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Pickysaurus wrote: This sounds like an awesome game. I can't wait to see it released!

I'm curious about NPC implementation. There must be some considerable technical challenges keeping them in sync? How many NPCs are we likely to see in a server?

I'd also like to know how persistent you see the world being. Similar to Fallout 76's problem. If I build a castle on a plot of land and my friend builds his house on the same spot, if we join the same server, how will you prevent buildings spawning inside each other? Do play buildings persists after they log out? (You might not have answers to these yet but I thought I'd ask).

On the modding side it is purely cosmetics (i.e. texture and mesh edits)? Or will players be able to, say, create a new NPC to appear in the world?

Heya Pickysaurus!

Some of your questions we'd love to answer but... we can't really answer as answering them would reveal certain "in-studio" secrets. We will be sharing a lot of great news and announcements over the course of our development that will shed some light on your curiosities. As for Modding, most mods are purely cosmetic with the exception of mods that members will submit to our Mod Curators as NEW assets. This is a necessity due to Seconds from Silence being an MMoRPG.

We hope you'll come check us out!
Abstract Era Entertainment
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Moksha8088 wrote: The letters MMO strike terror in my heart. Makes me fear for the future of similar single-player games.

MMORPG's have been around for 3 decades now and single player games are moving along just fine. I wouldn't worry. It's not an either or situation, there's room for all types of games.
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pndr wrote: And how will this game be released? Steam, GOG, Epic, or/and an in house store?

Heya pndr!

This information will be provided to the public once a decision has been made. We have not yet made a final decisions with regards to a sales platform.

We hope you'll come check us out at www.secondsfromsilence.com!

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ErecdeCours wrote: Looks extremely intriguing!
Just how will modding be implemented in an MMORPG? It will probably not work as it does in a singleplayer rpg.

Hey there ErecdeCours!

You are correcting in your assumption. Modding in an MMoRPG works a bit different than Modding in a single player game. We provided some insight as to how modding works in an MMoRPG about half way down the interview, below the second set of screenshots. There's also some information regarding how modding will work in SFS on our official website at www.secondsfromsilence.com and we hope you'll come check it out!

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AlphiusRavenshadow wrote: There is so much potential here, I really like what I've read so far.

How is the premium system going to work? Will there be a cash shop and microtransactions? (ala ESO and GW2)

Heya AlphiusRavenshadow!

We will be releasing articles and newsletters regarding the different payments systems in Seconds from Silence as we get closer to launch. If you'd like to learn about them please register over at www.secondsfromsilence.com and keep an eye out for those newsletters! We're interested in hearing feedback from people that love to mod games and create mods for games.

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