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I want to thank you for the work you have already done for Fallout New Vegas. Your mods are higher quality than the vanilla storyline. It was Bounties I that made me get a gaming computer and start playing New Vegas again. I hope you will come back someday. See you in Fallout 4. Semper Fi.

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James you magnificent bastard.

For me, your mods are the best mods. Not the best quest mods for NV, not the best mods for NV, but the best mods I've had the honour of installing. At no point during any of your mods have I not enjoyed playing it. I mean, I've felt despair and massive, massive rage at a particular character death. You know the one. And then the overwhelming relief and happiness later on. Hell, even the irony of someone becoming a ghoul. You make us grow attached to your characters, and your storylines, and everything about yours mods.

I just hope that one day Randall will get his Sweet Revenge. (mad puns)

Consider changing your username to Theguy2000, because you're more than some guy. (more mad puns)






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