the city. All architecture in the mod follows a new lore-friendly 'Imperial' style that should feel familiar to Elder Scrolls fans.




Distant vista


Market Square


Market house after dark


City sunglare


Countryside farm


Commoner's home


Mainstreet by night



http://imageshack.us/a/img853/9172/uxz0.jpgThe Crucible


Erebechor forest bridge

Lower-class street

Rochebere Chapel

A forest outpost

Entrance square

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First update: I've almost finished touching up the regions and making them look more in-depth. Just got to finish off the countryside district before I can start working flat out on the NPC's schedules etc.


Also added in a new guard armor, with colours matching the Rochebere flag. The cuirass is the same Stormclock cuirass we see on most of the town guards, but I have retextured it to make the cloth grey. I have also createda custom guard's shield, with the Rochebere eagle logo.


I'll get round to uploading some images tomorrow or monday.

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Second update: Here they are, as promised, the Rochebere town guards, with custom grey coloured Stormclock Cuirasses, and custom Eagle-head shields.


http://static.skyrim.nexusmods.com/images/4286516-1340650158.jpg http://static.skyrim.nexusmods.com/images/4286516-1340650194.jpg

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those images are far too big, they just dont work as title headings ona  forum....<br><br>- apart from that this looks very good, dont give up, you still have a lot to do!<br>Once you start needing those NPCS voices, give me a shout, shoot the lines over and I will do some filler content for townsfolk.<br>Would love to be a part of this mod.<br> Edited by AllanOcelot
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