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No longer able to log in. "Network connection closed unexpectedly" "Failed to get access key"


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Vortex had been working fine for me for months. Suddenly, Vortex is no longer able to connect to Nexus. When I start up Vortex, it spews a series of notifications associated with not being able to log on to Nexus: "Failed to fetch available extensions", "Failed to log in: Network connection closed unexpectedly", "Failed to update masterlist", "Checking for update failed".

When I click the login button to enter the API key from Nexus, there's a big orange rectangle saying "Network connection closed unexpectedly". An error notification immediately pops up as I click the login button. I paste the API key into the space provided, click "Save", and it doesn't log in.

The error notification is "Failed to get access key". Clicking on "More" shows "Network connection closed unexpectedly" and "code: ECONNRESET". Clicking on Show details shows:
"Error: read ECONNRESET

at TLSWrap.onStreamRead (internal/stream_base_commons.js:111:27)"

I try again, and the process repeats, exactly like before, as many times as I try.

I have no problem accessing the nexusmods.com website.

I have explicitly added vortex in to my firewall exceptions, even though that hadn't been necessary before. I have rebooted my machine. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Vortex. None of these have worked.

I am running Vortex version 1.1.14. I am using it to manage about 50 Skyrim Special Edition mods on a Windows 10.0.18363 x64 machine with 12GB RAM. I have a wired ethernet connection to a cable modem router which appears to be working fine for all other network activity. I have a free Nexus account.

Please let me know what I can do, this is very frustrating.

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It sounds like either you have a bad install of Vortex or, more likely, you have an app such as a anti-virus program blocking Vortex's access to the internet.


You can try reinstalling Vortex 1.1.14 over the top of your current install to see if it helps.

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ECONNRESET is a network issue where the connection gets killed, so this isn't a software problem within Vortex.

It might be the server is having a problem but I'm not aware of anything atm.

Also the fact that you're getting "Failed to update masterlist" - which is a connection problem to github _and_ "Failed to log in: ..." which is a connection problem to our own api server indicates that it's not a problem with any specific server, since you have two completely separate servers you can't connect to.


The other option is an AV/Firewall/NAT/Router between Vortex and the server disrupting the connection. This may be in your home or with your ISP, if it's with the ISP it's almost certainly a temporary issue.


And yes, you shouldn't usually have to add a firewall exception for Vortex. Firewall will usually allow applications to act as a "client" just fine (which is what Vortex is), they just prevent applications from accepting incoming connections (act as a server) which Vortex doesn't do anyway.

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